OCTOBER 21, 2009 9:09PM

Memoirs of a Haunted House Part 4

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My boyfriend and I returned from a Braves game. It was around 10:30 PM. My parents were out of town. I got out of the car and started digging in my purse for my keys. Once I found them I noticed the boyfriend was already on his way up the street. The prick didn't even wait to see that I got inside safely!

I hated entering the house alone after dark. I was in my early 20's and had acquired a greater than average amount of fear over my life time. I was standing in the empty carport, which is a garage without walls or a door, just a roof, posts and a concrete floor. My dad had installed a light at the corner of the carport which stood in the yard and came to life automatically at dusk everyday. It was fairly bright but the kind of bulb it used cast an eerie, blue glow. The large maple tree that stood very near the light did drown out some of it's bightness.

The kitchen entrance door was the side door on our house and it was the access door from the carport and the one we used most often. My dad had installed a screen door that was metal on the bottom half and glass you could raise like a window plus a screen on the upper half.

As I approached the screen door it looked like a flat, black shape of a hooded person was between it and the door. Like a cardboard cutout. Not like grim reaper hooded, but like hoodie hooded. I stopped and looked back at the yard light to see if anything stood in it's path of light to cast such a shadow. I saw nothing that could. Still it was illogical that a person could be between the screen and the door, for it was only about 4 inches in depth. I assumed it was one of the many shadows cast by the maple tree. But then doubted this as I noted the maple's shadows dancing playfully on the cement floor as a gentle breeze moved through it's branches. Yet the flat shadow was stock still. Whatever the case, I had not the time to stand around in the dark, alone looking for the source of a shadow.

((You might want to start the music playing here))

I grabbed the screen door handle and pressed in the button to release the latch and open the door. As soon as the screen door had swung open, the flat shape became three dimensional right before my eyes. It was smallish. 3dshadowAbout 4 feet tall - 11 inches. It still had no features and was like a 3 dimensional, solid shadow. The shadow launched after me the moment it was freed from it's confines between doors. It carried a ragged edged plank that was also black and shadow like. Although it was small it had incredible strength. It picked me up off of my feet and threw me across the carport, slamming my back into one of the metal posts. I tried to get up and run as it still stood near the door, but it was suddenly right in front of me again. One incredible shove to my chest sent me flying to the edge of the carport. I had no time to think and still did not know what was going on, only that I needed to escape.

The speed at which the shadow moved was terrifying, giving the impression there was no way I could win. In the blink of an eye it had descended upon me, forcing me to the ground. I managed to pull my knee up between it's legs and place my foot on it's chest, and with a mighty push, launched it to the other side of the carport. It came running back at lightening speed with it's plank raised as if it were going to hit me with it. The shadow dropped onto my chest with one leg on each side of me. I could hear it's heavy and labored breathing - which was unbefitting it's small body. It raised the plank high above it's head. I tried to move, but couldn't, it's grip was too tight. Just as it was about to bash my brains out, I woke up.

I was awake and terrified. Terrified because I could still hear the heavy, labored breathing, I could still feel the shadow sitting on my chest and holding me tight with it's knees, I could still see the shadow with it's plank raised above my head, only now I was in my bed and this was no dream. I screamed and shoved it off of me which was something akin to erasing pencil lead or removing dust. It wasn't a solid mass and with each shove of my hands it disintegrated a little more, losing it's strength and force until it was gone. I jumped out of the bed feeling icky, chilled and totally wigged out. Shuddering and slapping my self while doing the hee-bee-gee-bee dance.

I had heard that sometimes making verbal demands can help in these situations. Being that I was alone in the house and at liberty to shout all I wanted, I cut lose. "THAT'S IT! GET OUT," I opened my bedroom door and pointed towards the stairs, "AND LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" I felt a slight coolness pass in front of me and I took that to mean it had left, so I slammed the door, "AND DON'T COME BACK!" I yelled.

As silly as this may sound it seemed to have worked.... for a while.

About a year later I was again staying alone in the house while my parents were out of town. I had involved myself in a Norman Rockwell Puzzle and was totally engrossed as I had finally gotten the full outline put together, when I heard loud, fierce stomping that sounded like someone, big, heavy and mad as hell was coming up wooden stairs, even though ours had carpeting.

I froze, but did not get up because I was in the living room which had to be crossed in order to get to the stairs and I had not seen nor heard anyone/anything prior to the stomping. Again the stomping came loud and angry up the stairs as if someone meant business. Then a loud banging on a bedroom door. I got up and slowly walked out of the living room, looking up the stairs.

At the opposite wall - at the top of the stairs was a body length, ornately framed mirror. From my vantage point at the bottom of the stairs, I was not able to see my reflection. As I stood there looking and trying to figure out what I was going to do, it was a bit late to pop in for an unexpected visit at one of my friend's houses, I saw a darkness in the center of the mirror. I didn't want to keep looking but I was too afraid to turn my back on it.

The darkness formed into the shape of a child. A girl with long hair and 231796110_6a6e8eff58Bdarkness for a face. She was wearing a drop-waist old fashioned dress, long socks and slippers. Her hair was dark brown or black, long and stringy. She was around 4' 11" tall. At first it just stood there, unmoving. Then it slowly and jerkily started to "walk" towards me (like an old film with a frame missing here and there.) I was frozen to the spot.

The faceless child was not in the mirror as I had originally thought, but was in front of it, casting no reflection of it's backside in the mirror as it approached (possibly I could not see the reflection from where I stood). It began making an eerie, but not loud screech that seemed to have syllables, as if it were trying to talk to me. When it reached the middle of the hall it stopped and raised it's left hand to as if inviting me to come to it.

"Go away," I whispered, "I'm afraid of you. Please go away." The figure began to fade along with the noise it was making but I was so freaked out that I got my cat, my purse and my keys and went to a friend's house to sleep for the night.

 To be Continued Friday Night....

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YOUR KILLING ME!!!! The music perfect. It flows with your words. NOW I have to leave drive in the dark and pick my boys up from foootball practice. Crap can't wait until Friday night!!!
Fun stuff Linda! Ever listen to old radio shows for kicks? 30's- 50's stuff was so good... MPIR( google, mystery play internet radio)) has some old Ray Bradbury scares you might like...I love it... RRR
Stories like this are exactly the reason why walking in the forest on dark & misty evenings freak me out a bit. Rated!

Poor child spirit. It just wanted to show you her jacks!! :)
Whoa! You had me at " I hated entering the house alone after dark." not to say the rest didn't freak me out a bit .
Lunch - Oh I am so pleased about the music closely following the words. It took me a while to pick it for length and then I stabbed at what pace most people read (I read slowly so it is a little bit off for me).

Patrick - No, I mean I have heard little clips here and there, but I have never listened to an entire episode. I think that is a good idea, I will check it out.

Cymraeg - Oh that reminds me of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow cartoon, one of my all time favorites, when Icabod Crane is leaving the Halloween party and is afraid of running into the headless horseman, then he runs into him. I love that cartoon!

Tink - I don't want to see her jacks! I'm a CHICKEN! I know maybe one or more of these ghosts/spirits may have been trying to tell me something or ask for help or something but color me Scooby Doo, their message is lost on me!

Wanderer - It is true of that place in particular. That place has left me with some life long fears, such as walking around corners, doors that are ajar, lights off and switch doesn't work, the list goes on. But the BIGGEST fear BY FAR that has been forever impressed upon me from that house was when the phone rings late at night. I am terrified to pick it up.