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FEBRUARY 3, 2009 4:33PM

Use RSS and never say "damn - how did I miss THAT post?"

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How to never miss new posts by your favorite writers here on OS - it's easy!

RSS , or Really Simple Syndication, is feature available on OS, but it is mostly unknown, underused or ignored. I often see commentary lamenting the posts that are missed - by both the writer AND the reader. I know that there are a few members that already are using RSS to keep track of new posts by their favorite members - this post is for the rest of you. 

Yes, it would be wonderful if OS had an extension of the "friend" feature that would allow us to receive notifications of new posts, but until that day comes, RSS is your answer. 

What you will need; 

1) A RSS reader. There are many freeware programs available for both PCs and Macs. Because I prefer my Mac to my PC, I use Shrook . However, you can also use certain browsers such as Firefox and Opera.  All these programs are freeware. There are many options available for PC and Mac on download.com as well. 

2) An idea of your favorite bloggers on OS 

 That's all. Really!

Once installed Shrook looks like this;


 Click here or above for an enlarged image

You will notice here that I am perusing Rob's post - Your Best Post . Your RSS reader will keep track of every new post by any member  you choose.  Shrook will keep count of all the posts you haven't read and give notice of new posts with a yellow star next to each individual RSS feed that you've chosen. You can see that I'm WAY behind on my reading. 

Choosing RSS feeds  

Go to a the OS member's blog that you wish to track and click on "RSS", which is located to the right of each user's avatar. Once clicked, that feed will automatically be added to the RSS reader that you have chosen and/or installed.

 That's it! From now on your RSS reader will track all new posts by the OS members that you have chosen.

Note; You won't see your own RSS link on your own blog while you are logged in.

Encouraging others to add your blog's RSS

The RSS feed link is very small and located way at the top of your blog, so therefore it's easily forgotten.  It's easy to add an icon to the bottom of your posts as a friendly way to encourage those reading your posts to add you to their RSS list. You can do this with either a text link or an image. I've chosen an image. My RSS link looks like this;




 But I could have made a text link that looks like this;


 Click here to subscribe to the Artsfish RSS feed


 How to create your own RSS link;

1) First you will either need to open a different browser than the one you are currently using, or you will need to log out of OS  -which you can do by going to the "More" menu at the top right of every OS page.  

2) Then you will need to navigate to your own blog. Because you are logged out, you will now see your RSS link. Right click on your link and select  "copy  link" Then paste it into any word processing program or notebook . You will need it soon.

3) If you're making a  text link, highlight  your "Click here RSS ......" text in your post  and choose the link button in the OS editor and paste your RSS link into the pop up box as requested. If you have made an image to use as a link, highlight the image and do the same thing.  


 Trust me, this is even easier than Statcounter



  contacthits counter 
In case anyone  is still wondering where I've been - I've been HERE 
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Thanks, Cherie. I've been doing this for quite a while. I use Google Reader.
Once again, Cherie, you strike with one hell of a good How-To post. Cover! Cover! EP! EP!
I desperately need to really read this and figure it out. When I have a moment. Thanks.
You're the best! Thanks for this!
All this time there has been this???
I feel like I aint got a clue about some things.
You have some of the most informative posts here.
I rate you very high, cherie.
Get out of that basement, immediately! Thanks so much for this. I added the stats counter and am amazed. I have a post up that has a rating of 25 and 21 comments yet over 900 have visited the site. I have one question do you fix cars too?
Cherie...you are amazing. I'm working on the Statcounter feature right now. I found out today I missed a post by one of my favorite writers. I was able to catch it, but this sounds like the perfect solution. Thanks!
You write the clearest directions of anyone I have seen. And you are so empowering and encouraging while you do it!
Thanks, will try this.
Thanks again! you have become our resident tech angel!!

and, um, I noticed you cut off your screen shot above right before my ID name would appear so I have no idea if you've RSS'd my blog or not. Don't think I didn't notice that! ;)
Hi gang - glad I took a break this afternoon to whip up this post. Just like the stats post, it's something that I've had on my mental "to do" list for a while. The irony is that I haven't actually been able to READ very many posts lately for lack of time.

idaho - cooking and cars are my Achilles' heel. I truly WISH I could fix cars. I could however reduce a PC to a pile of components and then reassemble it - and it might even work better. I like puzzles that DO something once you put them together. Jigsaw and crossword puzzles bore me to tears. I guess cars were just too big to be easily accessible puzzles.

Stella and Silkstone - you make me laugh - actually you are both down there. That's what you get for having "S" usernames

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and compliments
Cool, I guess Stellaa and I can go have a drink now!
I have so many blogs I like to follow that this would be too hard. I guess I will keep browsing from the my "friends" recent posts on my blog page or home page. The homepage especially yields new authors I haven't read before.
Joan - I have a huge list. However, you don't have to read them all - this is MUCH more efficient way to follow those blogs that you don't want to miss, regardless of the length of the list. Also, you can change the list as time goes on. It's very easy to add or delete RSS feeds.