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November 04
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MAY 10, 2012 3:53PM


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I know I am going nuts. After trying to clean up my OS notices, I hit delete and it didn’t respond. I actually talked to my laptop and said…what about DELETE don't you understand ?

This is the second time today I have a discussion with an inanimate object.

Maybe I am too close to my Mac Book. Maybe we should take a break and look at the relationship differently. After all, it is only a ‘machine’. Or is it?

Looking back to my college days…1959 to be exact, I wrote my first really good essay. It was about the future of robots in manufacturing. I won some kind of intercollegiate prize.

My hypothesis was that even if machines were able to build their own spare parts, and thereby effectively reproduce, they would still be subject to destruction by natural events such as water/rust and power outages. (Remember this was 1959). And I was an English major. Please don’t ask me how I wrapped the thing up. It was so long ago I can’t remember.

However, even before I had a computer I was fascinated with technology and how it might change my life. When it comes to the newest stuff…I want it all.

Anyway, I just told the phone to shut up. No, really,  I asked it to shut up! I think I need to get out of the house for a while.

However  if you invite me to a party, please ask me to bring my Mac for entertainment. She has good recipes, fine music and pictures of my grandchildren. All eight of them. You won’t be sorry…I promise. 

Think you could live without yours? I know that I am addicted to mine. On my deathbed I will probably ask the nurse to go on-line and see if I have any messages.

Whadda ya’ think? Am I nuts?

(don't answer that,  Chicken Maaan) 



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What a day I've had. Found out I am not going blind in my right eye, as I feared. Needed new glasses. Now I am several hundred dollars lighter, but will be able to see. Came home to quite a few messages and once again, I decided to spend the afternoon at my desk.
You know? I've get to get a life!
What do you mean, "get a life?" This is your life.
It's okay until you start gathering your gadgets around you at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
Woody Allen once wrote the funniest bit about how his gadgets and tech things conspired against him. I totally get it.
"Whadda ya’ think? Am I nuts"

Only if you marry it without a prenup! :-)
Kosh..yes I know it. It will be time to start golf again next week and I also play Mah Jongg at the library. Getting real good at that.
Can always do laundry , clean the house, sweep the patio...make the supper...But I've already done all that (whine)......
Sarah, you mean I can't bring Ms Mac to the table with me? I was thinking I'd find a picture of lit candles and with a bit of music via itunes. No? Not a good idea?
Lea, like I said, it won't do what I told it to do. Spoiled rotten.
Boomer, I've been married twice. " And that is all she wrote".
Makes one wonder though..she knows all of my secrets.....I'd best be careful.
With pics of all eight grandkids, how could you not love your laptop even if it is a Mac... make sure you back up in the cloud or an external hard drive, so when that beast blows up and dies you won't lose all you hold dear.
I only talk to strange animals. Dogs I don't know or cats that hang around. They're really small in a dumb sort of way!
I wish you lived in Colorado.
You mean I'm NOT the object of your affection! How sad. :)
Btw, I'm not that attached to my computer. I once heard a writer must go out and experience things in order to have something to write about. Unless, you write about being tied to your machine which you just did. R
[r] the OBJECT of your affection. you are such a hooooot!!! talk about inconspicuous time consumption. tick tick tick I don't travel with my computer when I visit relatives but then I hound them to borrow theirs at times. they are very generous. It is good for me to not have such ready access but I should push to be a little more detached and let us (the mac and I) have separate vacations. :) every relationship requires wholesome breaks and alone time, am I not right? best, libby
So trudge above wasn't the object of your affection?

Oh fudge, but don't begrudge such Mac love, trudge! Who are we to judge?
I'd say the not-going-blind discovery takes precedence over everything else today, even the wonderful weather. As to your last question, not to worry. Wouldn't touch it for love or money!
Mac....these kids have one hundred, thousand, million hours of pics.
I learn from them...and I just spent two incredible hours with two of the grandsons. Filled with I.
Scanner......I don't know what to say...fuzzy? I don't need to feed my pet. She purrs until I push her on/off universal U with a line in the middle button. And then we both go to sleep. Did I explain that right?
Thank you is a beautiful state. Went on a trip there via narrow gauge rail. It was fantastic. Reminds me of a John Denver song.....Am humming it now. "I guess he'd rather be in Colorado
He'd rather spend his time out where the sky looks like a pearl after a rain" What skies you have there! Maybe we will meet sometime.
It would be a joy.
Dear Trudge....I am really not that in love with my Mac but much joy has traveled this way via the internet and OS. I have lived a very full life and so being here with my aluminum friend is OK. Until she gives me grief...and then we part ways. Glad to hear from you. Stick around. K?
Libby...I used to tell my kids: " Leave it home!" But now this is how we communicate. I'll play more golf...and that should do the trick.

I try to put a little humor into my posts... but I usually fail. I need some "funny" tutoring. Need help....please...Scanner? Mac? Kosh? Chicken Maaan? Teach me how to be funny. ( Don't answer that Chicken Maaan...scared.)
Kate...I carry a box full of extra cords with me when I travel between the house in FL and the one in NH. Am in fear of not being able to connect. I am a frequent caller to the help desks at Net Gear and Lynksys. They know me by name.

Then: In hushed tones...." Oh no, it is the crazy lady calling again..." Then... a voice:
"Hello my name is _____, how may help you (again)... today?"

Me: " There is something wrong here, I can't connect to OS. And I'm back on the floor, under the bed, near the phone jack and the electrical outlet and I can't get up...............
No, you are not. I have backups for backups; the machines will never win. R
As long as you don't tell the taxi driver that your address is " blah, blah @ ta dah. com" you're still good, Ande. Start worrying only then. ;o)

My resolutions were to

get outa the house more
remember to drink more

i'm doing well.

Good morning, Thoth and Fusun,
Thanks for the support. Had some smiles and that is very good.
I understand what you mean! I don't talk to mine, ( I will talk to myself occasionally!) I truly enjoy and like my machinery. My two favorites are my MacBook and my Nikon dSLR! There are times when I just can't wait to get my hands on the camera. It feels so good to the touch! As far as the computer is concerned, I am concerned how addicted I am to it for messages and connection to the outside world! It would be hard for me to go a day without taking a peek.....
I Love Life...
I do believe it is an addiction. And so I really can't fault my grand kids for texting their buddies.

However.. I have the time to play now and that is a bit difference. I also have the wisdom and maturity to post only that which I know will not hurt others and which will not affect my personal life in a negative way. My husband reads most of my posts and I try not to involve my kids by name. Respect for the privacy of family is very important to me. In fact writing and blogging is excellent therapy and I have met incredible people on OS...

Thanks for bringing some sunshine my way.
Amusing post. But it's true, the life we have is the life we have, although we may want to get a different one.
I guess so Mary...and this is a much better life than most. Mac and I sit next to a window with lace curtains and we are surrounded by pictures of children and loved ones. Through the lace are pine trees and lilacs. We are in a good place.
Well Ande, these days the darn things can actually talk back! It is only if they talk back and you don't have that software loaded that you need to worry. Duke
I'll be listening, Duke. Thanks for the warning :)
Siri told me to post something. I tend to do what she says.
Ande, I'm one of those people who doesn't know how to text or even take a picture with my phone. My biggest fear in life is when the Rapture comes I'll be left behind because I won't know how to text Jesus and tell him to get me. Also I've just lost 2 prs. of glasses. Do you think if I talked to them they might tell me where they are?
Hahahaha.... Laughing with you, not at you. I talk to my computer all of the time. Sometimes he answers...