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November 09
This blog is about the journey from here to there. Early posts have devotional poetry and prose with scripture included. Many deal with the difficulty of having people in my life who are living with cancer and have died from cancer. Now I'm focusing on going back to college in my 50's and discovering a new path to direct my art--which is art therapy. _________________________________________ All of the artwork I created unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to buy one of my paintings or contact me to say oh, give me a million dollars to help me in my artistic endeavors : See my art and purchase prints here: orginals: merchandise: __________________________________________ The scriptures are usually taken from the New Revised Standard w/ apocrypha or the New King James.

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MAY 5, 2010 9:09PM

I Have Fought the Good Fight, I have Finished The Race!

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Psalm 57
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race

latern tree copy

I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith.

How many times have we heard
that people give up
just before they are about to
be finished with a race
or a struggle?

I was walking in the dark
but God gave me light and angels
to lift me over obstacles in my path.
Then it seemed my path came to a dead-end.
I just needed larger angels to lift me over
darkness that was closing around on all sides.
As soon as I looked up and asked for help
I was lifted up in the air
to reveal a colorful sunlit landscape.
I hovered there not knowing what to do
though enjoying the vision before me.
"Go to the Golden Tree" a voice said.
There I saw instead of leaves were
gold and white birds.
Except for one.
A blue bird with a red beak.
"More will be revealed later" I heard.

Like Peter in chains and in prison
surrounded by guards,
I was led out of captivity
by angels.1

Abraham was told to occupy land
in alien soil even though He, himself,
would not get a "foot's length" as his heritage.
He didn't have a child at the time but
believed that what he was doing was for his descendants.
Four hundred years later,
Moses led the people to the land that Abraham claimed.
These prophets overcame obstacles and stumbling blocks.
One step forward, two steps back
generations would backslide
from God's commandments,
only for future prophets to recover
and reclaim the inheritance of God's promises.2

Throughout the Bible
God gives clear instructions
to stay focused on His directives
and the consequences of not doing so.3
Still they lost their way and followed
other teachings, that didn't bring the best of circumstances.

Paul predicts to Timothy that his followers
in the early development of the church
would get "itchy ears" and
"choose teaching that suits their own desires".4

Oh God, when you call us to
our promised land
let us seek You with a single mind and heart.5
We are called to be saints together,6
in oneness may we march forward
making clear a path for
future generations!

Father, may we be in reverent submission
to Your directives
as was Jesus.7

How much more peaceful
and full of love would this world be
if there were more visionaries
who were willing to walk forward
being guided by angels
to an unknown place?

Let us go to the mountain top
as Martin Luther King did,
following the Glory of the Lord
and leading our people to
a better place on this earth!
Driven by loving passion and courage,
we follow the One who knows the beginning
and the end and sing,
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

May we stand proud having made a difference and say,
I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith
and made a better future
for our children!

1Acts 12:
5 While Peter was kept in prison, the church prayed fervently to God for him. 6 The very night before Herod was going to bring him out, Peter, bound with two chains, was sleeping between two soldiers, while guards in front of the door were keeping watch over the prison. 7 Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He tapped Peter on the side and woke him, saying, "Get up quickly." And the chains fell off his wrists. 8 The angel said to him, "Fasten your belt and put on your sandals." He did so. Then he said to him, "Wrap your cloak around you and follow me." 9 Peter went out and followed him; he did not realize that what was happening with the angel's help was real; he thought he was seeing a vision. 10 After they had passed the first and the second guard, they came before the iron gate leading into the city. It opened for them of its own accord, and they went outside and walked along a lane, when suddenly the angel left him. 11 Then Peter came to himself and said, "Now I am sure that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from the hands of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting." 12 As soon as he realized this, he went to the house of Mary, the mother of John whose other name was Mark, where many had gathered and were praying. 13 When he knocked at the outer gate, a maid named Rhoda came to answer. 14 On recognizing Peter's voice, she was so overjoyed that, instead of opening the gate, she ran in and announced that Peter was standing at the gate. 15 They said to her, "You are out of your mind!" But she insisted that it was so. They said, "It is his angel." 16 Meanwhile Peter continued knocking; and when they opened the gate, they saw him and were amazed. 17 He motioned to them with his hand to be silent, and described for them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he added, "Tell this to James and to the believers." Then he left and went to another place.

