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Aric Dante
August 22
Science & Medical / Mission Specialist, UEN Centaur
Born Anrico Dante Vega in New Fremont, West America, 2307. Only child of Frederico and Francesca Vega. -------------------------------------------------------- Crewmates with Mikhail ["Mike" or "Misha"] Trudov (Commander/Pilot) and Robert Benoit (Engineer/Navigator).



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MARCH 18, 2011 8:00AM

May 15th, 2348

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::Personal Log:  Lt. Dante, Aric, UENSC:  F391941026:: 


     Right around six years ago, (or about 2,480,934 years from now, depending on your perspective), I promised the space corps command that I would keep a personal log of my experiences at Alpha Prime.  Of course, now that Command no longer exists, (or, should I say, has yet to exist), I’m not entirely sure why I’ve decided to start doing so.

     I guess with all the letter-writing I’ve done over the last six years, I’ve simply grown accustomed to writing my thoughts down.  Moreover, it appears as though writing has become compulsory – like I have to get this stuff out of my brain or it’s going to eat away at me.  Perhaps after all this time I’ve simply become a writer and I just must write, the way a painter just has to paint.

     Or maybe I feel like regardless of whether this will ever be read by another human being I somehow owe it to humanity to record my thoughts and activities.

     Either way, for what it’s worth, so begins my personal log.

     Before I really begin, though, I think I should attempt to re-cap what has happened to us so far.  Six years ago today, our ship, the United Earth Nations’ Centaur, left Earth orbit bound for Alpha Centauri, specifically the second planet in orbit of Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Prime.  On board our vessel is myself, Cdr. Mikhail Trudov, and Lt.Cdr. Robert Benoit.  So as not to create confusion, I should state that I refer to Commander Trudov as ‘Mike’, though everyone else calls him ‘Misha’.  Mike is our ship’s Captain and Pilot; Robert is our Engineer and Navigator; and I have the glory of being the ship’s Doctor and Science Officer, as well as the Mission Specialist (though that mission is now of secondary, if any, importance).

     Our ship’s brain is the AI Theresa, a creation of mine from when I was much younger.  Theresa had been my companion for many years before we began this journey, and I tend to think of her as my daughter.  For the purpose of this mission, Theresa created two spin-off personalities, and android bodies were grown for them:  Sarah, who is Mike’s companion; and Anne-Marie, who was Robert’s companion.

     During the course of our voyage, Robert revealed to us that he really prefers the company of men over women, and with much work and ingenuity (and a lot of help from AI nanotech), Anne-Marie was remade into Jean-Marie.  I hesitate to admit it here, but I should mention that I had fallen in love with Anne-Marie, and she professed to love me as well.  Unfortunately, none of that mattered since she was Robert’s companion, not mine.  When she became Jean-Marie, I’m ashamed to say I was repulsed by him, and only recently have I realized that I’ve come to regard him as a friend and comrade.

     Shortly after Jean-Marie awoke, Robert had an accident where he fell down the 20-meter shaft to the engine room, almost killing himself in the process.  Reconstruction of his body took many months, and his rehabilitation many more.  During that time, Mike and I determined that Jean-Marie had extensively studied the engineering schematics of the Centaur, so Mike assigned him the position of Acting Engineer until Robert was able to resume full duties (something he was only just recently able to do).

     During the time that Robert was incapacitated, Jean-Marie became a full-time active member of our crew.  Unbeknownst to us at the time (though apparently common knowledge amongst AIs), an AI spin-off personality will eventually develop into an autonomous AI in their own right, given enough time ‘online’.  The end result being we now have two AIs on board, with a third well on the way herself (we of course decided to do the same for Sarah).

     Also during the time Robert was in reconstruction, what we refer to simply as ‘The Incident’ happened.  What, exactly, happened, we don’t know, but whatever it was that happened to us ended up sending our ship and crew backward in time almost 2.5 million years, a fact we were unaware of until just after arriving in the Alpha Centauri system.

     Today is Launch Day 6, but we have re-christened the holiday to Landing Day 1, since today is also the day we first landed on Alpha Prime.  Robert and I are in the Lander, running examinations of the atmosphere and so forth, as per SOP.  Alpha Prime has changed since the survey probe was here 50 years ago (or, rather, it will change in the 2.5 million years between now and when the probe ostensibly arrives) so we're no longer sure of what to expect.

     I can already tell I’m going to tire of referring to everything in both the past and future tense.

     Tomorrow, we’ll leave the Lander and set foot on an alien world for the first time.  I lost a game of rock-paper-scissors with Robert and so he’ll be the one who gets the honor of placing the first footprint.  Not that there’s anyone else left to acknowledge that honor…

     In any case, I’ll be following-up with a second entry tomorrow, when we actually get to see Alpha Prime in person.  We’ve been working all day, and I hear my rack calling me.

::end of file::

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