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SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 9:42PM

Alan Grayson, Barney Frank: I'm smiling because I like you

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When I was a youngster, I was a republican. I was a republican because my dad was a republican. From his perspective and our semi-privileged living situation, it really was the way to go. It would have been traumatizing to our finances to have to pay more in tax and get nothing for it. My father was specifically referring to health care in this instance. Since we already had employer provided health insurance, paying a tax for health care would have been nothing but a burden. I was a young unlearned one during the Clinton years.

Voluminous taxes for universal heath care would have been painful to us because we were really middle class. My parents had deemed us "middle-upper class" because my parents had no idea, what gap truly existed between us and the true middle-upper strata and upper-crust in American socio-economics.

When I moved to Los Angeles I learned what true "middle-upper" and "upper-crust" status is. It's appalling. It's gratuitous. It's absolutely slovenly for the most part. It's really not all that rare.

I've come to realize that paying for health care wouldn't hurt the rich a bit. But it would hurt republican senators and congressional representatives to soak those that pay their um, hell, I'll call it what it is - bribes*.

Michael Moore's new film (trailer) poses the idea, from presumably some middle America farmer sitting in his truck, "there has got to be a war between the people who got nothing...and the people who got it all."

There will be. It will begin on the topic of public option health insurance. Though it appears, much to my pleasure, that this war won't be fought literally between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. It will be fought between their representatives on the floor of the Senate and the Congress.

Senator Alan Grayson said some pretty uncouth things about republicans recently. Barney Frank falls into this category as well.

I like it when things are uncouth. I like any reason to use that word uncouth. I'm very happy to see that the representatives of the proletariat in America are getting dirty in public, rather than behind speech writers and money laundering and positively well-deserved sex.

I'm happy that he used a nasty shocker-word, "holocaust" to describe the current fate of Americans without health coverage. However inaccurate because this atrocity knows no racial bounds. It's up to grab whatever it's legislators will throw at it. At this point, that's pretty much everybody.

I'm happy that he just went on the Rachel Maddow show and stated that the republicans he's dealing with are "knuckle-draggers". In a world in which you can help your fellow man without hurting yourself, it is pretty god damned Neaderthal-esque to forfeit that option.

While I much dislike the idea of using individuals posed as average Americans in Town Hall meetings to ferociously pulverize a positive agenda, I much like the plan to use one's suit and tie and seat in a legislative office to fight this fight. After all, that's why we voted in people like Barney Frank and Alan Grayson. America knows, deep in its collective moistened subconscious that we need loudmouthed assholes like these guys to keep shit moving downstream.

If you didn't take on a job like legislator to give your constituents a voice, just what did you do it for? Oh yes yes, the fatty fat fat checks, the praise, and the fun times rubbing elbows with the political elite that you've been mindfucking yourself to since you were in grad school.

I think Mssrs Grayson and Frank actually did stop their mindfucking episodes a while ago, or are taking a hiatus to yell with a voice as loud as we all wish we had. I want this to get bloody. I want this to get evil. Either party can all the other a liar, they can call each other murderers, get nasty. I want to see some passion. What's that feminists bumper sticker say? Well-behaved women rarely make history? I do think it's true that these days, well-behaved representatives rarely catalyze change.

*And I am fully aware that republicans are not the only legislators taking bribes.

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I’m with you all the way; I want to see the Dems get nasty, mean, forceful, and as you say, “PASSIONATE” about this…, well…, as they are calling it…, “debate”, which really is not a debate at all regarding healthcare “REFORM”; it is about preserving healthcare profits, nothing more.

You write, “Since we already had employer provided health insurance, paying a tax for health care would have been nothing but a burden. I was a young unlearned one during the Clinton years.”

“Unlearned” --- that’s exactly to whom these Republicans appeal.
Very well written, Asta! A good 'call to arms" for those that believe in reform.

Here's the problem: Not all elected Republicans oppose reform ... maybe not even a public option. But even of those who support it (silently), they oppose a Democrat leading the battle ... because if he succeeds ... on this or any other social reform ... they're dead in the water for at least eight years. To their hierarchy, that matters, So they are united.

So be it. If the Dems were equally united, game over ... reform occurs; option's in place. But they're not ... because there are too many "types" of Dems, each defending their own turf ... e.g. if you're a Dem in SC, you dislike anything that says "Property of US Gov't" on it ... so they fight among thenmselves, and in doing so, delute their strength. United, they win; dislodged, they lose. Therefore, we lose. Maybe Frank is calling the wrong people knuckle-draggers.
...and I'm smiling because I like your title. Rated.
I enjoyed Barney Frank's little lecture. It was at a rowdy town hall, and he was simply responding to the nutty hyperbole of his questioner. I'm less enthusiastic about Grayson. You don't have to exaggerate to be a passionate populist. The simple facts will do.

Dems should act as grownups in Congress. They shouldn't sink to the level of Joe Wilson. That's not the fight they should be joining.
Why all these intemperance? You guys won. Is it just barely possible that the philosophical premises underlying your policies are so parasitic and unwholesome that you need to flail out and call for blood nonetheless?

Being restless in defeat is rational; being revolutionary in victory is highly suspicious.
First line: substitute "this" for "these." Sorry.
AGREED! I wish we could make the entire Democratic party stop cringing and apologizing in the face of faux outrage, and pay it back with REAL outrage and throwing lies back into the teeth of those who speak them. And LOUD real outrage, and the calling of spades as spades. Outrage the Republican Party has more than earned.

It's past time to stop being nice.

I liked your post and I think Grayson leveled the playing field a little - we needed it - for that I was relieved hear Grayson as well. (Rated).

But, I have to say, personally, I tend to lean where Rod and Stellaa are coming from (which aren't entirely the same place). If we keep shouting back, we will dilute our strength as Rod said. Stellaa has a mean handle on this deal, too -- we need consistency. And, as you pointed out as well, there are Dems and Repubs in the pockets of healthcare right now.

Thanks for the post - great thoughts.
Obama didn't come into this fight asking for the ultimate -- single-payer. He came in compromising with the public option and changing the rules so that insurance companies no longer drop people because they get sick. And if he can't even get public option passed - well, it'll be a downright shame.

Mr. Grayson is just voicing the frustration of millions of Americans who are or know someone who is (or has) fought for the right to receive health care THEY'VE PAID FOR!

I agree that the Dems need to rally round Grayson and forsake their medical industry $$$ for a cause that will surely get each and every one of them re-elected for a long time to come. Come on guys -- you've got enough votes, make it happen.

I like your post Asta -- can you tell?
all this talk and anger, what does it do? does it really "promote change"? or, does it just make for a grumbly bad day with one another.
thanks for the thought provoking post.
Update: Grayson has issued a letter expressing regret about his choice of words and promising not to repeat. This must be a devastating blow to those who thought they had found a new "hero."