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DECEMBER 2, 2009 3:29PM

I Suppose I Owe Some of You An Explanation

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Being the age that I am, I figured I had pretty much figured my natural tendency to overcommit. But then I had some sudden urge to follow my dreams instead of sitting here all the time complaining that I live in Palin nation, and I'll never get anywhere in life. Oh, and did I tell you I'm aging in an almost audible way? Death walks by my house on his rounds, and I haven't done anything on my bucket list! Nothing!

So it started. I decided to apply to grad school. And you would not believe what that entails (because I'm still working on it).

 A) GRE, which leads to prepping for the GRE

B) Taking grad level class to get the writing sample, stick my toe in the water, and determine whether I can actually pull this off.

C) Reaching back into my past to get letters of recommendation (THANK YOU GREG, who might see this. Jeff and Fred, if I stay under cover you won't see this, but I'm still thanking you.)

D) Reading books on how to apply to grad school.

E) Writing my personal statement.

F) Getting transcripts from the 800 colleges I've ever taken classes from. Except you, UC Berkeley. Your transcripts cost so much that I decided no one cares if I scored an A in Java. Kiss my ass.

In addition to this, I have two kids. One of those kids is in first grade, and I don't know if you know this, but first grade now is like college back in the day when we went to school. Keeping all that stuff organized is another job for me. I also volunteer, and that fricking exploded in my face over the holidays. Somehow, I've managed to hang on to my husband and my freelance job while all of this was going on. But OpenSalon, I let you slide.

My semester is over sometime within the next 10 days, depending on when this paper gets done. And then I'll be back.


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Lady! That's impressive! Good luck with grad school- can I ask what you're going for? (I'm in need of career counseling myself- always on the look-out for good ideas)
Hoooooray!!! Bring a 'possum with you OK! And good luck with all that stuff ... what are you trying to do? sprain something?
I am applying to a program in Applied Anthropology. I am interested in poverty and immigration and about three thousand other things.

I was freaking out over the load a couple of weeks ago, but I'm all Zen about it right now for some reason.
I'm just glad to see your blogger name pop back up in the feed!
QUITE impressive, I say. And I waited until my kids were grown for grad school. You're right to do it NOW. Congrats.
Um, did you leave out the part of snatching a kid?

Seriously, kudos!
Grad school! Cool!!! Take all the time you need, we'll welcome you back.
You are an impressive woman. Good luck to you!!!
I think you're just a glutton for punishment, but hey, that's just me. Hi angrymom (oh, now I know why you're angry, mom. You're tired)! Good to see ya around these parts. :)
i got tired just reading about it all.
YAY on the whole going for the grad!! I've been thinking about it for awhile, but damn if I'm not a lazy bastard!! :)
I'm glad you're back, for however long you can manage it!
I'm whooping and hollering and cheering for you! I miss grad school. But then again, I did it in my twenties w/o kids. You are AMAZING.
I'm whooping and hollering and cheering for you! I miss grad school. But then again, I did it in my twenties w/o kids. You are AMAZING.
(Didn't really INTEND that comment to show up twice, but what the hell. You deserve DOUBLE praise.)
I will praise ya ten times over here.
You are a tough cookie to do this and more power to ya.
Glad to see ya back if only for a spell.
Kudos for grad school.
Good luck with it.
I'm so glad to hear from you! I've missed you. No one tells a good poop story like you do. Good for you for going after your dreams. We'll be here when you come back.
You're so impressive I'm depressed. Like Verb, I too did grad school in my barely 20's with no kids... and those were the days. OTOH, I changed careers a couple times and had to add courses, so I know it can be done.

Plus, I have a wonderful friend near my age with three mostly grown but still in need of parenting kids who's back in school getting her MSW and working at a homeless shelter as part of the package. The two of you rock. I'm going to go lie down now.
This read, and your Bio-

Verbal Remedy etc.,
took the words right
out of my mouth.
keep Ya shirttail out.
be the real cool nerd.
if a nickel short bum.
beg for 'A+' in class.
if no 'A' toss bad egg.
Save all rot tomatoes.
Toss at UC Berkeley's.
You know. throw eggs.
I heard of the 25% fee.
Tuition rose that much?
Oy, tremendously bad?
I ask for a 'A' in 'angry'
And who ain't angry?
Anger turns sweet?
Hold anger gently?
Athena said this:`
Anger transforms.
Anger transforms.

Athena put these word on humans mortal lips to be repeated to other angry creatures.
Anger's normal emotion.
Nature despises war's greed.
Nature gives future 'payback'
Nature Hates lies and hypocrites.
What a great angry mom expression.
Give GOP and neocons a nasty rot flop.

God/Nature sees and gets the last laugh.
That is writ - in one of the musical Psalms.
Good on You. I Hope Ya pass boxing in gym.

Anger can be embraced
Anger become sweeter
And fresh honeycomb
Matriarchal honeybee
Buy Bee Balm today?
Bee Balm for sores?
Bee Balm for drone!
Google` Bee Balm.
Use on itch ears,
for chapped lips,
for sore stub toe.
angrymom, watch out for that Zen. Seems every time I get all Zen and the moment I notice I'm all Zen, as Alanis Morissette says, "The fire trucks are comin up around the bend!" Seriously, good luck and I look forward to reading you again soon.
now's the perfect time to be in grad school - good for you.