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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
February 19
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JULY 18, 2012 10:35AM

Playing for hummingbirds

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i was sitting outside last even playing the didgeridoo for the birds.  didgeridoo's have the benefit of making one look comical so no critics come by but for squirrels which disapprove but not so much as to stop stealing from the garden, and they are easy to make noise through, and you are encouraged to try out your own sounds which helps if you can't read music, are tone deaf  - oh and they are suppossed to help with snoring and sleep apnea by strengthening some of the throat muscles as I learn circular breathing.

it turns out that birds like the drone so generally I have several hummingbirds, a small flock of doves, finches, sparrows, and hopping Robins- it can be quite a party. The hummingbirds like any drone, the doves clamour for the"mourning dove" squirrels are annoyed but not scared of the "dingo" bark and the robins get into the "kangeroo" hop. I have failed so far at the turkey gobble although I do pretty fair deer "grunts" and "bear woofs". My circular breathing has a ways to go before I will challenge Kenny G's 45 minute note (I'll never challenge that- focus too short)

Anyway, it got to be my guesrts bedtime so I took a walk in the garden and sat over a cup of tea looking for the message in the twilight sky. it really does not take much and sometimes we make the mistake of seeking too much. The swifts had surrendered the sky to the bats before the last hummingbird came.


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Do love that drone... much better than bagpipes.
I've just gotta learn to observe my guesrts bedtime......

very cool. my hummingbirds are so unafraid it's amazing..
I've been watching birds too.
If I told thee truth? I hug `rita?
I was shocked when I was `huh?
A hummingbird sucked `nectar.
Then ~ Honest. It hop on nose.
I just ~ Doubt one Believe me.
I try ~ No Hyperbole. Honest.
I've been watching Red Robin.
She fluff her wings. Ay, a worm.
I really watched it. Phenomenal.
I best go do a 'Fat Tire' Beer Run.
My role at the farm is ` No Mess.
I am supposed to act ` Civilized.
huh . . .
So glad to hear so many enjoying the good company of our compact dinosaurs- storks, robins, hummingbirds, cardinals who have yet to preach even the squirrels who are stealing everything.