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DECEMBER 20, 2011 10:34AM

Beth's OC: 7 Things I Do Not Like

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          I put this off for awhile because it was difficult to come up with seven things I don’t like.  Not because there aren’t at least seven, but because if I don’t like them I don’t want to think about them either.

These are some:

1.       Lists

      I never liked lists. Making them or reading them. Lately I’ve been reading them. At least one per day here.  Making lists? Nix. It takes too long and I lose the post-it it’s on anyway. My wife loves it when I say I’ll go to the store to help. She’ll rattle off all the ingredients for a dinner and think I’m taking notes. In illegible handwriting all it says is “Mex food” and I doodle a taco.

2.       Laundry  

I don’t actually hate doing laundry. I hate having it done for me. It seems wrong. I was a latch key kid before the phrase for “parents have to work” became part of the culture. So I learned to do it. I don’t want my wife to have to sort through my skuzzy stuff and this way I know it’s my fault when something gets into the wrong batch. No hollerin’ either direction.


 3.       Ironing

Same thing with the ironing.  Did it as a kid. Skipped the college years as it was not necessary to look natty in a bar that was eight inches deep in peanut shells, spilled beer and cigarette butts. Now I have a Rowenta. Heavy duty, not some light weight thing. I do all the ironing around here.It's my iron. My wife does her best to foil me with darts and pleats and ruffled collars etc., but I cannot be stopped. The iron is so heavy that you can steam the drapes.

 4.       Drapes  

Drapes are ugly. We live in a 100 year old house with all the original wide casings, headers and mouldings in place. I don’t want to hide them. So it’s wooden slat blinds. Except for the bathroom upstairs which has a plain roller blind that keeps me from seeing my neighbor. Her husband came over to get my help the day after the raccoons came to his door one night and woke them up. They sleep in separate rooms I was told and he said she had run through the house in her nightie screaming and he almost gave up the ghost. She’s not a looker is the nicest thing I can say. He died not too long after this. So I got the blind because I don’t want the same thing to happen to me accidentally.


 5.       Wet Wood Handles  

This is just plain neurotic. A wooden handled spatula dropped in the sink and then needing to be retrieved gives me the creeps. A mature description would be that it feels icky. I can work outside all day chopping wood and getting soaked in a Northwest rain. Non-issue. Get the spatula? Nope. Drain the sink. Pick up the spatula by the tip of the rubber part and drop it in the dishwasher like it has the plague smeared on it.


 6.       Finishing Things   

Boredom sets in and there are other things to do. Then I feel guilty for not being so great at “multi-tasking” which I guess is a solution for some people who haven’t figured out what they prefer to be doing.



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Tee hee. You are funny. I get the wet wooden spatula--ewww!
@ Miguela,

Glad to know I'm not the only one with the wet spatula phobia. Except it probably means the shrinks have a name for it.
Thanks for coming by.
What you need to do is make a laundry list, put the spatula in the dryer, then iron it.

Skeeve. Good word from a fellow neurotic.
@ john blumenthal,

A perfect "multi-tasking" solution.
Clever, and I couldn't agree more about the spatula. Somehow they turn slimey.
Great closer. But really, my fave is the wet wood handles, which could almost be a whole separate list we might want to keep in mind: Things that Unreasonably Give me the Creeps. Mine is the smell of peanut butter when washing the utensil that used to spread it. Not peanut butter by itself - the smell of heated up peanut butter on a knife. And the smell of hair being blown dry; its kind of body odery.

Anyway, I ramble. Great list. Loved it.
@ Sarah Cavanaugh,

Thanks for stopping in. It appears group therapy maybe be the answer for the wet spatula thing.
@ Beth Mann,

Thanks for finding your way over here. I'm with you on the peanut butter thing. Especially if it's wet. So digging in the jar late at night with the skinny wood handled spatula, then tossing it in the sink overnight and forgetting it's there. Double Skeeve and Creepy.
1.if you truly are a man who eschews lists, then I salute u. lists make life manageable for me and everyone in my family. Lists are almost like pillows. I relax my head in them and sleep a bit and act in autopilot.

