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FEBRUARY 13, 2012 10:13PM

A Valentine from Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend



Hey, Kid.


It’s been a while since we chatted but I figured I had to send you congratulations after your big night. No I haven’t forgotten about you, how could I? Not every guy gets to be reminded of “the scars of their love” and how they “could/… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 7:51PM

Misogyny and the Politicization of Women's Health

I have a confession to make: I'm a pro-choice feminist and registered democrat (small 'D" is intentional). When I was in college, I attended a "lobby day" in Richmond, Virginia in 2004 when the state General Assembly was considering establishing new requirements for abortion cliniRead full post »

JULY 25, 2011 9:07PM

What We Can All Learn From Norway

When my older sister had the good fortune to visit Norway, where three of our great-grandparents originated, I asked her what the people were like there. "They all looked like they could have been my cousins" she replied. That remark came back to haunt me after the terrorist attacks in OsloRead full post »

Since work and going to grad school eats up whatever spare time I have, whatever pleasure reading I do get to sneak in is what I would typically classify as "literary fluff".  I don't mean to sound judgmental, but I know that like eating, people tend to choose what theyRead full post »

 For those who have been taking notice, this year's Stanley Cup finals has been abysmal to watch. In 7 games, the Vancouver Canucks failed to capture the Stanley Cup from the Boston Bruins, and many had predicted that neither team was in a position this year to merit a/Read full post » - The real victims in the Anthony Weiner scandal are the American people who have to keep seeing pictures of his boner


I flipped on the TV the other day and discovered yet another politician in the national spotlight has been caught being naughty. Specifically, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has publicly admitted to sending sexually suggestive email and text messages to a 21 year-old col/… Read full post »