MAY 2, 2012 12:51AM

A tribute to Duffy - a fine steed of a fellow

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The sorrel foal came into the world looking skeletal, totally famished from his journey. His dam, a 15 year old Thoroughbred brood mare, lay exhausted in the straw.



  At day 1, too tall to walk under his dam!

duffy3 001


duffy 4 001  Here we are at >1 week

He was a summer baby. My folks had wanted to breed their mare one last time to an Oldenburg named Frohwind




duffy 5 001


duffy6 001

My mom and a one month old Duffy.


duffy 7 001

 At 4 months. A total brute.

  duffy 8 001

  Enjoying himself! Duffy spent his first 18 years at the homestead. He was a rare find, an amazing specimen that never came even close to fulfilling what could have been a fantastical career. 


duffy 9 001

 My mom and Duffy circa 2000.


camera fun 013

Me and Duffy 2008

I wish he had come into my life at a different time, he could have been a life altering force had he been around when I was 18. In my entire semi expansive riding career, he was hands down the most physically talented horse I had ever had the sincere privilege to ride. 


  hunting11-7-08 017


We found out tonight that Duffy had colicked and had to be put down. He was the last of my Mom's horses. Unfortunately we had to leave him when we moved in 2009. Too late to be anything less than one of those life's regrets.  


hunting11-7-08 012


hunting11-7-08 019  


hunting11-7-08 009 

Duffy is running in the clouds now, that thunder you heard the other night? Maybe it was him...

Rest in peace Duffy.




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Duffy through the years. What a gorgeous horse. I don't ride but seeing your pictures of Duffy could almost persuade me to give it a try.
TEARS... yes, maybe the thunder.

So sorry, such a gorgeous animal.
Thank you Margaret. He was gorgeous, and huge! You should find a stable and take a few lessons. Group lessons can be fairly economical. Avoid the poky trail horse excursions, expensive and not real fulfilling as an experience.
Tr ig, I felt like I was punched in the stomach when I heard the news last night. After seeing a horse collapse in agony from colick a few years back, its just the most horrible thing. I hope he didn't suffer for too long. Just frustrates me to no end, the whole Duffy thing.
Duffy is/was beautiful. A sweet tribute, Asia. It's tough when our pets leave but keep imagining him in the rolling thunder.

My condolences about Duffy; he was a beautiful horse, though he looked pretty ornery at 4 months old.
I'm so sorry about Duffy, Asia. Losing a pet is so painful. I lost 3 last year.
Asia, I'm so sorry. It must be so hard. He's a beauty. Sitting here crying.
Thank you Scarlett, whats done is done, right? He was my "coulda, woulda, shoulda horse. Free to me, just the timing in my life couldn't have been worse (babies, bad marriage, divorce, work...)
Nana, he was a handful! His head was like a battering ram and he used it well. But he did have a wonderful happy disposition. Just full of it, a little flighty, like the TB but belligerent like the warmblood in him. A fun mix if you can avoid getting squashed.

Erica, sorry... Its tough as hell, they are like a family member and they truly love us and depend on us.
wow. what a boy! he was one powerful horse. such a beauty. I learned about horses last year. never knew anything. but my son offered to take me to a dude ranch. so. figuring I shouldn't go there completely clueless. and. because I was so worried I'd ride so badly, I'd kill myself or some poor horse or both, I decided to take lessons.

I didn't get to actually ride but once before going to the ranch. but I got to tack up about five times and then that first ride, that first climbing up and I was in tears sitting there. because I realized horses are a rare thing, a life altering beautiful thing.

sitting on one, feeling their body, feeling how they adjust to you, shift their muscles to yours, you learn how good they are at heart. and that they will trust you and take you where you tell them to go, even though they are prey, even though their nature is to flee.

I was told by a woman who has had many horses, that when you lose a horse, they leave an immense hole in your being. this I can only imagine. their size and hearts and that need and love you share with them is nearly impossible to fathom losing. they are magnificent. not just in looks but their souls.

