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JUNE 12, 2009 4:17PM

2+3 = 1

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-birds on wire


A couple of interesting posts have sent me over the edge this week...smarmy was a perfect question to ask oneself as in JK Brady's post, b/c if you spend that much time in meditation (I wish I had that opportunity and that guru) and then are led to wonder if you are being too smarmy (it's a good question)...then enter a post asking about it, and the overwhelming response are numerous Comments that meet the definition of 'smarmy' ...I'm led back to a thought about OS.  Why do certain personages get TONS of Comments no matter what they Twit, and so many of those are smarmy, per JK's posted definition of the word?   Is this a love-me-love-you fest or a place for commentary on what we think about and how well we are able to put it into language?  I'm all for love and give it generously.  I'm also for the fewer and fewer serious minded comments - often pegged as 'snark' - when a Commentator offers some potentially helpful thoughts on the post as it was written - comments on the writing itself, and usually ending on a positive note...without smarm or suck up.   Is it possible OS is evolving into a popularity contest?

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the Title was about the many vs the one lone voice, which was going to be another post altogether, but this is what emerged, as so it is, as it is.
Evolving into?

Damn girl... It's been evolved for a good long while..
I don't get a lot of comments but the ones which mean the most to me say something about the writing itself or tell me that the person was moved or affected in some way by what I said. That is the reason I write.
I got upset twice when I first started on OS because I wasn't getting read as much as other people and I deleted all of my posts. I now regret doing that because I didn't keep copies.
However, I have come to grips with the fact that on OS, as in life, I am not one of the "popular" or "in" crowd and that has to be all right with me.
Love the pic. That'd be me on the bottom wire.
GA-Hell, I've actually requested honest critiques through PMs with OSers I admire as writers. Writing is subjective. Reading is subjective and selective. I naturally gravitate a writer or title where tone and imagery speak to me on some significant level. I expect to be impacted and spurred to comment positively when I choose a post. I am rarely disappointed. Thus my kudos are earned and expressed. Seems logical, no?
This is why I don't post comments on other people's blogs.

Except this one time.

And those other times.
Dear HLH: I park in your space regularly b/c I like your voice.

Mothership: I follow your comments and posts as 'Mothership', not b/c you are one of the birds on the higher wire on OS, but b/c some of your writing generates a response like so many others do, and I type away. Your statement "I expect to be impacted and spurred to comment positively when I choose a post. I am rarely disappointed. Thus my kudos are earned and expressed" does not seem logical to me. A post is a post. Opinions, rants, and blogs-of the-moment are not always positive and kudos may not be earned if one happens to be in even slight disagreement. It seems Commenters keep silent unless they can figure out how to express agreement. And when they do, they are effusive in the say so - especially among the birds on the higher wire - but I think you've actually made my point with this Comment. Thanks!
yes, yes and yes....i so agree with you, girly. a contest. of popularity. only when i very first posted, my essay was chosen editor's pick. so was that a fluke, or what? think i'll go back to my island essays...perhaps they are juicier...rated for truth.
I didn't read the post defining 'smarmy' and I can't find it in spite of searching JK Brady's blog. Fill me in, please.

Otherwise, I'm pretty impatient with all the "we love you" comments that otherwise have no content. It sometimes discourages me from reading comments altogether. I read the posts of the people I think have something to say and ignore comments other than to leave my own, and I do that only when I have something to say or to ask a question, like now. I have posted little to my own blog so far, but will, and ackshully dread becoming popular becuz then I will have to read the comments. The flood of I-love-you/love-what-you-wrote stuff I suspect is often in hope of luring others to visit their own blog. It's a gushy sort of self promotion that nudges me into shin-kicking mode.
Asoluckinfutely Dangerous. The more time passes, the more things stay the same on OS. Comforting to some degree, but the 'popular kids' on the high wire changes over time as some drop out and new folks drop in and become instant high wire riders! Didn't know how it worked in high school and don't know now.