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JULY 22, 2010 1:37AM

No Commenting Allowed

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Consider this my open-to-all-statement:

I haven't been able to comment all week, but I greatly appreciate those who have come by my blog to pay their respects to my crass rants. 

Though I haven't spent too much time on the interwebs trying to figure out exactly what this oopsy-daisy is all about, I have to say that social networking sites (and I have to semi-classify OS as one, but with a niche that isn't "catty gossip") have been failing big in this regard as of late.

I guess it's better to keep your anonymity everywhere on the internet for a number of reasons: Facebook being the chief of all of them.

Facebook may be great for losing your identity and privacy, but it's horrible for bands trying to stream songs and market themselves. For this, you need the ailing mother of them all: MySpace. 

MySpace has one applicable niche left. ONE! You guys hear that? That's the sound of your competitive advantage and core competency getting syphillis and losing its mind.

MySpace's music player has been a perpetual lemon for the past few weeks. Way to go guys.

And now...OS. My last frontier of blogging, after I abandoned the aforementioned MySpace and BlogSpot. 

What has become of you, OS? 

As if you're hobbling along in a pair of pumps, one with a broken heel, what of the commenters? 


*End scene*

Update: This kinda makes me think this is an opportune time to post some of my more inflammatory concepts. 

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Rated. Read. Commented. Hobbling.
I use to like Myspace better than Facebook, then they changed, like went into the pooper, so now well, Hi Facebook!! :)

I'm not sure what is/was going on with the comments, there for a bit, I thought I had it figured out, when I had multiple windows of Open opened, it wouldn't comment but then it was like, stopped. PFFFFFT
Don't forget the torn stockings and the non-waterproof mascara.