AUGUST 31, 2010 9:34PM

"Pretend You Meant it to Happen."

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Detail of mushroom growing out of floor mat at bottom of our back steps 

"Pretend you meant it to happen." That was my middle school art teacher's advice whenever my projects failed to live up to my expectations (which occured frequently because I had absolutely no talent -- just desire).  Learning and acceptance were the order of the day in Mrs. S's class, and I always appreciated her sensitivity -- but it was still frustrating to have an outcome in mind that could never be realized due to lack of skill -- but not for lack of trying.

Alas, the specimen above is a perfect example of the "pretend you meant it to happen" philosophy. I took a picture of this gnarly but kind of elegant mushroom that we found growing out of the floor mat at the bottom of the stairs on our back porch. Then I decided to gussy up the picture by darkening the background a bit with my oh-so-cool photoshop Elements 7 program. Well, I have no idea what I did. Eventhough I own a "Teach Yourself Visually" guide, and go online, the program remains a mystery -- full of fun surprises that I cannot duplicate.  I may be a luddite but I will perservere until I get this thing figured out!!!

For informational purposes, here is the original shot:

original shot of mushroom growing out of floor mat 






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Great photos, with great advice. Thanks!
Thanks for visiting eastinidaho, and MiddleAgedWomanBlogging! And thanks, Mrs. "S"....
Even mistakes are a tutorial. I like the photo -- it makes the mushroom look like an alien spaceship. But that may not have been what you were going for? I like the earthly vs. the unearthly versions.
Thank you bellwether! Your spirit would make Mrs. S proud! The comparison of "earthly versus unearthly"....Yes!..Right on!! ;-)