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February 28
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APRIL 12, 2012 9:32PM

Putting a Face on Democratic Snobbery

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Welcome to the War onWomen, Hilary Beth Rosen. 

Hilary, shown in the photo above, is a publicist who was hired to help soften the image of the Democratic National Committee, whose chair, Debbie Wasserman Test -- I mean Schultz -- was considered too abrasive. 

Hilary, interviewed on CNN yesterday, mocked Ann Romney, Mitt Romney's wife, as someone who "has never worked a day in her life."  Her statement was denounced not only by the GOP, but by prominent Democrats, including President Obama, Michelle Obama and -- irony of ironies -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Everybody pointed out that Ann Romney, who has been afflicted with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, nonetheless raised a family of five children, and that this required work. 

Rumor has it that if Hilary is dumped by the DNC, the GOP might hire her to continue speaking her mind, what there is of it.


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She is only taking up the baton that Obama handed to her when he made similar remarks last week. Rosen has personally met with Obama 5 times at the White House and visited there another 30 times. Her firm also represents Sandra Fluke.

I was afraid for a while that the Dems were too careful to step in it during this campaign -- by which I mean too careful to say what is really on their minds -- but it appears that I was unnecessarily pessimistic. Ann Romney is perhaps the most popular person in the political world. This foolish Rosen person took on the wrong opponent. A lot is being said about how Rosen alienated stay-at-home moms. Overlooked is the fact that she also alienated their husbands, and furthermore, she alienated all other men with any sense of chivalry.
It takes many raindrops to wear away the stone. This is but the opening salvo... after all they can't all be winners.

You are in Cheyenne... beautiful state. I've been all over Wyoming twice, most recently in February where I stayed at The Plains Hotel as well as Yellowstone and my favorite place in Buffalo, The Occidental.

Lovely state!

Debbie Wasserwoman Test abrasive? Surely you jest!
Gordon, No jest. And my name is not Shirley.
But seriously, let's cut Debbie some slack. Her job description calls for her to be demagogic, duplicitous, blind to the truth and acidulous. She is just doing her best.
Not to get picky but Hilary Beth Rosen works for CNN and has no contracted work with the DNC, the Obama Campaign or the White House... or is she really a secret muslim agitator born in Alabania? Get your facts straight not that facts matter much to the current crop of Republican candidates or voters.
jmac, I haven't seen her contract, but everyone seems to agree that Rosen was hired to brush up Wasserman-Schultz's media image. But I wouldn't be surprised if she also works for the GOP, which seems to be benefitting most from her behavior. I don't think she has enough character to be a Muslim agitator.
If I'm not mistaken over 30% of Republican primary voters "seem to agree" that Obama is a secret Muslim agitator born in Kenya and then smuggled to Hawaii as part of an Al Qaeda plot to take all our guns from Americans during his second term.
jmac, Thanks for your informative comment, but you seem to have strayed a bit from the subject of my post.
Albania, Kenya, what's the difference? Just having fun with the headlines... no offense intended... you're absolutely right in that Rosen stepped in it big time and right about how the Obama campaign is distancing themselves from her big time... this is professional politics, besides I live out on the West Coast so my vote makes no difference. That's why I'm registered with the Green Party and have the luxury of wasting my vote... all comments posted with humor and not intended to offend.