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February 28
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JUNE 2, 2012 3:44PM

Are You on Obama's Kill List?

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Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about President Obama’s “kill list.” He has taken full charge of the effort to bump off anti-American terrorists in such hell holes as Pakistan. Probably, as Rick said in “Casablanca,” he is doing them a favor. Who wants to live in Pakistan if he can be up in heaven diddling virgins?

But an alarming aspect of this is that the people on whom he unleashes drone strikes sometimes include American citizens. Not, to be sure, the kind of American citizens who wear gaudy shirts and Bermuda shorts, and just want to take pictures, but rather the kind who are willing to strap live explosives to their genitals in their heroic efforts to destroy innocent American lives. Ewww.

Obama keeps mini-biographies of the terrorists whom American intelligence officers think should be assassinated, and the final decision is his as to who comes next. Because there are only so many drones available to launch at any given moment, he has to be selective. He is said to be regularly thumbing through a pack of cards, much like the Topps baseball cards, that show each malefactor’s face and a recitation of his bad deeds.

Sounds like great fun. But some spoilsports have been unkind enough to suggest that Obama’s policy is not exactly in accord with due process, especially as it relates to the rights of our citizens. Also, the spoilsports note, no effort seems to be made to capture any of these terrorists, in hopes of eliciting information from them about possible future terrorist activities. Obama has outlawed waterboarding, and has chosen assassination as the humane alternative.

Because American citizens are considered fair game for Obama’s peremptory attacks, it behooves every American citizen to examine whether he might be on the drone list.  This is not as outlandish as it may seem. In the post-9/11 era, the authorities pay respectful attention to anyone who brings them information about possible terrorists.

Think a moment. Did that neighbor who complains when your dog shits on his lawn ever receive a visit from fit-looking young men with short haircuts, wearing dark blue suits and conservative ties? If the neighbor tried to rat you out, would  those serious-looking young men have taken him seriously? Don’t bet against it.

Well, you may say, there is no way they can produce a baseball card showing a photo of me. I have always been camera-shy. I didn’t even pose for a photo for the high school yearbook.

Don’t underestimate the government. Do you recall any recent visits from the gas company, in which the technician, whom you had never seen before, said that he had to check the lines in your house. And did you notice the bulge in his shirt pocket, about the size of a Minox camera?  Just asking.

Have you received any offers lately from a tree surgeon whose name does not appear in the Yellow Pages, who said that for an amazingly low fee he would chop down an old tree on your property whose heavy branches shield the roof of your house?

Have you noticed any unfamiliar cars parked a safe distance down your block, with what looks like laser-directional equipment protruding from  their roofs?

Relax, maybe it’s nothing.

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You know, that Anwar al-Awlaki was NOT a US citizen. No fooking A-rab with that raghead on his dome is a REAL Amerikan anyway, so really no Amerikans have been killed. That's how the majority of the population looks at it anyway...wink. Read my most recent post on how Obama 'Will Save The World'...dubble wink
The bloggers here who call him a fascist war criminal Judas are bound to be on it. What fascist war criminal Judas would just turn the other cheek?
Drones freak me out.
Completely frightening and removed from all sense of reality kind of killing.
As for the rest, Obama is hardly the only President with an assassination list...which isn't meant to be taken as I love Obama entirely and I hate every other president entirely, but....
Obama is hardly the only President with an assassination list.
Dandy and Just,
Thanks for your comments.
When Israel kills men whom the Jewish State unilaterally determines are terrorists, it is known as "extra-judicial assassination". I am not sure that I have heard, or can invent, a better term.

RATED . . .
Thanks, Uncle,

When Obama does it, maybe we should say "execution" instead. Makes it seem legitimate.
Well done, Arthur. Rated. I continue to be astonished at how little press coverage this matter is receiving.
Thanks, Gordon. It is puzzling behavior by Obama. What's going through his mind?
Everybody hold on to Your seats. The coldest day in Hell hath arrived!

MIJ is here to comment and RATE a post by Mr. Louis.

When You're right You, unquestionably are right.

Hold on tighter, more miracles to come.

Gordon's point is well-worth asking by ANYONE concerned with civil liberties.

