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Andy Wolfenson
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December 04
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Author of the recently released "In His Ex-Wife's Defense," as well as "Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story," "In His Own Defense," and "Bloggin' Baseball (from the bench)", all now available on and Kindle. Frustrated wanna-be sportswriter who, in his spare time from traveling from the office to other work locations and attempting to write a succession of wildly-successful novels, occasionally pens blogs about sports, the Yankees, and other topics.

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DECEMBER 24, 2012 8:38AM

My New Book - "In His Own Defense" - Has Been Published

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My blog page has been silent lately, as I have been putting the finishing touches on and publishing my first book, "In His Own Defense". It is currently available in soft-cover on and in ebook version on the Kindle, and, as I have been telling everyone who will listen or read, it will make a fantastic last-second Christmas gift.

Unlike my usual posts here, it is not about sports or the Yankees, although the main character is a Yankees' fan. It is fiction, about an attorney who finds himself in a compromising position and must work to clear his name. It is not autobiographical.

I tried to upload the cover, but, of course, the post crashed and I don't want to risk wasting the time uploading it again. Here is the link to purchase the book -

I hope that everyone has a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.


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Too late for a gift (unless you can promise delivery in about 3 hours) but it sounds like a real page-turner and I'll check it out further after today. Thanks for the heads up and happy holidays to you.
What the previous commentator said. Sounds like a good read. Good luck!! _R