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MARCH 1, 2010 8:28PM

Move Along

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I’m going to start this post with an apology. I forgot that I created a feed on OS to my Tumblr page, which resulted in a glut of annoying posts that consisted mainly of retweets and one-liners that weren’t meant for this blog. Problem fixed, sorry about the weirdness.

I’ve been in a crappy mood for the last week, partly because I haven’t done enough cardio, partly because I am so so SO over this ridiculous winter, and partly because I’m moving.

Moving out of the house my boyfriend and I have shared for the last 16 months to be precise.

Moving without him, to be even clearer.

But it’s not the drama-fest you might normally associate with “moving out” or “breaking up.”

But it does suck. I won’t share the deets, nor why it has come to this after seven years, (I don’t even think I could fit it in a post), except to say this decision is mutual and we are friends above all else. As he so eloquently put it, “it’s about being a better person, not a better couple.”

I’m going a little crazy with all the thoughts banging around inside my head though, as I’m sure you can imagine. And it’s not that I question the validity of the decision; it’s simply imagining my life as a single person. I mean, I feel like I’ve grown up with this relationship. Before it, I was fresh out of grad school, still a kid. All I’ve known is this relationship. Even when were “off,” we were still “on” because there was never really anyone else. He was always first.

I have not found a place to live yet*, which also contributes to my crappy mood. I am not despondent, just impatient. Things are not ugly or uncomfortable here, but why dilly-dally?

*Craigslist can suck a huge one, by the way. The scams and misleading posts just baffle me. I’m trying to find a place to live, JERKS, why you gotta try to steal my personal info?

So that is that. This blurt of words does nothing to justify the astounding emotional complexity behind the most important relationship of my life, but I had to start somewhere.

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I'd offer but I live far far away from KY.
take care. drink only the best bourbon. stay warm. we are here to support you.
Good fight in this new chapter of life.

That definitely does suck. Good luck on the next leg of your adventure; bring a flask. Get well.