2 Acts 7:
1 Then the high priest asked him, "Are these things so?" 2 And Stephen replied: "Brothers and fathers, listen to me. The God of glory appeared to our ancestor Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran, 3 and said to him, "Leave your country and your relatives and go to the land that I will show you.' 4 Then he left the country of the Chaldeans and settled in Haran. After his father died, God had him move from there to this country in which you are now living. 5 He did not give him any of it as a heritage, not even a foot's length, but promised to give it to him as his possession and to his descendants after him, even though he had no child. 6 And God spoke in these terms, that his descendants would be resident aliens in a country belonging to others, who would enslave them and mistreat them during four hundred years. 7 "But I will judge the nation that they serve,' said God, "and after that they shall come out and worship me in this place.

3 Deuteronomy 8:
1 This entire commandment that I command you today you must diligently observe, so that you may live and increase, and go in and occupy the land that the Lord promised on oath to your ancestors. 2 Remember the long way that the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness, in order to humble you, testing you to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commandments. 3 He humbled you by letting you hunger, then by feeding you with manna, with which neither you nor your ancestors were acquainted, in order to make you understand that one does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. 4 The clothes on your back did not wear out and your feet did not swell these forty years. 5 Know then in your heart that as a parent disciplines a child so the Lord your God disciplines you. 6 Therefore keep the commandments of the Lord your God, by walking in his ways and by fearing him. 7 For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land with flowing streams, with springs and underground waters welling up in valleys and hills, 8 a land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey, 9 a land where you may eat bread without scarcity, where you will lack nothing, a land whose stones are iron and from whose hills you may mine copper. 10 You shall eat your fill and bless the Lord your God for the good land that he has given you. 11 Take care that you do not forget the Lord your God, by failing to keep his commandments, his ordinances, and his statutes, which I am commanding you today.

4 2 Timothy 4:
1 In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I solemnly urge you: 2 proclaim the message; be persistent whether the time is favorable or unfavorable; convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching. 3 For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander away to myths. 5 As for you, always be sober, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, carry out your ministry fully. 6 As for me, I am already being poured out as a libation, and the time of my departure has come. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

5 1 Chronicles 28:
9 "And you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve him with single mind and willing heart; for the Lord searches every mind, and understands every plan and thought. If you seek him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will abandon you forever. 10 Take heed now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary; be strong, and act."

6 1 Corinthians 1:
1 Paul, called to be an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and our brother Sosthenes, 2 To the church of God that is in Corinth, to those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints, together with all those who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, both their Lord and ours: 3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 4 I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus, 5 for in every way you have been enriched in him, in speech and knowledge of every kind— 6 just as the testimony of Christ has been strengthened among you— 7 so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7 Hebrews 5:
5 So also Christ did not glorify himself in becoming a high priest, but was appointed by the one who said to him, "You are my Son, today I have begotten you"; 6 as he says also in another place, "You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek." 7 In the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to the one who was able to save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission. 8 Although he was a Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered; 9 and having been made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him,
10 having been designated by God a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.


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Anne, there are days that I envy you your faith (sad, but true). This is one. This is lovely.
Anne, there are days that I envy you your faith (sad, but true). This is one. This is lovely.
Anne Cameron Cutri. I saw you got a first comment. I'd like to buy some Air Jordan (size 13-clown-shoes for a prom date.) I've no credit card.
Please send the farmer-gracious, ... TheWall Street high-heal sneakers, free.
Please guarantee that the USDA dollar - farm-boot Air Jordan stinky snickers,
clod-hoppers shoes,
soles that cost $2.00-
and made in Ho Chi Minh City from peasant labor, and factories there have No OSHA fume-fish-glue sealant protections to protect glue-sniffer-workers ... huh?
No ventilation in shoe shop?
It's cheap labor exploitation!
Greedy profiteers ruin heath!
a $2.00 shoe sells @ $200.00!
Yea, mail me? No delivery charge!


