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February 19
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FEBRUARY 20, 2012 8:55AM

things which have bemused, amused, confounded me

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I was amused and confounded by the Professor Henry Gates arrest initially because I have often had to jimmy a window of home or car, fought a jammed door, stared in a window at my keys in a car not only running but with the radio on and I can attest that my better judgment and temper generally depart to the degree that I might well act an idiot if it was compounded by police witnessing and critiquing my inadequacy.

Professor Gate is 61, 5'8, maybe 170 and walks with a cane besides being a published, respected professor at Harvard and yet the Cambridge police felt compelled to call for car after car until not only their units but the Harvard Police and quite possibly the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived to quell- well something. They looked ridiculous, in fact they looked stupid, which led to much of the media looking stupid, which led to the President looking stupid in his beer garden.

It is a cautionary tale, I am also 61, 6'2, 245 but I am pretty sure that if I behaved poorly in my own house a single local officer would just laugh at me, hand back my ID and go off to more rewarding work because they have always behaved as professionals in the past.


I was amused  by the coverage of a political rally in Texas started off by a group reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance where soon after the applause following "indivisable, with Liberty and Justice for All" there was a shout for secession and an even louder round of applause with shouting. Perhaps pledge, allegiance, indivisable have regional meanings?

But then I was further amused remembering the pledge of allegiance in grade school. The teachers tried to impart its meaning to our minds but we never really got it. Were we swearing allegiance to a flag? how would a flag convey its desires to it and besides being folded correctly in the good cub scout way, what might it desire.  And do not try and tell the janitor the good cub scout way if the flags out in the rain... And the definition of republic did not get much past we're the best because we were not in a republic in school, home, or church. So the Pledge of Allegiance became the start of the school day because not even the baddest of our bad would act up during the Pledge of Allegiance-until junior high.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is always pronounced to me with that same smiling assurance that I must agree that racist statments have been tested. But doesn't such a thought preclude an omniscient, judging God? Religion has always confounded me.

And why does "Lord I have sinned, Forgive me?" have the power to get someone elected but not out of jail?

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