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October 13
I'm Terrie Torgersen Peterson. I hold a BA in Anthropology from the University of Wyoming. I've done archeological field work at Haluzta in Israel, San Juan River cliff dwellings in the American Southwest, and in the Big Horn Canyon in Wyoming. I'm currently a writer and stay-home mom to two gorgeous, laughing children. I enjoy exploring the intersection of science and culture and my own life as ethnography. I also write for and You can email me: anthropologistunderground [at] gmail [dot] com.


NOVEMBER 8, 2012 1:07PM

A Good Face For Radio!

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Elizabeth Blessing is interviewing me! Me! On Saturday 11/10. Feel free to call in and share your perspective.  Here's the link, and the beta: 


On Feminism and Vaccination

On my next "Lost Coast Blues" show, I interview writer and anthropologist, Terrie Torgersen Peterson, who writes on Open Salon as "Anthropologist Underground." She has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Wyoming. She has done archeological field work in the following locations: Haluzta in Israel, the San Juan River cliff dwellings in the American Southwest and in Wyoming's Big Horn Canyon.


Terrie says she enjoys exploring in her writing "the intersection of science and culture and my own life as ethnography." On the show she'll discuss her recent experiences with what she describes as "the anti-vaccine subculture." As a mother of two children, she joined a mother's group and found herself thrown in the middle of a serious dust-up that involved parents who were proponents of vaccine rejection. It was this controversy that spurred her to find her writing voice as she began to write posts for Open Salon and that helped her crystallize her thoughts on the subject.


Terrie says: "In thinking more about the anti-vaccine subculture, I was reminded that I think it also speaks to issues of feminism. I think one reason some parents reject vaccines for their children has to do with the low-status position of stay-home parents (moms in particular) in larger society which breeds a culture of intensely competitive parenting where vaccine rejection becomes a powerful marker of status. It's a climate which allows non-medically trained laypeople to self-ascribe social status greater than medical doctors and scientific researchers." 


On the show, Terrie will also discuss some of the common arguments against vaccinating and how parents can sift through scientific literature to find reliable information on which to base their health care decisions. She'll read excerpts from her essays and we'll open up the phone lines so that our listeners can ask her questions and join the conversation.


"Lost Coast Blues" show details:

Lost Coast Blues is an Internet radio talk show for writers, readers and enthusiasts of the written word. We interview and showcase writers who write everything from fiction, poetry, nonfiction, memoir, plays, humor and a whole lot more. We invite writers at all levels of accomplishment (from beginners to already published to those who write just for the sheer joy of it) to read their works and share their writing experiences. We open up the phone lines to our listeners to ask questions, give support and offer critiques.


Date/Time: Saturday, November 10, 2012, 11 AM to Noon PACIFIC TIME

Author Interview: Terrie Torgersen Peterson, Writer and Anthropologist

Listen to live stream at:

Call in to participate: 805/309-5910, at prompt enter conference ID: 948315#




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Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to the show, Terrie!