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February 28
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APRIL 13, 2012 7:52PM

Ann Romney: Here is the Life You Should Have Led

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Dear Ann Romney,

I know that a lot of strangers (some of them pretty strange indeed) have been getting on your case lately, and that you have been receiving advice, welcome and not so welcome, from all sides. However, I cannot help chiming in. I want to explain to you why you are held in contempt by your sisters, or shall we say step-sisters,  among the Women’s Movement. I will go into some detail, but your offenses can be summed up briefly: You haven’t lived the life that modern women are supposed to lead.

Here is what you have failed to do, but that you should have done:

1.) You haven’t learned to talk down your nose, in a grating New York accent, spouting haughty, mean-spirited attacks against decent people whose only mistake is failing to agree with you.

2.) You haven’t taken a job, unless one were to grudgingly concede that motherhood is the equivalent of a job.  Some people actually harbor that absurd notion.

3.) Specifically, you have not gone to work as a lobbyist for the recording industry,  doing your best to persuade legislators to stifle the free exchange of music files among Internet users. As a result of your failure to do this, you also failed to alienate consumers from recording artists who now wish they had never heard of you.

4.) You have not gone to work as a publicist for the Democratic party, spreading lies, half-truths and class warfare in a desperate effort to save a failed presidency.

5.) Although I cannot prove this, I suspect that you never had a Lesbian relationship with anyone.  For shame!

6.)  You also have failed to do many of the things that heterosexual women are supposed to do in these modern times, such as committing adultery, having abortions, getting divorced, abandoning  children and getting hooked on drugs. In sum, you are hopelessly old-fashioned.

7.) You have insisted on looking attractive and behaving like a lady, rather than letting your looks go and ballooning to maybe fifty pounds above your appropriate weight.  

It is not too late. You still can do all those things you should have done. But I doubt that you have the kind of character that would allow you to make such changes.  

Helpfully but not hopefully,

A Friend

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Very clever and funny, Arthur; well said. R
Many thanks. I am pleased that you enjoyed it.
Totally delightful and insightful. Rated, of course.

One might add: You haven't patronized the hairdresser of Debbie Wasserwoman Schultz so that you can use your tresses to open wine bottles.
Thanks, Gordon.

Debbie looks as though she was borrowed from central casting, where she was hoping to get the feature role in "Bride of Frankenstein." You have to wonder why she was chosen as DNC chairman. She couldn't possibly persuade anyone to switch to the Dems. Maybe she is just there to comfort the faithful with her absurd outbursts. The faithful dig that sort of thing.
Nicely done, Arthur. A very necessary dope slap to those who disparage a woman who raised five kids, struggles with MS, and survived breast cancer because she doesn't meet their narrow standards. Women should be above such nonsense and have a better eye for politically manufactured wars that are not based on principle only the desire to divide instead of unite (much like president's class warfare distraction).
Thanks, Annie. The Dems have tried to make this campaign about everything except the issues that matter. If they win this thing, I will despair of the democratic process.
For my emotional health and general well-being, I try to avoid engaging with political discourse as it's played out (with vitriol, spite, and enough straw men to create a never-ending inferno) in the media. But even I didn't manage to miss this one. By Rosen's definition of "work," I guess child-care providers don't actually work either.
Good point, Sally.

I would make the further point that there are many workforce jobs that add less to a woman's character, skills and intelligence than homemaking does.
Nicely done, Arthur. A very necessary dope slap to those who disparage a woman who raised five kids, struggles with MS, and survived breast cancer because she doesn't meet their narrow standards.

You need to realize that is not what Hilary Rosen has said or referred to. Even Ann Romney’s husband agreed with Ms. Rosen last January:

Mitt Romney: Mothers Should Be Required To Work Outside Home Or Lose Benefits

Arthur, may I suggest that you revise your post above and include Mitt’s views about women “working” outside the home?
Thank you for providing the link to the article and video on Huff. Post. I checked them out, and Mitt Romney is talking about welfare mothers who (by definition) receive government assistance. I don't believe Ann Romney fits that category. In any case, my post has nothing to do with Mitt Romney, and I don't care what he says. It has to do with a partisan, doctrinaire harpy -- your typical feminist know-it-all -- demeaning a good person who has been unfortunate despite her wealth, and who dares to have her own ideas about a woman's role.
Her biggest mistake is leading by quiet example not loudly proclaiming her hypocrisy.
funny, Arthur. I just read your reaction to my comment on your boycott NBC post. I meant it as irony. I was agreeing with you but obviously I did not make myself clear.
Thanks, Kathy. I guess I'm not as sharp as I think I am.