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A Regrettable Waste of Time
FEBRUARY 5, 2012 5:59PM

Bluebirds and Naughty Tomatoes, Avert Your Eyes

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 Another OS blogger requested I post my renouned naughty tomato photo.

      The tomato that scandalized Torontopornomato 

There you go.

On the GNS vein, a flock of bluebirds stopped by my house this morning. This is when spring comes to this part of California.



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porn, vegetables, sprine, bluebird

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As requested by CreekendUK.
Leave it to Creekend to ask for that tomato photo. Why just this morning, on my blog, he commented about Tink's parts. That English boy has some peculiar interests.......
Pretty bluebird. Interesting tomato. I sit here and wonder about the person that sliced into it.
We sure do bow to Creekend.. vagina posts and tomatoes hahahah
It was a brilliant picture.:)
The Red State and The Blue State.
Sometimes I give in to bad influences. Makes life more interesting.

Mhold - good one! I refuse to let anyone claim any color. I want them all for myself any time I want to use them.

I carefully arranged that photo at the farmers market early this summer. Several people laughed when they figured out what I was doing.
Wow, that IS one naughty tomato!!!

As for the bluebird photo, thanks for sharing it with us. I love birds, and miss the ones you get out in less urban areas. Though I do very much appreciate our pigeons and magpies and sparrows as well. They've got moxie! But, with the exception of the magpies, not particularly lovely plumage....