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Ande Bliss
November 04
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JANUARY 22, 2013 12:41PM

The Bundle

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Mary is 89.

Joe is 92.


They just got on line

Mary says they ‘got the bundle’


She used to own a business.

Was a model.

Looks like a Gabor sister.


He is a handsome man

With a great sense of humor.

Tells the same jokes. Funnier each time.


He says she talks too much.


She wears high heels

And shops at Chicos


He wears chino pants

And pressed shirts.


They met at a ballroom dance

When she was 80.

It was love at first sight.


They moved in together.

His bedroom set.

Her dining room set.


They are not married.

Too complicated.

Mary is Irish Catholic

Joe is an Irish Protestant.


They go dancing on Sundays.


He likes to work in the garden

She likes to cook


They make French Onion Soup together.


She had a hip replaced last year.

He is having mini-strokes.


This year

They are spending the winter up North.

  The trip south is too difficult for them. 


Hard because he used to play golf with us

Would swear his way down the fairway. 

She always enjoyed the 19th hole at our house.

Bit of the taste and snacks to share.


Now they stay inside.

Afraid to fall in the snow.


So they got the bundle.

So they could travel through cyber space.

Get on Skype.

See us.


Joe is playing solitaire on an old computer

Mary is learning to read and write on her Kindle Fire.


She sent me her first e-mail.

Says her nails are too long

So she’s having a problem with the keys.

She won't cut them.


When Joe gets tired of Solitaire 

He does jigsaw puzzles.


Takes up the whole dining room table.

But they don't entertain very much, anymore.

So its Okay. 


The house is too big for them now.

Mary wants to move.

Joe wants to stay put.


Mary can move the bundle

Joe cannot move the garden.


Hard because he loves the yard

Mary says he talks to himself out there.


She owns the house.

And so, before summer comes around

She will probably be in an apartment 

with a new bundle.


And Joe?

He says he's going back to the mobile home park.

He's not moving into any GD apartment.










































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internet, dancing, old love, changes.

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Wonderful story poem. I feel for them and yet I think they grab life and enjoy whatever it gives them. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. That seems to be what being free is about. Marriage is fine for some people but I like the ease of going your own way without it. Joe will be fine in the mobile home park and in her fancy new GD apartment maybe she will meet someone new on Plenty of Fish. It is all ok.
[r] thanks for sharing another inspiring literary adventure into humanness. well done!!! best, libby
This made me smile. My mother is 88 and just learning to use email on her iPad2. She still thinks a bundle is layered dressing for cold weather.

thinking into the future scrambles my past; i've yet to bundle.
Like this format. "He would swear his way down the fairway." Sounds like someone I know. R
Thank you friends, Zanelle, Libby, Lezlie,
I miss Mary and Joe.
Happy to share a bit with you. They are almost too marvelous to be believed.

Chuck....I think we all will :) It'll come with the living space in the unit.

Thanks Skypixie0.....

Gerry, I have warned my grand kids...N'annie swears on the golf course. And I do. Hey where's the fun?
I love this, but I hope he moves with her.
Lovely. It reminded me of the Bette Midler song, Hello In there.
And two wrinkled lovers walk hand and hand into the sunset
Touched my heart. Life should be this good for all senior citizens.
Give Joe my number! ha ha R
Lovely and cute, Ande, nice telling.R
Thanks Christine....he probably will. Reluctantly.
Ordinary Joe...I remember the song well. Thank you for your comment.
Hey Jack...we all get them. Hell, we are born with them. Wrinkles that is.
Jackie2...they are amazing. Life without love..just ain't living.
Marilyn...I think you'd be quite surprised. Joe is a lover.
Thoth...I love the story format. And there are so many to tell.

Thanks all for taking the time to read and comment.
Hi Steel Breeze...grab you while I got you. Thank you.
Enjoyed this. Have they seen it? Will they?
Gorgeous! I'm going to read it again....
Had to read this one again and again. You've captured these two beautifully and I am so happy you chose this poetic narrative to tell the story. I thought I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel's "Old Friends" in the background. /R, I don't think they will see it. But I don't think they would disagree.
Brazen Princess...much appreciated. Thanks
Nilesite....They are an incredible pair. We hope they will stay together.