I am so sorry. but you were there to do the right thing for Duffy. and that's what's important. my heart goes out to you in your loss.
Sirenita, oh, yes. I knew it would happen, I hope he was cared for properly.
Gosh, he was pretty. Hope you're doing okay today.
Foolish monkey, you comment almost made me cry. (and I'm not wearing water proof mascara!)

Horses are, to me, the most magnificent animal on the planet. Happy for you that you were able to have that experience.
Doing ok Phyllis. The blog helped me.
I am so sorry Asia. Thanks for sharing him with us here. God what a gorgeous horse. They are our babies, even if not human.
I haven't stopped. oh I did for the winter. but only because the horse I was riding went a bit lame. he's still okay but I can't ride him. I'll be riding again in two weeks though. TWICE a week. then once a week until we return to Colorado in August and I RIDE EVERY DAY TWICE A DAY ON MY FABULOSO MUFFIN. (a huge, stunning belgian girl)

I will never stop riding until I can't, which is NEVER.
Julie, thank you. And they are our babies!

Foolish, that is EGG-CELLENT! Ride on!
oh asia. i never had a horse, but i know several people who have, and i know sad it is when they go, even if they had not been in your care.

near where i live is a thoroughbred farm, and i finally got the courage the other day to stop and ask if i could visit the horses and bring carrots - the caretaker said yes, and i hope the owner lets that stand. there are half a dozen moms with long-legged babies, and it is quite a rush to be around them.

i am sorry about duffy.
Gorgeous horse. I'm sorry for your loss and that you weren't able to have more time with him.
Thank you Daisyjane. I hope you get the chance to visit the TB farm. Carrots, apples, sugar cubes and peppermint candies are horse favorites. They should show you how to hand feed them. Be sure to report back!

jl, yes... I wish I had more control over the situation, it boiled down to money in the end, my lack of.
Condolences sent your way.
Some people don't have the benefit of knowing and loving other sentient creatures.
I know this is difficult.
aka, I do see riding as a privilege. There is something quite ethereal about horses that has always grabbed me by the heart.

Horses don't make the same bonds with humans that dogs and cats do, they are rather aloof but tolerant of us.
I am sorry for your loss. Duffy looks like a truly amazing creature. Someday perhaps you can ride him in the sky.
Duffy is a surname of Irish origin. It comes from the original Irish name Ó Dubhthaigh,
meaning descendant or grandson of Dubhthach.
Dubhthach was an Old Irish first name meaning "Dark one". ...

Seems you find your light and being in horses...
Sorry Duffy was off in the dark , for you, for so long...

I have met some fine horses in my life, and some damn good dogs
and cats, and gotta say there is something about this equine
species that grabs me with joy and sorrow....
too noble to need us, but
all mixed up in our destiny, just as the canines and felines..
He was stunning. Sorry, Asia. Glad the blog made you feel a bit better.
What an extraordinary horse! He looks so alert and TALL in the photos. He had a wonderful life and your pictures tell the story.
:( RIP Duffy!! A beyond pretty horse!!!!

Bummer, pretty horse. So many never fulfill their promise as you hope for, sometimes the timing is a drag but that's how it is. Life has many regrets but you move on.
cc darling, the first thing I thought of when I read your comment is hope I don't fall off! But yes, maybe we are all reunited in the spirit world.

James, I think they named him Duffy because he was a big goofy colt and they thought it fit his personality. (I'll have to ask my mom for clarification.) I've always connected with animals better than I connect with people. Horses have always entranced me.

fernsy, thank you. It was fun going through all the pictures of him. My mom has them fairly well organized and we have so so many.

Linnnnn- he is sky high! 17:1 hands and weighed in around 1400 pounds. Like a freight train going down the track! (17:1 meant he was 5'9" at the withers.)

Thank you Tink!
Bleue, the reality of life is none of us, man, woman or beast, achieve our potential. He was an awesome horse with a huge personality. He lived a very happy life. Yep, life does go on! Thank you for popping in.
Someone told me souls never really disappear from the universe and I believe that.
HG, the soul goes somewhere when our earthly bodies are expired, not to be snuffed out like a candle.
I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like quite a special being.
May he rest in peace.
I love horsing around and you must too?