MARCH 15, 2012 11:08PM

Camping, gone to the dogs...

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Now, mind you, I haven't been on a camping trip in a couple of decades, but I felt up for the challenge. Never say never... I am nothing if not intrepid.

As self appointed keeper of food and creature comforts, I did ok. Next trip I will have refined my checklist and pack configuration to allow for easier access to needed items. Oh, and by the next trip they will have de-winterized the flipping plumbing and we will have running water. Let us never underestimate the importance of water and flushing... 

Equipment checked out fine and we had fun with minimal technology invading our space and minds. I do love how quiet the brain becomes when you remove these outside interferences. I also seem to be addicted to my smart phone.

While the fishing trip ended up fishless, we smelled like sunscreen instead of fish guts. Bonus points for the lack of this anticipated concern.   



Our guide  We were one fun loving dog


Camping2012 002

One fisherman...


  Camping2012 008


max 022  







And me, sans makeup and a hair brush.

max 014

A lake in which the fish hide rather well


Camping2012 014 Calm water and a sweet sunset


max 025
Not sure how the orb is formed, took several pictures like this 
 max 023

Camping2012 015 

The painted sky



max 029

 Fire turned out to be interesting to photograph


Happy to report, camping in March was not so bad. No crowds to fight, gee I wonder why?



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I love the orbs! And did you do like I asked and google what those two planets were side by side? My bet's on Mars and Jupiter, though I said Venus and Jupiter. Saw them again last night from here, they're so bright, and remembered that Venus is the morning star. Hell, I could google it myself! Huh?
It was fun and you took great pics, plus a total sport as compared to a whiny baby. I like that... grins
Yes yes yes, a warm fire. Excellent burning wood photo. :)
Great shots! Especially the dog and the fire - love 'em!
Trig, totally forgot about the google task, but I'm sure you got it covered. I shall wait whilst you answer your own questions.

I'm a good sport, just never make me touch a slimy fish until its cleaned and you've cooked it for me.
Candace, the fire pictures turned out very cool! I'm surprised how much depth there is.

Myriad, thank you! Nano is a photogenic pooch.

" Jupiter and Venus to appear side by side for two Although the planets are far apart in space, they will appear to be separated by only a few degrees. Amateur astronomers will be excited by the prospect of two of the brightest planets in the solar system appearing so closely together"

as were we, or was it just me?
Also need to resolve the whole 'little dipper is pointed at by the big dipper' issue. If that wasn't the little dipper I/we saw, clearly out of line with the north star pointing. . and Venus is now the evening star... ok back to google : )

So... it IS Venus. Sure wish I would have stuck with Venus!
On those days when no one catches any fish, my uncle's stock saying was "Well if the fish were biting, they must have been biting each other". Nice pics Asia and that dog sure loves having the wind in its face. I wonder why they're all like that?

Maybe what I thought was the little dipper was really pleiades??
Abrawang, the fish were clearing ignoring us.

Once when I was in Mexico City, I saw a dog riding on the hood of a car, like a giant hood ornament. It was quite an image.
Asia, you must have seen the Romney Family vacation, Mexico style.
"Tonight – March 15, 2012 – Venus appears above Jupiter on our sky’s dome. Both are in front of the constellation Aries the Ram. Only a week ago – on March 8 – Venus was shining below Jupiter. These two worlds have been spectacular for many evenings now!"

And we saw it. And yes, may have been the damned Pleiades mistaken for the little dipper. But where was the little dipper then?
Fun pics! Mongo (a.k.a. nana) say "Fishing good!" Not catchin' fish, well, there's always next time, and you nailed perfectly the real reason for a fishing/camping trip: "we had fun with minimal technology invading our space and minds. I do love how quiet the brain becomes when you remove these outside interferences."
Always travel for pleasure in the off season especially if you're out in California. From Memorial Day to Labor Day the highways are bumper to bumper RV's and you have to reserve campsites six months in advance... Winter holidays in the Mountains are pretty much a mess as well, especially around Tahoe and Mammoth. But from mid September through late April you can drive with ease and walk a beach with only three or four people. On September I spent a week in the mountains of Sespe Creek Condor Reserve within forty miles of ten million people and never saw another human being.
I still like using dynamite when I fish - and sometimes when I don't.
Nana, yes the fishing was just an excuse to get the heck out of town. I'm diggin' the whole boating thing as a recreational activity. Although I spent the night worrying the darn thing was going to end up on the other side of the lake...

jmac, off season travel can be some of the best, especially when you factor in the lack of people. One day I plan to do some extensive traveling, until then I'll satisfy this with short trips.

HG, I will add dynamite to my list. (Oh I just felt my neck get a little redder!)
It looks like you were visited by the spirits of fish. Lovely photos and precious fun loving company.
rated with love
Asia: I missed this as I was tied to work (ack) late last week. From my perspective, smelling like sunscreen beats smelling like fish guts. Great pic regardless of no make-up or hairbrush, btw. Sweet photo of the dog and sunset too. The guy with the fishing line looks like quite a character. ;)
RP, thank you! Yes perhaps we were visited by the spirits of fish, and maybe they kept the boat from blowing away overnight. I so wondered when I peeked over the hill if it would still be there that morning!

Scarlett, yes, thank you and yes! (but I have to keep the legend alive, ya know!)
I loved the pictures. It's a superb idea. Let me grab my baby dog!
Asia Rein..thank you for sharing such beautiful images..It is as if I was there with you..Best regards.