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December 31
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JULY 19, 2009 6:43AM

I'm gonna be a hippie again

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    hippie bath
I just got another bill today and have decided it's the hippie life for me. The thing is, back then I did without and loved it.  The more I look around, I think I'm not alone.  Same sandals, same whisps of barely there clothing (for us girls anyway)
hippy then2
hippy dress now
Wonky jewelery, shawls, and sunglasses that look just like they were bought off a the same piece of standing cardboard on a city sidewalk in 1969, still have the originals around here somehere I think.
hippy fair sidewalk 
What seems like a sacrifice now, seemed like fun then.  I mean I drove a beater and didn't care.  Resembles one I saw recently kicked up a notch and plowing the highway faster than  the gas guzzler I drive now.  
                             hippie van bw
The messages posted on this roving billboard made time stop for a moment. 'Free Tibet', Make Love Not War', 'GET INVOLVED The world is run by those who show up',  and  the ubiquitous ' leaf' could have been on my bumper in 1977.  
When I was a hippie I enjoyed a party then too, only instead of being in a $25 cover charge studio with $10 drinks, I was in the fresh air partaking of with whatever was the cooler we'd filled at the 7-11 for a whopping $12, much of what was scraped up from under, in and between the beater's seats.
hippy dance then
                                      Bonaroo is now an annual Woodstock
I didn't worry about the water or power bills.  There was always the neighborhood pool and candles or a long cord snaking into the next apartment.  I didnt need music in the house, I could just open a window for a free concert.  Even the cat enjoys the hippie life.
hippy cat
Yep.  I think it may be time to give life a shake up and get back to the simple things...
Color photography courtesy of moi collection; Black and white gathered over time from free public forums including freewebphoto, freefoto, sxc, jupiter and others

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I wish I was alive for the first generation of "Hippies." It would have been great to be a fly on the social wall of that era.
Loved the post Abby!
Ah, the days of communes and making dresses out of Indian print bedspreads and no bra and feeling no strings! I'd go back in a minute but......
We have a "Free Tibet" bumper sticker on our Volkswagen bug. It is our most dependable car but one day when AAA had to do a tow the driver read it, looked at my husband and said, "Who's Tib-it?"
This is Way a Great Reflection New Post on Flashback.
That's good. It heals. You don't need to lecture all day?
I mean you cut * paste, and use Elmer's fish stinky glue.

Goats don't sit on hippie vans to eat beer and tuna cans.
The glue smell like halibut. honest? goats smell glue too.
You have to scream at readers? You tell what's no funny!
This loosened a bit.
A heart needs a break?
irony. Hearts do break.

Thanks for chuckles.
My summer complaint:` people drop over in free food season. They will absolve guilt? Oh? Folk wish people to become dope/drug fein?
I mea:`beer bottles are laid on the back porch:`Abbey Blond Leffe Ale, Stella Artois Lager, Widmer - Hfewizen Wheat Beer, Abby Afflingem Blond Ale, Sam Adams White Ale, and Baltimore's Wild Brown Goose Lager.
Gabby Abbey? You!
I left Abbey with Ya!
I may join a nunnery!
Yes, it was divine. :)
screamin' Mama!
Everybody else.
Aloha ~ Hello.
I gotta get gone
it's farm foodie
day:`in a square
wisdoms scream
I want ice cream
lyrical love note
your class photo
Ya sign anyone
to give Mommy
tattoo autograph?
tease. corn tassels!
pollen make sneeze!
sneak off in corn bin!
go sleep with tomato!
take goat to corn field!
kiss? hold hand where?
keep hands in pockets!
Ah, the good ole days. Gone. Sigh.
I guess one day I will attend the great party in the sky. I would not miss it for the whole world.
Life is good, Abby. Life is soooo good.
Good pics.
I thank you for the memories.
Ah to be a hippy again, wait a minute I am a hippy again, no wait, I've always been a hippy, again. Loved the post. I think we should start a boomer revolution and all go back to the hippy days. Won't be as pretty as we were then but it will be good for our hearts and souls.
Love the post. My sister had a VW Bus. What a trip. I have the mass media breed ignorance on my car now.

Peace and love my sisters and brothers.... peace and love...
I lived the the lifestyle in the original era. My dreams often return. rAted!
Where do I get my free Tibet? Wait a minute, this is probably a trick - I mean nothing is really free is it? - there's always at least shipping and handling to pay
I returned to Hippieland three months ago and I highly recommend it. Pun intended.
I'm honored by the poetry, thanks for stopping in everyone. We can dream can't we. With so many posts about eviction and such lately, we may be living it again soon...

@ Noah, HA - funny! Your Tibet is going to cost you in postage and handling. Only one per household.
Haha! This was a perfect post! How fun :) And true. LOVE the pics... And I just realized. I'm too young. Where was I then?!
I'm ready. I still have a beautiful dress from then that's covered with shisha mirrors. And I used to be able to move in less than an hour with a box of LPs and some clothes. *sigh*
This comment is many months late but I just read this post today:

Ah yes...Love-ins! Peace marches! Free stores! Pot $5 a bag! I co-published an honest-to-dog underground newspaper. And the clothes! Why didn't the beautiful fabrics stay with us? The music, above all, the music! Nothing since has equaled it.

But it wasn't all nirvana. A lot of us got pretty messed up, permanently, on drugs. Runaway girls barely into their teens went to the Haight District in San Francisco expecting to find Hippie Paradise with free food and rent and then, starving and on the street and with drug habits, ended up slaves of pimps who sold their sexual services in the rear of limos with back seats removed to accommodate mattresses in the back. I saw them myself.

So it wasn't all pretty, you who envy us who were there. But we did change the culture in significant ways, throwing off the repression of the Fifties forever, and I'm grateful to have been part of it.

Gabby, the picture of the guy in the stream is one of the most joyful photographs I have ever seen. Are all these pix your own or did you gather them from hither and yon for this post?
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