2.laundry is wimminz work. Everyone knows that. They enjoy it. WTF?

3.i gotta do my own laundry but sure aint gonna fold nothing. It ends up wrinkly. I pull out the iron for a quick touch up. But yeah, I don’t like it. I always fear I gonna leave it on and burn down my house.

4.best indeed to sleep in a separate room from raccoons. Sorry for your loss. Heartfelt. Truly.
5. NOW u begin to reveal your mental instability, w/ yer eschewing wet spatulas. Perhaps behaviorist therapy to get over it? it must torment yer ass.

6.boredom, or as I prefer to call it, ennui is where I live & have my being. Things never get finished around here. Because I am too brilliant to be tied to one project, that’s why. I start, I do well…then the hopelessness of anyone ever appreciating it sets in, and I eschew.

7.aha . very good. A joke on number 6. But it contains more truth than u know. Here is how:

The nothingness is what u despise. The feeling of nonimportance in a universe spinning to its doom or redemption or just more of the same. You are a ghost, but not a holy ghost. The nothingness is you friend, and it converses with u. this is your idolatry. Good luck. Santa doesn’t bring a goddamn thing to nihilists.
Loved it : ) I found myself nodding along, although I'd not easily admit to the wooden handles ever being left in a wet sink...it does feel more slimy than one would think!
Drapes ARE ugly. Pretty much all of them, all styles, most fabrics...except silk. Not that I own any silk drapes...
As for lists and not finishing...they go together to me! Maybe with more coffee you'd have success.
My latest unfinished shame is getting back to comment replies...why that is so hard to focus in on, I have no idea, especially when I love to read them!
A new resolution is coming on...
@ JME,

The raccoons are doing quite nicely and send their best wishes.
Thanks for the pick me up message.
PLEASE do not let your neighbor lady kill you!

You know what I hate more than lists? Open calls about lists... whatever-- WELL DONE
@ Just Thinking...

Thanks for the nodding head appreciation.
Now get back to your own comments, ;-)
raccons are an odd breed.
25 million yrs here.
"Similar tooth and skull structures suggest
they and weasels share a common ancestor,

but molecular analysis indicates a closer relationship between raccoons and bears. "

a weasal bear.
As a Virgo, and an anal-retentive one at that, I am a born list maker. It's hard for me to sleep for all the lists I make in my dreams. Some nights I just keep paper and pen by the bed, so I can write it down and not try to repeat the damn things all night in my head.

I do not like to be watched while I work, do not care for even murmured "comments." I will throw down the spoon and turn off the fire, I will put the paintbrush in the jar to soak, I will walk away and pick up a book and not look up again for hours.

Now that I have written both these things, I feel better, if not exposed.
You got a weird list my man. I have so much stuff I dislike, I cannot narrow it down to seven. Now, 77, might be a start. Have a good one~
be neither
I put off sex too
List: beer gin wine rubber galoshes and ingredients for goulash. Ghouls come for supper.
No pick up on the add advice.
The Girl with Dragon Tattoo.
OS had goofy adds to lure off.
We don't want to be crazier.
Oho - "doodle a taco" Yeats!
I haven't though about this.
I know Beth Mann like men.
Funny! I can sympathize with all of them.
Great non ending. I love when the laundry is done but the process of getting there and the justifications made to put it off.

This list was delightful and clever. Very glad you resisted your list issue to participate.

I dislike so much but am just not too surprised by my likes or dislikes, it turns out.
I never liked lists but found them necessary when I worked as a newspaper reporter. I wrote them so that only I could read them. I'm with you on the laundry thing - prefer to do my own. Don't like to do others as it seems everybody's fussy about their laundry except me. And I hate the smell of fabric softener. What's ironing? Permanent press for funeral shirts, wrinkles for everything else. Drapes are dust collectors...cough sneeze. Dunno the wood handle thing - perhaps you need help with that. I've become obsessive about finishing things in my approaching dotage. I agree wholeheartedly with #7.
Diana, your comment cracked me up! I can relate : ) I thought I was relatively calm, but now I know one word spoken to me when I'm trying to write, and I just cannot keep on. Pen/computer down, and I'm off to read. Maybe why I don't write much, I'm rarely alone! I will think of you at that moment I'm interrupted from now on...and smile. Better than the snarl...
Nice to see you posting. Funny ... a brand new wooden spatula showed up here today and my computer screen is showing an ad for Home Depot's wooden blinds. Congrats on doing the ironing. You are welcome here any time. Btw, I'm with you AKA on the blinds over curtains, and all I can say regarding the lasts two things is ... Procrastinators Unite!
tr ig,