I envy you. Ay, a daily devotion.
What a self-disciplined project!
forgive my jabber gibber spiels?
okay. 70 X's 7,000. & $7- billion?
Email farm bonus in $ 50.00 bills?
In the early political America, when the economics of that slave era- day was crumbling,
the blind (spiritual blind) who whipped-up, and the nasty then/today are vile pundits who are stirring rancid Hate again. O, why stir strife, ugly,
violent days return?
Oy, they incite strife,
civil wars commence?
Why not nip in the bud?
The battle at Antietam was over 20,000 bloody-Dead- bodies in one day. In one day! Que Pasa?
Anne. You made me think positive towards humans like you etc., but the past era was bizarre too!
Ya wonder IF times repeats?
I hope not. Politicos do again.
The numb-selfish 'rich' says again:`

Gentleman, allow me to introduce this illustrious (black) worker who is caroled in fenced areas on Pennsylvania. Yep. Visit Ya bribed Senate/House Plutocrat, give a donation "love offering" to Ya favorite effete 'honorable' creep, and buy a demeaned scape-goat Slave (Mexican etc.,) ?
Buy & Bribe @ Penn. Ave.?

Oh, continue rant?
okay? `Um rats?
Ya right on that!

Politicos are cats!
Stinky pole dancers!
Worst. `Um shower?
Black White polecat!
Not good date for a Prom?
O. What's black plutocracy?
Ask a politico skunk catcher?
This rant makes perfect sense!
Ask Eric Holder or Michelle O.?
O my, o mercy, O forgive Moses.
What can awe wesz do to begins healing?
Be honest.
Stop hate.
W.S. slop.
How fortunate are we to bail-out the nations war mongers. And let's help bank-thugs who have trick homeowners into foreclosure? huh?

The Wall Street elite sure are effete. Grant a 9-$-million bonus? That has already happened. Aren't those Capital Hill critters superior thinkers? Aren't the white Anglo Sextons sexy?
They are worthy?
Give more lucre?
Anne? Forgive?
They no repent!
Ask M.L.K.? sad.

'Um caricature!
apology? creep!
You great, Anne.
I wish you well.
I enjoy these.
Blaise Pascal?
He won't harm.
Good night. Ah!

I home from DC.
I resent this spew?
DCs `de venom pit!
Art: I was going to delete the first comment but it seems it is a good mirror of our world and you aptly comment on it! Yes the strife the hate I don't do TV haven't in 20 some odd years don't need that negativity I can feel it. I can feel the strife/pressure. Thanks for being my real first comment! Always grand you pack a a lot in small spaces.

I felt the heat in my heart and I prayed last night for our president and DC and our sea that is strewn with oil and so much more . God Bless!
Pilgrim : I get you twice commented! It's days like this you can lean on my faith and other days I can lean on yours! Be Blessed!
I always say a prayer. Thankfully, the good Mennonites neighbors say they pray for me. I say`
If it (prayer) don't help then,
pray without ceasing, it helps me.
I just got a snoopy pop-up warning.
The pop-up say`Something went wrong.
Snoopy nap on top of Smokey a beer House.
Thanks. You always edify. You kissed by God.
No allow preacher, janitor, or DC whores kiss.
Scripture writ record`Nature/God get last laugh.
Art- Your words speak powerful prayer and so does your encouragement. You are right of who gets the last laugh!
Anne, this psalm of yours too climbs to the mountain top. Lovely and spot on. I admire your perseverance with this project. It is a light on a hill and a beautiful expression of your love for God and humanity. It encourages me and I know that it encourages others.

Peace and agape love.

A lovely poem, and I appreciate the sentiment --even tho' I can't agree with all the particulars. "Abraham was told to occupy land in alien soil" -- this is one of those occasions where I want to shout "God, what were you thinking?" The world and the Jews have been in turmoil ever since Abraham heard that voice in his head, and I gotta wonder if something wasn't lost in translation.
Thank you Monte!

Tom, I think what I was trying to say is that there was turmoil before Abraham and after no matter how many prophets come along and try to make it better there is back sliding, forgetfulness and general sin that causes us as humans not to take the high road. We can keep praying for it though!
Anne, how I love your passion, your faith and your love of God. This is a wonderful post. You really threw yourself into it, head over heels. Love it. And of course, the MLK speech, just tossed it up and over the moon. (((((((((())))))))))
Monkey, this is so generous of you to be so complimentary, especially given your desire to believe but cannot. I find that amazing since your beautiful heart shines through on these pages and love meets love.
Great words for thought.....Thanks for the added directive.
There's a lot of hope here. rated.
Algis and Caroline: Hope and Proclamation of good is all some of us have to hold on to!