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February 13
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JANUARY 15, 2009 3:55AM

Illness abounds as does the cold

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Been a long time but I have been ill. I have had the shakes and sweats and a fever and have lost my voice, which some whom I know are very happy about. I slept all day for nearly three days but had to go to work so managed to get up for that on Wednesday. Not fun either. Plus I had run out of my meds and was in some really screaming pain all week.  Still haven't gotten my voice back all the way yet but, oh well.

I was very worried for a while that it was the old blood poisening creeping up again, but now I think it isn't.

It is VERY cold here. I went out with the Pup tonight to Kinko's to fax something at about midnight and it was 6 degrees outside. I hear that tomorrow will be better.

My youngest son leaves for Thialand in a few days. I will miss him and hopes he will SKYPE me from time to time so I can watch him order and eat his dinner. His family will stay in Virginia because he is going for his job. I did, however order 5 boxes of very needed Girl Scout  cookies from a granddaughter. Thin Mints, my fav. and some shortbread.

Now I will try to go to sleep. It is nearly three I think and both Kitty Couture and Sashe, aka The Pup, are already in the room snoozing. Kitty on my side of the bed, of course.

 I also need to go to my brother's Zanga site and read his newest story. He is really a gifted man.

If you like good potery and short, sometimes only a page or two stories, check him out.

Calagulia6 on

Yes, yes, I am pushing my bro, but I really think he is great with the words.

Till later, whe I plan to tell the story of    SISTER.


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I hope you're feeling better! Glad you have kitty and pup. Sounds like a nice snuggle. :)