Tig Notaro at the Brightest Young Things' Bentzen Ball         

"Government shutdown!" comic Nick Kroll barked in his hearty imitation of a hack comedian. "Thank God they didn't shut down the laughter! What a show! Am I right?"

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MAY 19, 2013 9:25PM

John Waters Howard Theatre date

       Genuine wit is so rare in American culture that it is well worth the cost of a ticket to see filmmaker and author  John Waters doing a revamped version of his hybrid  story-telling, lecture and stand-up show, "This Filthy World." Perhaps best known as th… Read full post »

The comic's comic Maria Bafmord is appearing tomorrow night at the Arts in Mind series at the New School about the interplay between art and real life regarding her struggles with mental illness, in her case serious bipolar and OCD. (She was briefly hospitalized again last year, an
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Yesterday, the battle for the future of the Democratic Party really began. The opening volleys focused around the wildly conflicting narratives and lessons about the meaning of the GOP drubbing of Democrats.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka offered his strong views that union vote drives were the firRead full post »

       Most environmentalists have been focusing, justifiably, on the BP disaster, but this has been an opportunity for the nuclear power industry to push for billions in added subsidies with the blessing of the Obama administration. On Wednesday, an alert under the banner of the… Read full post »