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August 30
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AUGUST 30, 2011 9:48AM

OS Wishes Happy Birthday to alsoknownas

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I turn 60 today.

I thought that when I turned 60 it would be a day to celebrate accomplishments, to look back at the successes and a few failures that greeted me along the way.The ones that made up my fabric and defined me would be easy to separate from the others. Wheat and chaff.

It's not that easy.

Turning sixty, knowing I've lapped the sun that many times is really more of what I thought it would be than what I imagined it could be. I imagined it could be full of great things. But, I thought more so that I'd have to go to the grocery store that day and fill up the car with gas, and work somewhere at something. That's on the agenda for the day.

 My "thinky" friends date back to the formative years. Writers, artists, creators of some sort for the most part. I've met so many others along the way. Good artists themselves but never again did I bond as completely as I did when I was young. Barriers were real, or imagined, but nonetheless barriers. Having some friends that date back that far is a special thing though and I appreciate it.

My greatest accomplishment is the nearly 32 years of marriage I have experienced. She says I still can make her laugh. Earlier this month at a high desert lake, my scruffy self tired late at night after fishing all day with her, I said something that made her laugh. Her laugh made me laugh. And then we got those laughing fits that won't stop that bring tears to your eyes. Then she said "You're crazy" for the one thousandth time.

That's all I need to know today. Today that seems fine. Better than fine. More than enough. More than all the other big ideas I mulled over and squeezed into plans I didn't pull together.

Simple enough. I showed up to wish me a Happy Birthday and wish you a fine August Tuesday . Go out and live it as best you can.

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Gone to get some candles. Back soon.........
Your 32 years of marriage is more than most people ever manage, and it sounds like you recognize the value of it. Congratulations on that and on your 60th b-day, but please watch your treblehooks when you're casting. ;-)
"My greatest accomplishment is the nearly 32 years of marriage I have experienced"
What a beautiful, and rare, gift of love. With my 37th anniv. arriving this Oct. I feel blessed as well. I wish we could have bore witness to more of the same in our lifetimes. Happy Birthday in so many ways.

@ nanatehay,

Thanks for coming by today.
I know you want me to write about yanking that treble hook out of my wife's skull. Ha ! Need to get to that.
@ ThroughMyEyes,

Thank you.
She just took off. Works with disabled children in a public school. I waved like parents watching their kids on their first day.
Happy Birthday Also! I'm biting at your heels, so it won't be long. I think people who do great things when young, like Einstein, who did his greatest work at 20, then have to live off of it there entire lives, tire of it. Maybe not, I don't know. I do know, as far as this writing thing goes, I wish I would or could have done it all my life. It is addicting. Have a good one my friend! 37 years is also a great accomplishment!
@ scanner,

Thanks for the visit and wishes.

Didn't do it like Einstein that's for sure. I'll do some things today I could have done months ago to save myself some time, and forget to do some things that would save me time months down the line.

Goal line: The Rainbow Trout and bi-color corn on the cob dinner I'm cooking for us tonight.
"Lapped the sun"--How creatively put. Happy birthday, aka. Many happy returns. Eat cake.
hey. i'm 18 months ahead of you so can look back at that vast expanse of time (almost two years!!) with my expert's hat on and say you got both bits right. first, it's not quite as momentous as you thought it was going to be and, second, it is. but that you list your good marriage to a spouse you still love as number one is key, and i know that too. not many of us made many right choices when we were in our twenties back in the 'seventies. i'm glad to know you're a member of our little club of kids who did. have a really wonderful birthday, aka. corn and trout, mmmmmm.
Happy Birthday AKA. I recently had one of those decade birthdays myself. You may have inspired me to write about it. Once I recover from the shock, that is. ;)

To be life partners and have the ability to make each other still laugh is a worthy accomplishment. Cheers and best to you!
@ Sarah Cavanaugh,

Nice of you to stop in. Hoping for more laps.
Happy Birthday!
I turned 60 in July and thought the walls were going to cave in. They didn't but I still dont care for it.
But no choice..
@ Candace,

Thanks for reading and commenting. As for the longevity of spousal connection, well... I have good taste.
She, on the other hand is the one who may need to question her taste.
Ha !
60 feels a lot like 59.
@ Scarlett Sumac,

Thank you for taking time today. Send me a notice when you write your milestone birthday post.
@ Linda Seccaspina,

I think it's going to be just fine.
Thanks for coming by.
Happy Birthday AKA! You probably heard that Honeyboy Edwards just died. He was 96. Think about him, as you keep on picking.
Happy Birthday. What a wonderful story you shared with us today. If you're still making her laugh, you and she are both very lucky. -R-
@ Jonathan Wolfman,

Good point. Just a day older than yesterday.
Wisdom in a nutshell.
@ greenheron,

Thanks for the stop in.
No, hadn't heard about Honeyboy Edwards yet.
I just e-mailed a friend who did a little work with him.

