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FEBRUARY 12, 2012 6:25AM

My unexpected twin - for designanator

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When it comes to my celebrity lookalike, for a long time, I'd been told it was Bette Midler.



One of my high school teachers, who was a big fan, even told me I walk like her.  

So, that was my go-to answer when such questions came up.

But then, a few years ago,  the boyfriend and I were looking through some pictures taken on New Year's Eve 2006, and when we came upon this one of me in profile, we stared at each other and yelled, "Amy Winehouse!"

I couldn't be more different than the dearly departed and incredibly talented Amy, but when we did an image search and found this picture of her, we realized there was definitely a resemblance.  

So, in honor of designanator's open call, here's me and my celebrity twin:





Who's your celebrity twin? 



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You do look amazingly like her. Beautiful!
There is definitely a resemblance, to both celebrities.
Alysa, wow...a wonderful new addition to the open call...two celebs along with yourself! I'm thinking we're into triplets territory now! Lots of talent all the way around, no doubt about it! Thanks so much for joining in the fun today!
scanner - Thanks!

out on a limb - I think in general I look more like Bette Midler, but this photo really hit us with the Amy Winehouse resemblance! Do you have a celebrity twin?

designanator: Thanks so much for this fun OC idea! I'm sorry I put two; it's mainly from indecisiveness, since as I wrote to out on a limb, I think I generally look more like Bette Midler, but that one picture of me looking just a bit Amy Winehouse-esque cracks up me and the boyfriend all the time. Thanks again for such a cool OC and I can't wait to see other people's responses!
Alysa, I searched for hours, but couldn't find a single picture where Tom Selleck did me any justice!
I like you as a blonde! :) ~r
You do look like Amy! Beautiful. (inside and out).
I personally don't have a Dietrich Doppleganger, but if you don't mind my saying so, you're much nicer looking than Bette or Amy.
What fun. Looks like you must have a singing gene as well as a writing one.
Well, I think that photo of you does resemble both celebs. However, I have seen you in a video and I honestly don't think you look very much like that picture of you. That's the problem with photographs -- a freeze frame might catch us in a nano-second which may or may not be illustrative of our general appearance.

LOl as I keep telling you we really are sisters..
Some people say I look like Bette Midler..


All that's missing is some ink.
The prettier, healthier version of Winehouse.
OMG odd and beautiful . . .
I followed Nick Carraway.
He look like bagel with poppy?
tease . . .
I am told i Look like U. Grant.
Some say Santa C. or Moses.
My Granddaughter say`Idiot.
She has me growing a beard.
Licensed Sants's make 'dough'
and Mahone Bay, CA celebrate.

Canadians have seasonal bazaar.
Canadians look for Santa's idiots.
This is true. Google Mahone Bay.

I may sit on my new `Easter laptop.
Canadians have cottage industries.
I do consider being a idiot`Wizard.

I watched the DVD `about `Wizards.
They ride a horse drawn wagon too.
They are always late and smoke pot?
They puff pipe
I am old enough
I am serious too
fun . . . irony ...
at the local circus visits
granddaughter consoles
Pa Pa who's clown phobic
What great twins for the fabulous Ms. Alysa! (I don't have a celebrity twin, unless you count Swiss Miss of instant cocoa fame.)
When I met Emily Holleman in person, I thought she looked a lot like you. She even dressed the way I've seen you in pictures.

At my old job, we'd occasionally discuss who would play us in the movies. The consensus seemed to be that I would be played by Drew Carey.
Aylsa, Streisand has nothing on you. The eyes say it all!
Love the pics! Remarkable resemblance in both. It really does go to show how chameleon-like our looks can be. One picture captures our looks caught in a tiny splinter of time. Maybe that explains why the George Clooney look alike on match dot com ends up looking like Mr. Magoo in real life, and the one who looks like Shrek standing in front of some mountain/great wall/pyramid turns out to be dreamy. I've learned to be wary of images, they'll trick us every time.
They both work as photograph twins for you, Alysa, but I might add that neither of them seem nearly as darling as you do.

Boyfriend, what is that certain 'je ne sais quoi' Alysa has ??
Alysa - do you sing?
Uncanny resemblences!
my celebrity twin?
dead one , or live one?
Live, i have been told: Mickey rourke(pre-face mangling)
bob dylan of course,
tom jones,
patrick swayze,
russell crowe.

dead, they have different ideas.
they match you to a soul.
so now i am mistaken as hegel, whitehead, and
for god's sake,
this vonnegut guy.
i am reading him now.

silly guy.
Sorry, you are sooooo much prettier than Amy Winehouse, but there is a resemblance. I prefer the Midler comparison, great photo.
I don't always see similarities, Alysa. Perhaps this is one of those cases, and you confuse me with two possibilities. So I'm going to pass and say you look like neither - just your sweet self.
You look something like both of them...and something like me (I've also been told I look like Bette). My other celebrity twin is Ricki Lake (now; not when she wore a size 20). It was really interesting watching Ricki (who's about years younger than I) on Dancing With The Stars last season. I felt like I was watching me!
When I was acting and people would ask me for my "celebrity type" I would often say, "Bette Midler meets Sophia Loren somewhere in the middle." That was before Ricki Lake got more famous than Sophia Loren...
Oops. I meant to write that Ricki Lake is "about 4 years younger" than I. Somehow, I left the number out.
Whoa, the resemblance is almost eerie! Though I hope you don't suffer as she did--heartbreaking.

What a neat idea--the celebrity look alike question. I was laughing about it recently with a friend because when I was bartending, I'd get the "you look just like..." thing all the time (usually when customers were hoping for a free drink, haha). Basically, name a brown-eyed brunette actress--from Natalie Wood to Natalie Portman to Judy Garland to Debra Winger, depending on the age of the customer--and I was compared to her, even though I honestly don't look anything like those beautiful actresses. But it's fun to imagine.
I was once mistaken for Leif Garrett at an airport, but that was 40 years ago. Now; maybe Curious George. Amy is out of your league. R