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A Regrettable Waste of Time
MAY 12, 2012 6:05PM

Mother's Day When Your Mom's A Bitch

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We took my mother-in-law to the park for a picnic today. We all had a nice outing. Plenty of sandwiches, birds and butterflies. Really nothing out of the usual. Nothing bitchy in our party.

When Your Mom's a Doggone Bitch

We noticed several people arriving, each family with one or two chocolate brown Labrador retrievers.  The dogs appeared to dragging their leashed humans to a spot across the green from our picnic, so I walked over and asked one of the humans what was going on.

The dogs had invited their humans to a combined first birthday and Mother's Day party for the bitch who whelped all twelve of them at once.



 The gathering of the clan



Getting group-sniffed from both ends.

I don't think the dogs recognized each other at first. It took about one half hour of tense ass-sniffing and growling before things calmed down and everyone walked to the river for a group swim.

Family reunions are are all the same.

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Please rest assured I am not calling any two-legged mother in my life a bitch.
Even though that was how you got our attention.
I sure got sucked in by the title.
But grinned by the end...
Glad your mom didn't need to whelp 12 of you at once. And also glad you had a butt sniffing good time at the river.
What were you expecting? . . .

A post on OS attributing my life's disappointments to my parents' imperfections ins some kind of Freudian/Jungian way.

Get real, no one ever does that on OS!
Family reunions are are all the same.

~nodding~ They sure are!! RATED!
That is a really cool idea for a Mother's day party. Hope she doesn't have too many more litters...
I hesitated before opening this, not wanting to read something negative yet this morning. Then, recalling your sense of humor, I suspected a twist. Good one.
Glad you're enjoying this.

Especially Chicken Maan, glad you fell for the title, if only for a minute.

One of the dogs is the mother, but I'm not sure which one.

She got fixed after the first and only litter. A lot of breeders do that;

They sell people a puppy with the right for the breeder to breed her once. The dog usually moves back in with the breeder when it's time for puppies.

Makes no sense to me, but I stick to the rescue end of this business (& cats only). Breeders do their own thing. Not my thing.
LOL! You got me good.

Well if 'bitch' had been substituted for 'pussy' you might have rec'd an even more typical OS reaction Steve?

"Press the R button please FRed(tm) and pass me a pill. Any one will do."
Don't know whether I should be amused or disturbed that so many OS readers were expecting a blog running down mothers. Shame, shame, shame.

If my mom sees this I hope she doesn't stop at the title, or I might be in trouble.
Haha! I love the ending - such wisdom!

This sounds like one bitchin' Mothers Day gathering indeed!
I'm glad you clarified it all! R
What mission said. Tee hee . . .
Surely readers weren't looking for a tell-all Mommie Dearest story.