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APRIL 23, 2011 12:59AM

Rapin' To The Oldies!

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It's a form of rape to make the penis taboo

He stood naked, proud and erect, grooving his pelvis to the rhythm of the song. He flashed his blinding, razor sharp knife like a rocket shooting out of control never knowing its next move. He smiled an unrepentant evil smile, singing along with the tune filling the room.

"I can't get no...satisfaction...I can't get no...girly action!"

She was completely naked and bound to the bed. Her mouth was double gagged, muffling her screams of terror. And like a lover anxious to please, he promised to make her scream! Closer to the bed he danced, waving the blade ever nearer to the most tender parts of her body. Involuntarily she twitched away from the sight of it, the bonds pressing into her wrists and feet, cutting off the flow of blood. There was nothing she could do. She would just have to nobly suffer.

"What cute feet you have! Such slender toes!"

He bent down to lick her soles which made him throb all the more. She recoiled at the unwanted worship, causing her blood to boil so seethingly she thought she might burst into flame. Hell's flames singed her soul with every press of his tongue. This is not happening! I'm not having these feelings, she prayed. But it was happening and it continued without mercy.

Next she felt his soft hardness against her toes and she begged God to kill her before it was too late. She didn't know how much longer she could hold out, the engulfing flames torching her beyond endurance. Next his hot tongue wrapped around her big toe, forcing her into undeniable ecstasy. Dear God in heaven please do not let him see! Make it stop!

"Well, he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarrettes as me!"

"So, how's your day going?"

Not only did he observe her reaction but the camera to the side did as well, capturing her in full revelation for all the world to see. He would take the film and gleefully exhibit it to his lusty friends who would laugh and mock her broken facade. Later, he might even post it on the web to be viewed from the four corners of the globe. There would be no place she could go and not be known.

Following pain with pleasure he beat her feet with a strap, decrying her for her sluttiness, punishing her for truths untold. Tears of guilt and shame flowed down her cheeks and this too the camera caught. Would her parents see this? Her brother? Was this the end?

Slowly he ran the flat blade up her smooth legs towards her thighs and breast. Her stifled yelps delighted him but she could not stop herself until finally he hopped aboard, sitting on her stomach. Her eyes followed the slow travel of the blade as he turned the dull end to coldly excite her nipples. So much blood rushed to her head she thought she might thankfully pass out and feel no more.

"'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try..."

Notice that's not a lumberjack's arm grabbing her...

She was proud of her beauty and traded on it to compensate for the sometimes lack of beauty in her heart. But now she had this uninhibited predator wallowing in her body's form, bathing in its touch. Angrily he grabbed a clump of her precious hair and cut it off, laughing at her dilemma. For her image was everything and the explanation of her loss was far, far worse than the actual loss itself.

He grabbed her full breasts and began a mock humping of her, reveling in her torn reaction. In a way she was grateful for her bonds, absolving her of all blame and responsibility. She was ever careful to make the man make all the decisions, she the artful innocent. But if this creep caused her to cum her life was over as he spread word of her climaxing moment.

The programming of her mind short-circuited as this loser of losers openly fed her carnal cravings. If he didn't stop soon her entire identity would come crashing down leaving her to walk stripped naked the rest of her life. She dutifully begged him to stop but what could the helpless heroine do?

"I can't get no!...Oh, no, no, no!"

Shhhh! Don't tell!

Please! Before it's too late! I'm dying here! But her eyes were unfulfilled as she lay with one foot in heaven and one foot in hell. Neither one did she want to commit. She hated him like no person ever before and if it were not for the bonds she'd kill him and bury him and life would go on as before. But he was dragging her to the point of no return, altering her life's course.

Then he put one hand on himself and one hand between her legs. No! No! Not that! As she feared she was responsive to his touch, unable to reject his worship. Resistance faded as the abyss swallowed her up and they mutually climaxed leaving her face a gooey mess. Her body floated as he snapped pictures of the well formed features of her face thusly and gloriously desecrated. What now? she wondered. Who do I become?

Then, like a drowning person gasping for air upon reaching the surface, she woke up.

"What's up, honey pie? Something startle you?" asked her bed mate.

"No. It was nothing really. And don't call me 'honey pie'. I demand you respect me!"

"Yes, ma'am! That's what I like about you: you don't let me get away with shit!"

That's when her upright body fixed her stare at him, furiously censoring unwanted thoughts. A legal lackey, she channeled her doubts to the safe confines of work and decided that sometimes the First Amendment went too far and ought not everything should be said after all.

But, oh, did she yearn it to be!

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Sometimes I hold stuff back because OS is too immature to handle it. And sometimes I post stuff because OS is too immature to handle it.
You know what's boring? People who don't bother reading a post but then feel compelled to comment on it. Rabid Asshole Who'll Argue About Anyfuckingthing comes to mind.
I thought it was great. Man, you can write~
mort, it ends with the truth. Thanks for the honest feedback but I suspect it made you too uncomfortable rather than bored, i.e. you couldn't stand where it was leading. We're all the same on the inside.

Nana, thanks for dropping by.

Scanner, glad you enjoyed the ride. Seems most of us lead dual lives. The one we share and the one we don't.
I liked this. Well-written. It's more detailed than most erotica, with a psychological component that's often missing as well.
And that first image is so effin' amazing. That guy looks...fucking awesome, like a spider man.
I think you would like Michael Caine's "Alfie", Beth.

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