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December 31
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MARCH 27, 2011 9:37PM

Chillaxin, ahhhh

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After the roller coaster riding this past week, upping and downing and upping and downing, I'm in the mood to turn on some e-z listening, crack open something wet and cold, and order chinese delivery.  I'd like Thai, but who does that?  No deliveries of food in Florida other than pizza or chinese.  Those are your choices Msrs. and Madams.  This is not NYC after all. You may be able to do the drive through window at ABC Liquors while wearing your pajamas, but around here there's no real food for delivery.  Just fast food, and only as long as it's pizza or chinese.

I have so much to look forward to for tomorrow, Monday morning.  Taxes to be done, with five boxes of paper to sort through.  Then there's the insurance matter.  Auto has gone up another $200 for the next 6 months, just like it did the last 6 times and I'm sooo tired of switching and switching, just to get the bare minumum coverage for the bare minimum price. 

You'd think with my age, and the age of my car, along with no tickets or accidents in the last 3 years, the price would steadily be dwindling down.  Supposedly I'm a safer driver now although I can't imagine how that would happen since my neck gets harder and harder to swivel these days.  My car is worth less and less with every passing year, and I'm not working, so the leisure rate applies, not the business rate.  The price of a semi-annual insurance card should logically be going down, not up.

I've finally decided insurance is a racket... guffaw!

Whew, almost choked on that one.

Let's see... there's the health insurance thing.  After looking at the quotes for health insurance from last week, they're all equal to or more than a weeks pay and since I'm not working I guess I can forget about taking care of that.

Then there's the job thing. Pesky business. I could waste another week looking or just give myself a vacation while I do some of these other things.  

There's food stamps. I could get that application completed, along with the one for my passport.  You never know when you're going to need to flee the country.  I could get in touch with the mortgage company I guess, but it's been 10 months and no one has even called about all those missed payments.

Nahhh.  I'm just going to sit here with my fiber bar and chilllllaaaaxxxxxxx.  Tomorrow will have to take care of itself for once.  Amazing Race, anyone?




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Good thing I can get cable off my neighbor huh?
Don't even get me started about insurance. And come do my taxes when you're done with yours.
Nowhere surpasses NY as far as food and delivery. I think you made the right decision, just make sure the bar has 3 or more grams of fiber. R
I was just about to crack open something wet and cold too, Cheers to you.
i'd do the passport thing. you never know when you might get lucky ...

Did the tax thing. Got rewarded with them allowing me to pay them another $3K. With no job, that's fun. I'm thinking the house will look really good with a "For Sale" sign in front of it.
Something cold sounds good. Whatcha got? I'll pick up the Thai.
First couple lines were just where I am right now, and then it all went downhill! I wrote the check for homeowners today and read the notice that my car insurance was going up next year. Bah! I am going back to the first 2 lines and deal with Monday morning in a few hours. What a racket.
Have got to do taxes too. If you just take into stock what you're doing right now, it's kinda bearable. And I've always thought insurance was like Las Vegas but without the glitz--a total crap shot.
Have got to do taxes too. If you just take into stock what you're doing right now, it's kinda bearable. And I've always thought insurance was like Las Vegas but without the glitz--a total crap shot.
I'm sad that you had to eat a fiber bar but then I remembered you could drive through liquor and realized you could drink your way through the taxes. Things even out.
Seriously, your car insurance is going up? that's insane. It should be going down every year.

Not sure what's up with the other stuff. So, perhaps fleeing the country and finding a cheaper beach to chillax on is in order. Until then, fuhgetta bowtit.
I must admit, the drive through booze is intriguing. There are some free tax programs - sooon to be MBA's or accountants who get credit for helpin us poor people.
You should definitely do the Amazing Race! I'm too cranky for something like that, but I bet you could win it -smart, talented resourceful young lady!
I watched the new Mildred Pierce tonight...it was soooo good! xox
You are a very funny woman. Hopefully tomorrow *will* take care of itself, but it usually doesn't. Love your tags. ~r
Sometimes chillaxin' is the only way to go! Seriously: live in the moment, and don't let annoyances and worries get to you any more than they have to. Hope you enjoyed "The Amazing Race". I definitely would have been down for watching that with you. I would have brought some baguette and cheese.
I've always thought that insurance was the ultimate scam. Still do.
I gathered our tax papers for the accountant last week and gasped at how much blood had drained out of my IRA in one year. No chilaxin' for me, I'm afraid. High time to get cracking on a potboiler to at least try to stem the bleeding before...I don't wanna go there. Deeeeep breath.....
I don't know about the whole fast food thing, the shrimp are running and I just yesterday bought 5 lbs. of 7" jumbo shrimp (still twitching) for $2 a lb. without leaving my dock from a guy who worked the Shands bridge reed beds for 20 minutes.
5 min to boil water, 3 minutes to cook the shrimp.
Do that in New Pork City!
Oh, yes. After a weekend of frolicking in town, I'm back into reality. Gotta do my taxes too and see what else I can eliminate from my monthly expenses. Fortunately I can bake my own bread, if need be. 22 lbs of flour can last me a long way. I hear ya, Abby.
I missed Amazing Race; both kids were home for Sunday dinner. For me it doesn't get any better than that! I hope you can find peaceful moments in the week to come~
I always look for at least 5 grams of fiber. As for that other stuff...we just got the first EVER reduction in auto insurance rates after 14 years of spotless driving records, just in time to have it all destroyed in two years when The Child gets his license.......