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I come here once in a while. I will admit I've had writers block for a while now. So what? It will go away eventually. But when I come here to OS, I have to sign in through the front page. Oh my God. Every time its the same shit plastered all over the cover - poor, poor pitiful so & so, pity, pity for me, for him, for her, for them, for us.

Gimme a fking break will ya?

I admit I wrote some junk like that in the past because it sorta seemed to be the form here. Now, though, not so much, for me anyway. A well done rant is always good reading but the pity stuff is pretty freaking tired.

Everybody Most people have their own brand of trouble and/or misery and don't really want to take on the burdens of strangers as well. Editors, please try to pick a VARIETY of stories for the cover rather than a pity parade. Who the hell would want to come in and read more when its all/mostly down trodden stories on the cover?

 When I write negative toned posts, a lot of times I have written at the bottom "Don't pity me," because that was not the reason I wrote and made public the post. In the case of Autism, I don't want anyone's pity, I just want to shed some light on the subject, maybe get some other parents who have already gone through the trials to share their insights. And once it was for my own personal healing - "Daddy." But I do write some funny stuff and it sure would be nice to see more happiness on the cover.

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You're a tough cookie, sister. People usually write about things that draw deep, emotional responses. These deep human responses can elicit great literature. Until and unless you are willing to break down any walls of emotion to tap into the "good stuff," you might have to contend with "writer's block" a little longer. Love your name. Can't wait to read your stuff.
Deborah - I don't really do too much of the deep emotional stuff. Yeah I can write a touching post but I'd rather not dwell on them and then end up depressing myself. If you want to read a short sorta touching post I wrote, "5 Years," is a good one. There are links on the left under "My Links," to past posts of mine if you are interested. You can usually tell by the title if it is funny, serious or sad. Thanks for reading, and commenting!
Writers are a sensitive and introspective bunch. I think many of us feel a connection to these "strangers" through the depth of their writing. I can only speak for myself, but I appreciate the connection I feel to the writers who give us a palpable view of themselves.
Joan it is true what you say, however I feel readers can be reached through many emotions, including laughter and fear. Just lately it seems like OS has become one of those touchy feely bank commercials.
sorry... *readers can *also* be reached....
I write from my butt and that's just fine with me. Not so fine with Ed I Tor, but that's okay with me too, who wants to be on the Cover?

Not me!! I'm fine with my many readers(all imaginary!!) and such!!


(I did write an emotional aka True post from my life yesterday and do every so often, still no EP!! BOOHOOHOO!!!)
also, HI!!!!!! ~waves~ LTNS!!! I seen ya face on the feed and was like, YAY!! APACHE!!! SHE MUST HAVE GOTTEN RELEASED FROM TURKISH PRISON, I'M SO HAPPY!! ~huge hug~ :D
I fear the consequences of making "sensitivity" the principle, or even the only, virtue. This will not end well for anyone.
Tink - LMAO actually I escaped from the Turkish prison, long story. I will have to get over and read your post now that you mention it. Thanks for making me smile!

Patrick - I'm not sure what you mean, exactly, but either way, I agree. It cannot not bode well for OS to primarily put the sensitive stuff on the cover on a regular basis, and surely I will get strung up by my toenails for being an insensitive git. But the days of me actually caring about that are over.
If you wish me well, do not stand pitying me,
but lend me some succour as fast as you can;
for pity is but cold comfort when one is up to the chin in water,
and within a hair's breadth of starving or drowning.
 Aesop, in "The Fox in the Well",

Pity is bastard cousin to Empathy. Empathy involves work. Pity doesn’t.
Empathy sucks the life out of you sometimes. Pity pumps up your ego.
Most people really just want their ego pumped up, I have found.
That is commercialism. To sell it. But then again, it is probably the only way this boat, OS, stays afloat.
Pity: Pity makes suffering contagious.
 Friedrich Nietzsche, in The Antichrist (1888)

The pitied is told convenient lies. Ripped from articles, movies, books, etc.
It’s one of those words whose meaning has degenerated, I think.
From , say,
“ pity beyond all telling
Is hid in the heart of love.
 William Butler Yeats, in "The Pity of Love" in The Rose (1893)

Pity, then a step up is ‘sympathy’, then the big one, empathy.
James - yeah, absolutely right