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JULY 24, 2011 1:50AM

God's Suicide Note

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it make god happy when you die. god want all people dead. god has special knife for people that want to live, hates them most of all. at least if you want to die god not so mad. people want to live make god very angry. god always win, you never ever can no matter what. just die. you can ask god all you want but god got no ears to hear, no eyes to see, no mouth to speak. you can't trick god with lies or even truth. just die is all god want, nothing else, just die.

longer you stay madder god gets. god don't want no survivors, not a one anywhere anyhow anytime. just die. even when you think you got good reason you don't. don't need you for nothing no matter what you do, you don't count never, rich man poor man begger man thief. you can look for light but there only dark. try, don't try, cry, don't cry, fry, don't fry is all the same. is time to die, god put knife in belly till your guts spill out and inside boil. it's ok, god like dead bodies.

i wish god to die and leave us alone. i wish god mind own business. god is lunatic, out of mind, don't even know it. kill, kill, kill. god don't know other word. god don't even know why, just know you gotta die. you keep breathing you suffer more and more. you hope you a dope, make god giggle. god gonna gut you like pig. god got no feelings. god always right. god don't ask no questions. god get to live anyways. god get you, no guilt. don't see nothing proving no different.

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God truely either really loves me or really hates me!! I'm not sure which, I ask my preacher man, he say, two grand, you become second tier student, I'm like, I don't have two grand, barely got $7.50 and he say, you get to no tier then!!!

Damn Church of the Rock of the Almighty Dollar!!!

~wanders off into traffic~

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