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MARCH 12, 2012 8:55AM

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012: Supplemental

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Saturday, after posting, Mrs. P and I looked at all the photos I’d taken from the Flower Show, and I realized there were some gems that I should have included in my Flower Show post from earlier that day. Here they are.  




PFS2-bird of paradise   


bop and anthurium   


PFS2-anthurium and fern   


anthurium et al   


PFS2-blushing cattleya   


PFS2-blushing and yellow cat   


PFS2-rose cymbidium   


PFS2-painted dendrobium   


PFS2-white and red violet phal   


PFS2-mottled phal   


PFS2-lush purple   


PFS2-purple vanda   


PFS2-purple whatever   


PFS2-yellow paph   


PFS2-scarlet cat   



Hope you didn’t mind the wait.     



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"some gems" is right! These were so gorgeous I feel vaguely dirty for having drooled on them. Very nice. Thank you.
Thanks for these, I have stopped going after some years back deciding the mobs and mobs of people, just took the fun out of it for me.
Glad you shared.
I love those purple ones! thank you~r
The first pics remind me of Guatemala where my children are from - it is gloomy in Iowa today - this post brightened my office - thanks for sharing
Love the first three and the last photo. The first one is especilly brilliant with its light and dark. You sure know your way around a camera, Mr. Pilgrim.

The black ones with cornflower blue skirts are my favorites
Thank you
I needed this
I used to live in Lancaster. This made me feel so homesick.
Dazzling, especially the heliconia & the orchids coloured like black-velvety pansies.
Wow, that Rose Cymbidium makes me think of Hawaiian sunsets! And I was amused by the "purple whatever" tag. =o)

Keep pointing that camera at them flowers, Pilgrim!
More loveliness. More thanks.
This makes my soul feel good.
Ooooh! Ahhhhh! Wow. OOOOH!