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November 09
This blog is about the journey from here to there. Early posts have devotional poetry and prose with scripture included. Many deal with the difficulty of having people in my life who are living with cancer and have died from cancer. Now I'm focusing on going back to college in my 50's and discovering a new path to direct my art--which is art therapy. _________________________________________ All of the artwork I created unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to buy one of my paintings or contact me to say oh, give me a million dollars to help me in my artistic endeavors : See my art and purchase prints here: orginals: merchandise: __________________________________________ The scriptures are usually taken from the New Revised Standard w/ apocrypha or the New King James.

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NOVEMBER 7, 2010 9:10AM

YOU are Significant

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sunset over purplake copy
You may find yourself in
a place today and say,
"This is not what I planned." or
"This is not what I was meant to be."
Take courage. Have faith. You matter.
For you may have been born for this very moment,today.
You may have been born for that very moment, tomorrow.
You may have been born for that very moment long ago or in the future.
These moments make a life.
A significant life that touches other's lives.
A smile, a kindness, a moment's time can change the course of
someone's life.
We are all shining stars in the lives of those we touch.
An angelic presence brought with us as a gift from the Father.
Hold it close--it's real.
Love casts out all fear, the trouble is, it's hard to grab on
to love when you're afraid.
Keep trying. Keep reaching. It will give you the peace
you desire.
It seems it takes so long to reach peace.
God's timing is perfect.
For our good He is gentle to bring us to balance.
How can we know the whys and what fors?
We can't.
Should we stop loving because others don't?
Heavens no!
Where would love be if it were not for those of us who love?
We must continue to give of ourselves.
Raising a child in love right now, continues the
legacy of love.
What of great works of art?
Will that not make my mark,
continue my life
As long as the paper and canvas lasts.
We can, no matter where we are, or how busy,
keep investing in love.
Your love does matter.
Share it today because You count! 

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Thanks for these inspiring words.
YOU are a dear, Anne. This is lovely.
Wonder where you are right now that these are the words you speak. Hope all is well. I believe your words but somehow I needed to hear them again just now. Thinking of you and so glad to hear your voice.
I love, love, love these words and what they truly mean.
Thank you for this lovely poem.
rated with love
Alysa: your welcome, I saw where you had some interesting posts but it seems all I do is work and deal with other things at home. No time to spend here.....sigh.....

Thanks Pilgrim, missing all you lovely people.

Annaliese: The words are a little personal but mostly for someone else. I'm okay, just incredibly stretched and challenged at the moment. As always thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Romantic, I'm glad these words speak to you!
Thanks Anne. This is beautiful, both the poem and the painting.
you are so talented and unique; this is art itself
Suresh,Kathy and Clearmind, thank YOU for your comments and gratitude each of you have much to give in this forum I only wish I had the time to soak it in. Looks like some interesting topics out there. Bless you all!
Morning Anne -- thanks for the wise words....beautifully put : )
Thank you Anne, I've been away too long.
I see your faith shining strong as ever - this is beautiful.
Just thinking... You're welcome!

Kim: Good to see you back! Sometimes it seems that the trials never end.....what I'm learning is that trials are sometimes answered prayers in disguise. It shows you what your made of, it shows you what really matters, and it forces you to make choices instead of staying in a comfortable stupor. I am going through a horrendously
deeply painful trial right now, and in the midst the Lord whispered, "this is an answered prayer". It's going to take a lot of work, but those words are the light at the end of what seems like a very long tunnel. You are a dear soul Kim, I pray you overcome whatever trials you are facing. With that heart, I'm sure you will be victorious!