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October 13
I'm Terrie Torgersen Peterson. I hold a BA in Anthropology from the University of Wyoming. I've done archeological field work at Haluzta in Israel, San Juan River cliff dwellings in the American Southwest, and in the Big Horn Canyon in Wyoming. I'm currently a writer and stay-home mom to two gorgeous, laughing children. I enjoy exploring the intersection of science and culture and my own life as ethnography. I also write for and You can email me: anthropologistunderground [at] gmail [dot] com.


JUNE 18, 2010 9:58AM

Hey Look! Something Shiny!

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The Little Anthropologists are sleeping late this morning, so I unexpectedly have a few free moments.  I'm going to post some links to some things I've been reading this week.  Enjoy!


I saw this image of a wave breaking off the Alabama coast on the Pharyngula blog.  It has a strange apocalyptic beauty.



As always, PalMD has some awesome blogginess going on over at White Coat Underground.  He's talking about the work/life balance at his house and how his stay-home-parent wife feels like shit when she has to check "unemployed" on forms.  Here's my comment: 

For me it's not only about the compensation, but also about the societal derision. I hate when people ask me what I do (for a living). I never know how to answer. If I lead with "I stay home," many people assume that I'm lazy and don't have anything interesting/current/intelligent to say. They drift off to more exciting prospects. If I lead with anthropology, or other jobs I've held, then the stay home mom part is a bit more acceptable. As if it's okay with them that I do this now, because I have earned the right to do so, and I've demonstrated my ability to string a few big words together.

It's also the (societal) lack of awareness that stay home parents do work our asses off. Happily there are perks, and one is that I get to ride bikes with my children to the coffee roaster on the way to the playground.

Thanks for writing about this. 


 Science Based Medicine has a fascinating piece about the genetics of autism.


And finally, Steve Novella posted this blasphemy over at the NeuroLogica blog:

While many people feel that caffeine is a performance enhancing substance, the evidence has been largely against this notion, if somewhat mixed. But a recent large study strongly supports the evidence against any true cognitive or alertness benefit for caffeine. 



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