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MARCH 21, 2011 1:44PM

10 things I would do to change American Government

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So, I’ve been trying really hard, just to be happy.  To not let life get me down, to learn to enjoy what is in front of me.  President Obama is not making this easy for me! 
I don’t understand the bombing of Libya on any level.  What I want to know is who decides where we bomb?  Do they just put the names of all the countries with any sort of unrest into a Military hat, and then let some General or Admiral pull out a name?  We didn’t bomb Egypt when they had their little unrest. We didn’t go and help the folks who got slaughtered in Darfur, we didn’t bomb Pol Pot’s ass in Cambodia when he murdered over two million people.  Then again, we were too busy bombing Cambodia and killing the peasants to be concerned as to why Pol Pot was killing them!
I do not understand why The United States of America feels we have to police the world.  We can’t even take care of our own, but, by God, we’re going to go everywhere in the world we can and spread whatever crap it is we’re spreading.   I’m not thinking we’re spreading goodwill by bombing the hell out of folks, seems to me we just keep adding fuel to the fires of unrest.
Take a serious look at our Country right now.  We have problems, lots of them.  At this stage of the game, I really don’t care who is to blame, I just want someone who has some power to step up and at least look like they want to fix them.  When I say this, people look at me and say: “Well, exactly what would you do?” Okay, here are ten things I would do to change the way Government works.
1.       I’d make the rich pay their taxes. No discussion, no excuses.  Just pay them.
2.       I’d make Church’s pay their taxes. No discussion, no excuses.  If you’re having rallies against gays, and you’re telling your flock how to vote, you need to pay your taxes.
3.       I’d put term limits on the House and the Senate.
4.       I’d put term limits on Supreme Court Judges.  I do not believe in this appointment for life thing.
5.       I’d make any piece of legislation be about ONE thing. No more pork added for any reason.  You know, actually govern.
6.       I’d make the Press actually FREE.  I would not allow any one person to own more than one newspaper, TV Station, or any form of media.  This way, we might actually hear and see something that resembles the truth of what is happening in the world.
7.       I’d do whatever needed to be done to bring business back to America.  We need to be producing and exporting goods and services.  We should be building our own cars, our own toys, our own clothes.
8.       I’d do what needed to be done to make sure every child has a chance at a good education.  It shouldn’t be about where you live and who has the most money.  Every child deserves a chance.
9.       I’d take religion out of politics.  It doesn’t belong there.  You can love your Country and not believe in any God at all.  You don’t have to be religious to be a Patriot.
10.   I’d make it a requirement that everyone know the definition of Freedom and Tolerance.  I know, this is a little far-fetched, I just believe if everyone was required to know these things, we might not be such a gay-bashing, Jew-bashing, African American-bashing, woman-bashing, Mexican-bashing, Muslim-bashing, Asian-bashing, and anything else they don't know or understand - bashing nation.
See, I do have a plan.  I do have my own original thoughts.  There’s more, I just thought ten was enough for the sake of this little rant!
I just feel that we’re traveling down a slippery slope to destruction.  People are just finding other people to blame and everyone just gets angrier and angrier. Meanwhile the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class is just disappearing, and no one seems to be doing anything about anything.
I’m trying to stay happy; I’m trying to stay focused on the blessings in my life.  It’s just that people I know and love keep asking me how I’d feel about a Revolution here in the United States.  A Revolution by the people against the Government.   The thought of that does not take me to my happy place.

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I agree with almost all of it other than #6.
Limiting private ownership is akin to communism, etc.
Owning more than one business is part of the free enterprise system.

That said, I totally agree with your very intelligent statements about what "ought" to be done.
It's way too bad that the crooks, i.e., politicians, etc have all the mechanisms in place to prevent the people~US~from having any real power.
The deck is stacked and the scumbags hold all the aces.
I vote for you. Great plan. And much needed.
I sure do agree with you! Good ideas, and much like my own - and like, you say, I'm sure you have more. I also am just fed up with this latest thing with Libya...don't get me started! Geez! There's no money to pay federal employees or heat nana's house, but when it comes to blowing up people and things, they always find some spare change in the couch cushions!
that's the easy part. the hard part is not '10 things,' it's one: how are you going to accomplish these goals.

there's a way, put them to they electorate, as citizen initiative. "but we don't have citizen initiative?" not a problem. the first step is get citizen initiative. how? extort it from the politicians by a vote strike.

"but people don't want democracy!" right. and your list will never be more than an adolescent fantasy, and at your age!
Love it! Especially the term limits and taking religion out of politics. Seriously...how much time do our pols waste debating issues like abortion, or "creation science" when they could actually be pretending to try to think about solving real problems.

I also agree with the Supreme Court Term limits- we dont need Judges from the 70s making decisions in 2011. The sooner Thomas and Scalia are off that bench, the better.

You'd have my vote :)