Thanks for the sentiments. She never knew he came over here and told me things.We get along fine.
@ dianaani,

I'm a Virgo too, but tend more to using my head for my retention tasks.
Thanks for coming by to vent.
@ scanner,

Yes, 77 is a more likely number for most of us who have made it this far.
Thanks for dropping in.
@ Art James,

Ghouls, galoshes and goulash. Try saying that three times fast.
Even one time slow.
"We don't want to be crazier"
Who sez?
@ Deborah Mendez-Wilson,

Thanks for coming by and enjoying..and sorry I do not know how to make the little mark over the e by your z.
@ fernsy,

Well thank you for the compliments. It was good to see you here today.
@ Matt Paust,

It looks like I will have company at the spatula therapy sessions. That's good to know.
As to #7 and agreeing with me I 'd like to add
@ Scarlett Sumac,

Thanks for writing.
As for procrastinating, the membership meeting has been postponed until further notice, so remember "Never put off until tomorrow something you can put off until the day after that."
aka, does your wife know you are bragging about doing laundry and ironing? And it looks like you do dishes too, other than wood-handled stuff. You are trying to flirt with us OS women, now, you better keep those lists to yourself.
@ Ardee,

We're in 5th Amendment territory now.
Thanks for coming by.
i was on the road, but turns out i'm glad to have been so late getting here since now i know how many other people are as weird as you are about the wet wood-handled thing. what *is* that? it's wet. so? anyhow, looks like i might be in the minority or else there are a lot of strange folks on OS, a higher percentage than in the general population. but we knew that, didn't we?

excellent list, my friend. and we are, surprisingly, rowenta twins. didn't you read that laundry piece i wrote a long time ago? cosmic, i swear. :)
@ femme forte aka candace,

Well,yes...being strange does not seem to be out of favor around here. Glad to know travels went safe and you're back home. I don't recall the Rowenta piece. I'll get there soon.
Happy Holidays.......
I can relate on almost all points - especially the spatula! ;)

Fun to get a peek into your innerworkings.

Happy Holidays!
@ sparking,

I'm glad you found time to swing by here. It was great to hear from you today on the PM. Great to know you're prevailing in these times.
Happy Holidays back at ya!
Two things... no, three:

1. The wet spatula thing - Seriously? I would never have guessed that so many people had issues with wet wood. Wait... what?

2. All of you men who LIKE doing your own laundry, could you please come stage an intervention for my husband who probably couldn't find his way to the laundry room if his life depended on it?

3. Most importantly - great to see a post by you! It's been too long.

@ unbreakable,

1.The group therapy thing should end up helping most of us.
2.I don't understand the guys that let other people do their laundry.
3. Nice of you to say. I have had inspirations at times but keeping our heads above water in these times pulls me away.

You got me to write a list !!!

Happy Holidays to you.
I loved this! I also hate lists (I just never stick to them!) and I do love doing laundry and ironing (I'm sick like that). The wet wood handles...wow...I have never heard of such an aversion. I'm going to have to start asking around...
@ Outside Myself,

It's not so much that I love doing laundry, but it has to happen and nobody should have to do it for me.
The ironing...often I'm rumpled. Today is a faded 501's and tattered Carhartt day. But if a crease is needed, it's going to have to be done correctly.

Happy Holidays. Thanks for coming by.
I will never look at wet wooden handles the same way again!
@ Susie Lindau,

Thank you. Your club membership has been processed.

Happy Holidays.
Loved this! Especially #7. You should know I'm a world champion list maker. But I hate wet wooden handles.
@ Sally Swift,

Thanks for coming by. See you at the support group meeting, second Tuesday next week.