96 is a long way off. Fingers crossed except when pickin'.
Happy Birthday!!! ...and many more..... : )
@ Christine Geery,

She loves to tell me she's not laughing with me she's laughing at me.
Well, look who's picked up his (metaphorical) fountain pen
again! Gotta say, that's how i pictured you, my friend.
32 years and you can still get yr gal all silly.
So..you married at 28.
Your thirties & forties & fifties spent together.
I hope you feel the envious awe resonating from my words...

Wheat and chaff, yes indeed.

Fine piece,
old timer. Happy b-day. Laugh and love.
Have a fantastic day my friend and celebrate!!!
@ Just Thinking,

Thanks for your time and wishes.
@ James M. Emmerling,

The wishes are well received. I've enjoyed our exchanges so thanks for stopping by here.
Take care........
Happy Birthday. You have a wonderful marriage if you can still make her laugh after 32 years. "You're crazy" means "I love you" in my dictionary.
rated with love
Hey, Happy 60th. I hit it last Monday. I feel neither wiser nor older. It's just that magic demarkation line.
@ Susie Lindau,

Thank you. Will do my best to enjoy this day.
I will have a fine August Tuesday in your honor.

Happy Birthday, my friend.
@ Walter Blevins,

Thanks Walter.
I remember reading some other time that our birthdays were just days apart.

Older a bit is already here,
the wiser part is yet to appear.

That kind of had that Burma-Shave cadence to it. Remember those along the roadsides?
What a lucky thing for me that I happened to come to OS today! I'm so pleased to celebrate your birthday with you. You've always been so kind to me. I'd like to consider that a gift you've given to me. I will therefore wish you many more years of being "crazy" and making your wife laugh.

A gift to her. :-)

Here's hoping you get some gifts back today! ;-)
@ Jeannette DeMain,

Thank you for the good wishes.
A fine August Tuesday it shall be then.
Sixty is the new thirty.
@ Outside Myself,

Well yes, I don't think I see you out and about as much lately, but it is great you would come by today. I hope all is well with you and that you are still singing as I've heard before.
Thank you.
@ Monsieur Chariot,

Perhaps your sentiment will hold true. My wife mentioned our "middle age" recently and I knew that 120 did not seem likely. You've given me hope.
Thank you.
@ Megan McDonald,

Thank you for that. It turned out to be a very nice day.
I love that kind of profound laughing together - that's when you know you're on to something.
@ Beth Mann,

Thanks for stopping and reading.
She remembers an early date at a sandwich shop where they called your name. She did not know I had given them a fictional moniker of Alphonse LaRue. When they called it out and I stood to get it she snorted and then lost control laughing.
I knew it was going to work.
Well I am most proud of you and your ability to make your loved one laugh.It is the best medicine...HB from me!
@ Algis Kemezys,

Thanks for stopping in. Much appreciated.
Happy Belated Birthday "Also..." Hope you had a great day! R
@ marylin sands,

Thanks for stopping in. Sorry all the cake is gone, but the good wishes are appreciated.
Ah...this made me smile. Happy belated birthday!
@ Fay Paxton,

Better late than never. Glad to have made you smile.
Thank you.
60 was the first birthday on which I felt old. My body ached. I'd never felt that before and I'd imagined I was going to be one of the lucky ones who escaped the problems of old age.

You've got it right -- value your marriage, enjoy the activities you can do, keep earning money and bringing food home.

60 wasn't what I imagined, either. The thing is that with the pain, the aging body, I've become more patient with meditating. I think patience is the gift of old age.
@ geezerchick,

Thanks for stopping in.
Yes patience is a gift.
I guess.
I don't know . I don't have time to think about this right now.
I've been intending - with the purest intention to get here for almost forever.

Hip Hip said Roo!
Buy Ya a big chair!
Ya be 60 and silly!
Ya deserve 2- chairs!
Get also know a seat!
Sit in 3- chair potty!
Ya get 3- seat outhouses.
apology. smelly comment.
Smell candles on pot-chair.

P.S. I use to work in wood.
I built a walnut Pout Chair.
If I ever no blog I build one.
I build you a nice Pout Chair.
It's easier that a wood coffin.
I built one for my Mother too.
Maybe we open a coffin shop.
I considered selling coffee too.
If You meet two 30's share one.
Happy delayed Birthday Party.
No burn outhouse down today.
Leave seat up. no get splinter.
@ Art James,

Thank you for coming by.
Early or late you're most welcome.
Not ready for the cherry wood coffin quite yet but certainly appreciate the advice on how to avoid slivers in the nethers.
I'll send you a PM if I fall in.
Oh bless your marriage and more...Cheers!