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March 09
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Artist, traveler to distant and obscure places, seeker of knowledge, lover of all things creative, explorer of all things of interest, partner, mama of 2 little ones adopted from China, activist on a mission to right all things wrong, fixer of all things broken and .... a truly horrible cook. I grew up in a little town in Ohio but left due to a chronic case of boredom.

MAY 16, 2009 11:35PM

No makeup. No clothes. Just yoga. (updated with Sanskrit)

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Parsvottanasana (praying hands behind back)



Uttanasana (forward fold) 



Ardha Chandrasana (half moon)



Revolved Baddha Padmasana (lotus) 


From a series of self portraits I did two years ago as a tenth year anniversary present for my husband.  I purchased the book  Shakti: The Feminine Power of Yoga  for him and then had the afterthought that if he was going to look at naked women, I wanted to be included - so I put this series in an insert in the back of the book........


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Ok, yes, I realize this isn't exactly the meme since you can't see my face. But I don't have any makeup on. Really.
Oh come on...turn around! ;-) Very nice photos, what a great surprise
(I'm assuming it was) for your beloved.
A very fine post on this open call!
Oh - and if people get all in a huff over a little bit of skin, I'll be happy to hit the "delete" button. 'Tis all the same to me. Clothes, to me, are often fun - but not terribly necessary. One day I am likely to go out to pick up the paper from the front walk completely unawares that I have nothing on...........
I think I like you. (Oh yes... and I don't know how old you are, but you look amazing. )
not a "Dude" BBE, but a lovely woman
Absolutely wonderful! Oh, my, I adore these photos of you! You look very strong. And I like that you did them in . . . what? . . . cepia tone?

I'd rate this one 20 times if I could. And I am loving those of us who are brave/crazy enough to post photos in the buff. Women are so beautiful, especially you!

Hello old friends and new. Thanks for stopping by! BBE you make me laugh. Hey - where is Lonnie? I've not popped in for so long I've lot track of the OS comings and goings.

The answer to the age question would be 48. And yes Dana - photoshop sepia-toned!
My god, woman you are gorgeous.
Artsfish -- Namaste -- in the truest sense.
You are awesome :)
these are amazing.
So lovely and inspiring.
This would be the perfect visual to a quote I try to live by: "Walk lightly on the earth, take only what you need." Now, this is decluttering! And, yes, I agree with everything everyone else said on here, very brave and very beautiful.
you have a lovely body, and I wish to hell I had your grace
You look like a beautiful ivory statue. How beautiful you are! And what a great present. Lucky man.
Geez, lady, make a post about your workout routine, I want to be you!

Very beautiful portraits of a very beautiful woman. Oh, and I looked back through your old posts. Your house is extremely nifty.
~wolf whistle~

damn, woman! you are in great shape. I bet your husband loved that gift.
Wow! You're amazing!

I want to be able to hold those poses. Wow.

This has turned out to be one cool meme, hasn't it?
What a neat post. Thank you.
This is simply beautiful, and clever. What a lovely gift for your husband, and now for us.
wonderful. what an inspiration in so many ways.
Very cool, and a great anniversary gift!
What an absolutely beautiful woman you are. Namaste.
Well hell yeah! If I looked that good necked I'd give a whole book of photos to the husband!
Oh, and btw, no wonder your hubby doesn't care if you can cook.
Stunning and strong. Loved these.
What a brilliant idea and you are just perfection. What glorious form :)
Wonderful...and I believe you, no makeup! Your husband has a beautiful, talented, fit, woman who is very clever to do this!
fundamental beauty ;^)

wonderfully beautiful.
Gorgeous. I started my humble yoga practice with a DVD of three nude women demonstrating the poses. I often practice at home wearing just enough to keep stuff out of the way.
Your beautiful grace is captured here.
Wow. I posted this late and return to find oodles of comments. Thanks! I'm glad these images have been so well received.

Allie - my workout routine is just yoga. I actually used to lift weights, but when I started a serious yoga practice about 5 or 6 years back I stopped because the yoga gives me all the strength training I need.

There's a tendency to think that yoga is all stretching, but in fact, (if taught as it should be) it is very demanding physically and many poses require an incredible amount of strength. I practice Anusara yoga, but it is very similar to other schools of yoga derived from the original Hatha yoga (such as Astanga and Iyengar) I should get more aerobic exercise but perhaps my two little ones are providing a bit of that :-)

For those of you wanting to explore yoga, YogaToday.com has very well done free video lessons every day. They have 3 instructors, each from a different school of yoga and they are all very good.

I think that diet is very important as well. My family is vegetarian and we eat organic food as much as possible. I find most junk food horrifically unappealing so that helps as well.

I find that I also MUST eat a decent amount of really good quality dark chocolate. Daily.

jimmymac - I am humbly grateful that I don't own any parts that require keeping out of the way .. (hee)

Thanks again all - and Namaste
Interesting and I'm jealousing. Yoga is good for the body ;0)

Do you think you could teach that to my wife? Would make me a happy camper.
Absolutely SPECTACULAR...

Cherie, these are GLORIOUS, don't you dare delete them! You have every right to be proud. Keep up the yoga and you'll look the same at 58.

I do have to admit though, after rotator cuff surgery on one shoulder and now needing it on the other, that Parsvottanasana (praying hands behind back) made me go OOOWWW.
I wonder if you could teach my wife that forward fold maneuver?

P - so glad you made it to my little yoga party.

Sally, sorry for the mental "ow"! I do remember when you left OS for a while to recover.

If it weren't for yoga it's a sure thing I would have been under the scalpel by now for the herniated disc that I gave myself several years back. When I have to miss yoga practice for any length of time I can always tell because old injuries start to hurt and my back goes into spasm. I'm afraid I'm rather good at injuring myself and have accumulated a few chronic problems :-)

Mr E. lol- that particular extreme of the forward fold requires some years of patience to slowly stretch your hamstrings into oblivion...!
Lovely photos- incredibly impressive poses.
I suppose I should mention that it was a bit of a challenge to get into the asanas (poses) before the timer on the camera went off..............!
Artistic and beautiful! I wish I had your flexibility (and your nerve!)
cool photos and clever idea with the insert
Cherie - Om Shanti, baby! Do you play frisbee?

Not shabby at all...
holy moly! in my next life, I shall have an ass like that. sigh. :D
Wow - I am impressed with your courage, your flexibility and your body!!! What a great gift to your husband - he's a lucky guy. And the pictures are so artful (what they used to call "art shots" when people wanted to see nudity without feeling guilty), they should be in a gallery.
thats amazing!!!
I am so jealous, not only bc you can get your body to co-operate for those poses, but bc I didnt get to photograph these pictures for my black and white photography class!!!
So, uh, yeah. That's really erotic and hot.
Cherie...beautiful! You are once again, a great role model. Thank you.
These are beautiful pictures. And you yourself are very beautiful. You're right: I had missed this post. And it may get its own bookmark, now. (In fact, I had pretty much missed this open call--which certainly seems out of character for me--with the exception of the post by Dakini Dancer.)

My wife agrees with you, choosing to be included in the photos I look at.

Not that I am a threat to do it, but my Judo Sensei has always discouraged me from yoga. He is afraid I will ruin my knees.

Did I mention how beautiful you are?
It is not an unpleasant thing to be called beautiful - especially when one is pushing 50 !