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December 31
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DECEMBER 31, 2012 10:10AM

Thank you

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I was going to do what I've been doing these recent turbulent weeks, and cross-post something here that I also published on Our Salon.  But I don't want to.

Something's really been bothering me lately. I've never been good at balancing things in my life. When one part takes my concentration, I let others fall away.

 And I feel like I've done that with friends and acquaintances on OS.  Like all of us here, I log in when I can. I post something.  And then I try to read and comment on others' posts - and often something goes wrong, and my comment doesn't stick, or the page won't load.  I've been advancing little by little, trying to keep up, trying to read work by bloggers I love - especially those I can't read anywhere else.  What used to be a purely fun process, has become arduous. And then I don't take time to respond to comments on my own posts, and...well, I just feel bad.

I want to say Thank you to everyone who's read and commented on my posts here these past few weeks, despite how hard it is to log in or even read something.  I want to say thank you to those OSers who've kept being kind, kept caring about me, even if it seemed like I didn't care about them.  I do.  I care about you all and am so glad to still be a part of this place.

A lot of changes are happening in my real life, a lot of projects and plans, and a lot of it is time-consuming and thought-consuming.  Besides the technical problems, that's the only reason I'm not here more often.  I hope that things will calm down - in a good way - soon, and that I'll be able to come back and take part more, whenever the site makes that possible.

 Thank you all for being here, for being you, for what you write, for what you say - thank you.  I wish you a wonderful 2013, full of happiness, health, hope, and inspiration - and, who knows, maybe even a restored or even improved Open Salon.

Best Wishes and Utmost Gratitude,



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Hi, Alysa. I know how you feel about this place. It's been "home" for more than four years, and I'll miss it like the very devil if it goes down for the last time. I've saved everything I could to off-site storage.

Meanwhile, my best to you and yours for the new year. I trust all your current issues will sort themselves out soon -- and I hope OS comes out of the maelstrom.
I feel the same way. And I wish the same for you.
Happy New Year, Alysa!

You are a sweetheart ~
Happy New Year & thanks to you for sticking around.
A lovely and heartfelt post. You are a beautiful soul, Alysa.

Happy New Year!
You are a generous and good hearted person -- you've been a friend and companion to me in my writing journey and I've missed seeing your name and hearing from you. I wish you all good things -- amazing the connection one can feel to someone an ocean away. Happy New Year - all the best to you.
Jean Ellen Whatley, Author of Off the Leash
P.S. send me a message with you address, I'd like to send you my book, since you encouraged me every step of the way.
It's amazing in itself that I was able to log on here at all, and then I find this wonderful blog. I have always loved everything you have written, and you have been so kind to me.
Perhaps when the dust settles you would like to review my book also. Let me know. In the meantime. "Happy 2013, Alysa!"
Alysa this is the first time I've been able to get in in about two months. Happy New Year and I wish less chaos for you in the new year. Amy
I also have enjoyed your blog very much. I think it would make a good travel book. I sometimes have very little time to write. Lately, my boss had me trained to fix Starbucks espresso machines. I have never thought of myself as mechanically minded, but I was the only one who passed the test. So, I have to do all the work, and I was swamped all through the holidays. It's like learning how to fix a Volkswagon, but they only give you three days to do it.
yesirree, just look at these comments. Do we see an uptick... or a trend? happy new year, all ( a little late, but ohwell.)
bless you, Alysa-san. i've never considered myself a writer, and i wouldn't have cranked out all those stories about vampires and shinobu mochizuki had i not come in contact here at os and everyone at the os fiction club. open salon finally updated its cover page and it looks like the server problems have been fixed. let's hope the improvement is permanent.
Either you're more patient than me or you have a better internet connection. I couldn't get in to OS at all since sometime in December, but I saw your stuff going up. Every time I tried to comment on anything the page froze.
I have been blessed to have your friendship off OS.. I second the comments of my friend Boanerges..
Oh, man, do I hear you, Alysa!
Feeling the exact same way...

I do hope you will blog about Eurovision again this year; it was one of my favorite pieces you had posted last year :)
Happy New Year, Alysa. Maybe it will be a good year on OS as well. It feels incredibly good to be able to access this site again. I hope you are well. I look forward to spending more time here again. I miss all the fine writers and good people of OS. R