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JUNE 7, 2012 11:39AM

Hey ! Thanks for asking....

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Ranting a little. This town is drenched in rain. Sheets of rain they won't stop talking about on the news like I can't tell why I'm wet. Rain turning to showers turning to rain. Thanks happy guy. Idiot.

It stopped yesterday for about 12 hours. Sure, greenest place on earth etc. but not always that easy to take. So people take to trying to cheer each other up.

I understand the effort but I intend to wallow today.

Some biz cohort wrote this a.m. and wants to know "how the heck are ya doin'?"

I knew  I should respond with some chipper retort and move on, but I have my plans set, so I replied :

Yeesh Some biz but it’s not the same anymore. Had the car in the shop yikes ! My mechanic is good but the parts cost will kill ya 

The Plumber had to come to the house 2x because after two days upside down crackin’ a smiley at every sink in the house I couldn’t fix things more than I did. He brought some dinosaur looking machine Saturday and now at least I can quit throwing water out the window with a bucket.

 Wife is stressed at end of school year so I just think of the bickering by number. Like if she says blahblabbedyyak I know it means it’s #5 which lops about 20 minutes off my life I won’t get back at the end. Nod my head and say I’m sorry at the right times. Try not to look at my watch. 

Have been dealing with Kaiser and my father-in-law who is a loon. Appointments. Cancelled appointments. He refuses to leave his apartment when I arrive after juggling my schedule so I have to wrestle him, duct tape his hands behind him and push him in the trunk just to get him there. I swear if they say I need to bring him in for one more urine sample I’m just grabbing his shorts out of the hamper and taking them to the lab ! 

Life in the slow lane……….


Maybe it seemed cheerful. Would you think so?

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Ha! You poor man. I've had days like this, a lot more lately than I'd care to admit. And, believe you me, I've been tempted to respond like this, too! Hang in there. ...
@ Chicago Guy,

Real is the deal.

@ Deborah Mendez Wilson,

Must be a moon phase. On the phone right now with a "Help"center, locked out of accounts. Says E-mail address used for 10 years is wrong etc.
The "on hold" music is murder.
Ha indeed !
I'm all for letting others share in my misery. . . as you may have known.
This too shall pass??
If you've ever tried something like this in person, don't you just love how quickly their eyes glaze over? :D

@ tr ig,

It's already nearly passed. I'm on to more.
Help Center disconnected me after 45 minutes "troubleshooting".

This happens to everybody.That's why I don't ride the bus.
Too scary.
Everybody there looks like they had this day yesterday.
@L in the Southeast,

That's the effect alright.
Glazed and bemused.
It was rather a work of art, from a man who
seems to be beset by life's obligations & tragedies &
annoying mechanical malfunctions
has the gift of writing in his fingers. Tap tapping away.
I have , unfairly, said you are an unprolific genius.
To counter this, you might consider publishing your mundane emails.
I mean, if people would pay to see Olivier read the phone book,
or , if it happens that i and sis are going to see
the town theater production of the "vagina monologues"
(no oedipal gibes re going to hear talking vaginas with one's sister)
you could do it.

Wallow away. I hope to God your dear wife doesnt read this.
Then she will know the Guy secret, which you
describe beautifully:
the categorization of the female complaint capacity.
We men are rational and practical.
Those women, uh, not so much so.
@ JME,

Thanks for the stop in.

Trust me. The guy secret isn't very secret.

As to your jibe at me as an unprolific genius, it is understood as the left handed compliment it is meant to be. The publication of the e-mails, however must remain as a stand alone genre. I think you have noted an innate to ability to riff, wander and come back to point. I have noticed in you a musician's sense of the jam.
Trading fours and comping.
Simpatico, derivative and exemplary of letting loose they are.
Sotto voce shoutings.

You sent me a piece the other day with a phrase that made me howl with laughter. I'll have to see if I can find it.
Sometimes you just gotta answer the standard "how ya doin?" with brutal honesty, and the bit about taking your dad-in-law's shorts in for a urine sample was particularly poignant. I hope it dries up there soon; myself, I need sunshine and blue skies or I get kinda weird, and as beautiful as it must be up there, if I lived in the Pacific Northwest I'd prolly blow my brains out.
First, there's this: "Sure, greenest place on earth". Hell, man, you don't live in the greenest place on Earth. Google Tellico Plains and tell me what you see. I'll save your the trouble -- you can't see the trees for the forest, I live in a temperate rain forest. That's why I call this the Green Ghetto.