To add some perspective to my comment above, I have, often, expressed to RWNutjob, the fact that when the far right meets the far left, they are often surprised by the number of things, they, actually, have in common.
And here's something I never expected to say again: Thanks, Mark. I do take exception to being classed with the "far" right. To me that connotes fascism or even Nazism. Me no like either of those.

Maybe it's sometimes best to forget about someone's politics, and just try to discern whether they show any signs of common sense and human decency. You might occasionally spot some of that.
Consider my post amended to read "moderate/conservative" and "far left progressive."

Arthur were I any further left, I'd fall off this flat Earth.

JFK let Castro bother him too much. I doubt that he had a contract out on Khrushchev. That would not have been tolerated by the international community, or by history.

I didn't know that about Bobby Kennedy. I would guess that if so the feeling was mutual.

I think you are exaggerating a bit about Nixon, although he probably wouldn't have mourned W. and B.

As a rule, assassination has generally been frowned upon here as national policy.
s the USA slips quietly towards totalitarianism it really comforts me a great deal to know that other presidents had similar tendencies. There is nothing like precedence to calm the mind, relax, and turn on the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars and munch potato chips.
@ Jan: As far as my comment, nothing remotely like 'comfort' was intended.
This topic was on Up With Chris Hayes this morning on MSNBC. I didn't pay serious attention as I was writing a blog post and petting my cat, but they had a very impassioned young man on there giving great details on what was going on, and how many civilians were getting killed in the effort.
surprise, surprise. I never would have expected you to come down on this side of the issue. proving your centrist tendencies, or even some commonality with the left.
Ive got a zillion drone links that Im just waiting to unleash sometime in a big shipment when the time is right.
there is a big distinction getting glossed over in comments. Im sure there is a big imaginary LIST of ppl that a president kinda would want to see dead, but actually handing over that list to the military & authorizing it, or "ordering it" is quite another matter. however, theres another subtle distinction. its really the military that is serving up the list to obama, & there is not much "ordering" going on here. its a marketing job by the CIA to the executive office that the multizilliondollar drones can accomplish a [worthwhile] political objective. that sales job is, like most, based on propaganda and at extreme, lies.
by the way an obvious question is, what would Romney do? or george bush? the drone policy was started under Bush and obama just continues to milk it for all its worth. the drones were initially unarmed, but a terrible line was crossed when they were weaponized, in just a mere seeming blink after they first started being used. an early remarkable movie [which I think was unusually realistic] that dramatized this was syriana with george clooney.
anyway, I think if you poll right wing senators & congressmen you will find strong support for the drone policy there, and less strong among the left wing, with more opposition there. right?
anyway, strangely, I would assert that wrt drones, & policy, obama is just as much a victim as everyone else. he just got the really intense version of the brainwashing that the US public gets in the media. Im sure they showed him all kinds of incredibly scary powerpoints about how close the world was to imminent destruction, and how our current military policy is absolutely the only rational choice, and then they just get him to keep signing the bottom line on the blank checks, like all the presidents before him other than eisenhower.
in this way art, I think you're quite mistaken in the way you portray obama as somehow "in charge" of this thing, or initiating it somehow, or directing it. but I certainly cant fault you for thinking like this, its the illusion the media presents on the issue if it ever deigns to occasionally address it, and frankly, maybe that is the lie that even he himself believes.
ps-- weird factoid... I went to college with awlacki in the 89-93 timeframe in a US state.
thanks, vzn,

i have always been a strong civil libertarian, which sometimes means standing up for the rights of people you don't particularly like. free speech for nazis and stuff like that. Also, this whole thing just strikes me as grotesque. I think it is another campaign tactic. That plus my antipathy to Obama made this easy to write. I hope people also enjoyed the humorous parts.

as to your speculation about what went on behind the scenes, i don't have a clue.
vzn, yikes, what was he like?
This continual portrayal of Obama as a poor helpless jerk and a mere instrument of the military and financial-corporate complex does little in my mind for sympathy as the whole system of civil rights crumbles from day to day and requires strong leadership to re-enforce and extend it.
Bravo for your courage. I know people who think we are paranoid. But you know the old adage: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really after you. Certainly there were people in Europe in the 30's who scoffed too.
Thanks, Jeana. I've got a copy of the Bill of Rights here with me in the bunker, and am filling empty potato sacks with sand.
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