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MARCH 22, 2010 2:49PM

I'm OK!

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So if I had to paint a picture of me right this second, I would paint a picture of myself laying on the ground wrapped in a parachute (see this) in intense mother-fucking pain, but all in all good, seeing as how I could be flat and dead in the middle of a Maine cornfield.

I am sick. I've been sick for about 10 days. The germs are giving the antibiotics the finger. I am not sleeping. I live in a fog punctuated by coughing and throwing up. Early into the misery, I got a phone call. From a certain university. Saying that I got into their grad school program.

With a scholarship.

So, while things are looking a little dim and blurry around the edges, I know as soon as I feel better I am going to be very excited. And very, very busy.

This, people, is our year.


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What an extraordinary moment!!!! And have fun with grad school. I'm so darned smart I was able to complete a two year program in a mere FIVE years. I think they finally tossed me the degree to get rid of me. And get well soon! ~r!
Your illness will eventually pass, but the good news about the grad school and the scholarship will live on and on....just hold tight.
Better times are coming!
Oh wow, I just followed the link to the parachute story, & that is one amazing story! with your dad & you & apparently genetic insanity. Gotta have a size smaller than Dad, eh? And then the irony of your dad jumping out of planes & doing all manner of wild crazy daring & then getting nailed tripping over a freaking recycling bin. That was the best true story EVER. And funny! AND bittersweet. Every time I think you can't top yourself, you move up another step on the ladder. I think you are now actually on the roof. (Don't jump.)

Hope you feel better soon and SERIOUS CONGRATULATIONS! A scholarship, even! I am SO happy for you! & glad you didn't end up flattened in the cornfield.
HOOOOOOOOORAYYYYYY!!! Way to go, girl!!! I am so thrilled for you - well, not for the puking and snotting and trotting and such, but for getting EXACTLY what you wanted! HIGH FIVE, BEYOTCH!!!
Damn!!! That is awesome.
good news! I hope the happiness helps you get well faster!