Don't want to one-up your misery index, but we are bound Tuesday for my wife's 15th chemo treatment, and we just received a letter from Blue Cross informing us that her COBRA is about to run out. They didn't have the balls to tell us what the premiums would be going way up to, but since we're on SS, we won't be able to afford them. But since we're receiving those huge SS checks, that means we're too rich to qualify for Medicaid. Talk about Catch-22!!

As the old saying goes --I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no insurance. Am I cheering you up yet?
I see nothing wrong in your email, in fact I feel quite cheered knowing that was your honest response. Yes, I think it's cheerful enough but it's me and I like honesty so take it with a grain of salt.

Those who create havoc (like those who employ too few customer service people) and want me to smile about it are happiest when I'm sedated. I prefer when those who must be duct taped into reasonable behavior are sedated. Rant away, it's cheaper than taking benzo's!
When I do something like that they believe me and then offer solutions to my problems, then I wish it would end. Funny stuff aka.....o/e
@ nanatehay,

I'm working away here on the 2nd floor of my house looking out the window which is like living in a tree house. Green everywhere.. (well o.k. the Colorado Blue Spruce isn't green) with only a hint of the grey sky visible. It's actually bright with glare and may burn off now by 4 or 5 p.m.
I'm heading out soon and will put my Ray-Ban Clubmasters with the dark lenses on. Optimistic guy and all.
@ Tom Cordle,

On the back line you know I've sent you well wishes for you and your wife. It's terrible.
She has worked, you have worked and you're looking at a situation that doesn't seem to have a resolution in sight. In fact it's worse than terrible, it's abominable.
Had dinner with brother-in-law the other night and he's living with a metastasized version of small cell lung cancer. Poor chap is naive enough to believe that the prayer vigils and laying on of hands he gets his Republican and Evangelical friends to walk through are going to save him. A lifetime of ignorance and blind faith leads him.

We're looking at losing insurance within a couple of years also, but we're not there yet. I guess that makes you a trendsetter.
Be well if possible......
@ l'Heure Bleue,

Glad you stopped in. I'm not a sedate in the middle of the day kind of guy. Unless it's July through September and I'm fishing.

@ older/exasperated,

Now if a guy with a moniker like yours and a redhead to keep you in line couldn't chuckle and relate to this, then nobody could. Thanks........
ALSO, I have appointed myself as Town clown, for awhile.
For all you old beards, who tend to be cynical.
I shall make you all laugh, until you are all dead.
I will only be in my 60’s or 70’s then, so at that point I will, to everyone’s utter surprise, become a bit of a yeatsian figure, and spew out immensely accurate metaphysical systems. I shall, god help me, grow a beard. I will still keep the capacity to make people laugh, but it will be tender young women who could be my daughters, or, if I am lucky and my hair doesn’t recede and stays brown and curly, could be my granddaughters. I will whisper pillow talk of the old hippies. I will educate them well into this 21st century.

ps it IS a secret to gals. they cannot believe we are so awful.
that is why they disbelieve it.
@ JME,

I believe you were still wearing large band-aids over your knee scabs gained by falling off a bicycle doing figure-8's in your dad's driveway by the time I tied the knot and began to know what I do not know.
It is a long curriculum. Trust me.

But yes, run with the town clown act while you can.
Sometimes the cat shits in your shoe.
As my old plumber buddy used to say, "Life, she's a funny thing."
@ Doug Socks,

That's true enough. Beats having it happen in your headset earphones.

@ jmac1949

Most plumbers are a crack up.
Oh dear. Remind me never to ask how you're doing. ;-)
@ Jeanette DeMain,

I should try harder to remember nobody is really hoping for an answer. Face to face I can usually pull off an acceptable Jack Nicholson grin behind my Ray-Bans and get away with a
" Hey...you too." but given a chance to type the filters don't always work.

Nice to hear from you. How the heck are you doin'?
Wow! Sounds like a tough week for you!
When they've hit me that way before, I've often used this quote from Winston Churchill:
"If you're going through hell, keep on going."
Hope you reach the other side today!
@ Poor Woman,

This is lightweight stuff. Not to worry.....
Thanks for stopping by.
@ Chicken Guy,

Sorry. There isn't any chance I'm going to figure out how to type your last name with all those squiggley marks.
The rain stopped.
Thanks for coming by.
AKA: It's true people ask but do they want to hear? Not usually. But I do. I always want to know the real story. Taking the shorts out of the hamper -- funny, yes, but the frustration seeps through. So, thanks for sharing this.

Here's to some bright sunny skies up and over your way.
It was a beautiful day today...yesterday too. Sore now from bicycling 15 miles yesterday then chopped and stacked a cord of wood for autumn today.
Thanks for the notes............