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Ann Rhys Matthews

Ann Rhys Matthews
October 08
Not necessarily in this order: mother, wife, daughter, doctor, laundress, patient, writer, displaced OSU Cowboy by way of Texas, New York, California and now Tucson, AZ.


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AUGUST 12, 2008 7:12PM

The Pretender






If you’ve watched a medical show on television, you’re aware of the training period in which an individual makes the leap from medical graduate to physician. These four years (give or take) are referred to as the residency, a throwback to the dayRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 29, 2008 4:36PM

Just a Minute There


My family never made much of the lesser holidays. Birthdays and Christmas were big productions, but my mother’s instructions for July 4th were no different from St. Patrick’s or Valentine’s Day: wear something festive and go outside to play. Occasionally anotheRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 26, 2008 11:43PM

What Are They Smoking?



True Story -  A 72 year old woman at an Arizona Pain Management Clinic.


“I couldn’t  help notice that yellow Hummer in the parking lot,” she says to the physician after he injects medication into her back. “If you doctors didn’t insist oRead full post »

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JUNE 3, 2008 7:13PM

The Heart of the Matter


I knew it might be long day. 

We had twenty-three patients scheduled for cataract removal which was twice the usual number for our surgery center.  There are a few things you can count on with cataract surgery:  the procedure will be short, the time between patients brRead full post »

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MAY 22, 2008 9:00PM

Break It To Me Gently


My cousin Lisa called last week.

“I’m breaking up with Thad,” she said.

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

“He left a book next to the toilet.”

“Listen Cuz, you’ve got to let that one slide.” I said as I fast-forwarded through thRead full post »

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MAY 9, 2008 12:25AM

The Stand-In

Kaitlyn was just a teenager when she chose to give us her baby. Like many couples, we had not initially planned to build our family through adoption, but when it became apparent that fertility would not be our fate, we forged ahead, hopeful for a child.

We eagerly completedRead full post »