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January 08
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DECEMBER 4, 2008 2:54AM

Reporting From The Trenches

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As I said in my earlier blog, I haven't had much time to indulge in writing. I told you I had medical and financial diffculties. That's nice and vague. I didn't have time to explain.

 The medical difficulties are fixed. My immune system after a couple of rounds of chemo is not the most robust. I got an infection. I got cured of the infection. 

 The financial stuff? No end in sight.

 First my son got laid off. So did his girlfriend.  Who has two kids. They are living together. So I move them in with me. That's what I do. I have a paid for house. No one I know is going to go begging for a roof if I can help it.  Not even her 16 year old brother who also lives with her.

 Shortly after that my husband also got laid off. So here we are. There are now  10 people living in my home and I am the only person with a job. Sort of. I'm a contractor. And my income has dropped to alarming levels. No one wants to hire expensive old me right now. 

 We won't starve. I've got a couple of greenhouses because I always knew they would come in handy. The house is paid for. Even if we can't make the electric bill, which is a touch and go thing, we have heat via the wood stove.  Although I need electricity to make money just like I need the internet connection. I got rid of cable TV but the cable internet is a necessity.

 We'll survive. 

 But I don't like it. I hate, hate, hate having to think about what I can buy so that I'm sure I can meet the heating and light bill. I hate measuring every grocery dollar I spend against how many people it will feed and for how long. I hate being worried that one of my kids or my animals will get sick and it will break us treating them. 

 I hate it. 

And I haven't had to deal with that kind of insecurity since I was young and broke and had no resources. I shouldn't have to deal with it now. But I do.  

 The economy is screwed. In spite of all my careful planning so am I. Mostly. I won't starve, I won't freeze, I won't be made homeless. But I and all those I care for are going to suffer. 

I always wanted to be a matriarch.  The one everyone looks to in times of trouble.  This is not a good time to realize you are.  Not at all.



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You are not alone girl.
If anybody can handle this, you can. And your family is luck to have you for a matriarch.
You are definitely not alone. Hang in there. This too shall pass. :)
It sucks, doesn't it? You have plenty of company. I keep thinking that the government can't let an entire nation go bankrupt. Can they?
Good luck, Arlene.

I'll be sending you good vibes. :-)
I’m glad you are healthier now.

Good luck. You are strong and I know you can make it through this.
Glad you feel that you can spill it here. Really. We are all pulling for you. And that great big family. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it, okay? We are all one country.
Hang in there, baby. Thanks for posting. There are a lot of people pulling for you.
I am glad you are physically stronger. Your health is the most important thing. I am not unfamiliar with your financial woes, and had the scariest looking bank balance I've ever seen just this month, with no end in sight. Every month is a new struggle to keep the business afloat. I will include you in my nightly message to the universe for strength.
As others have said, you're not alone. I'm glad to hear you're doing better physically. I wish you all the luck in the world in making it through, I'm sure you will.
You will get through this, I have no doubt.
Thanks guys. I will muddle through. Really, I'm better off than many I know even. But it still sucks. I never wanted to have to use my 900 recipes to make pasta interesting again, you know?
Arlene, I'm really sorry to hear how much difficulty has reared its ugly head in such rapid suceession. You are so resourceful and if not for your careful planning you wouldn't have been able to help out so many now residing in your house in this troubled economy. You are in my thoughts and I really hope some great positive improvements show up quickly for you and your family to remove this precarious situation from your lives.
Hello Arlene,

We are so sorry to hear about the rough times. Our thoughts are with you. Hope all turns around for you soon. We miss you and your wonderful writing.
I miss you, woman, and am so sorry to hear of your issues. Call me and reverse the charges; I can't find your number. I'd like to help.

You are a very good person. This to shall pass.
It's a rough time, and there are many who will read this post who are going through similar situations. It is amazing how many OS members have recently lost their jobs, or are very fearful of doing so.

It's incredibly unfair that this is happening now, during the holidays. Good luck to you, and good health as well. You are a saint to do all you do for those you love, and the ones your loved ones love, too.
Arlene, I don't know how I missed this, but I am thinking about you.
Not alone at all. Just lost 2/5 of my income and it looks like pregnant step-daughter and hubby will be moving in soon. Got a lot of animals who could need vet care at some point. Scary. Very Scary.
I am in similar, but dumber and younger situation. Did I mention that I find it ironic to be paying for stuff like groceries lately?

The joke is on me though.