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December 31
I've had most of the jobs ~ daughter, student, wife, parent, employee, business owner and now once again, job seeker ~ but I'm still looking forward to lottery winner, retiree and regular blogger. Email welcome at gabbyabby.jax@gmail.com


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JANUARY 24, 2012 6:16PM


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What ever you may wish to say
it's too late
once again
a mother's love is blind
but I always and ever still
wish on my stars
for you be an honest man
return to your being
an honorable person
the son you want to be
a man of integrity
a legacy to your own child
Never give up
I will forever love
the boy you were
and the 'you' you want to be.
Until you can look into my eyes
with truth
and the bright light of an open soul
who lives the life he was created for
and granted by grace
with health
and a sound mind and body
to live fully and joyously,
please take care of yourself
be well
my only son


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We parent in a vacuum sometimes. The emptiness of a searching soul can be daunting yet hopeful somehow. We can always count stars though, to pass the time.
I understand as only a mother of a son would. May he stay well.
Mothers and sons share special bonds. Sometimes of joy, sometimes of pain. Stretched maybe, but never broken.
Seems he has transgressed in some fashion?
"be well
my only son"
I can relate... good to see you posting
Only against himself T - you know how that goes... How's your Soldier Boy? Well and safe... I'll pray on my star for him too.
Sending good thoughts to you and your son, Abby. Mother's love and all, it very powerful. ~r
I have a daughter, no son. But I know the fiery heat of a mother's hopes, dreams and fervent prayer for one's child. I just read somewhere that the Chinese believe that there is an invisible thin red chord linking parent and child for all time. It makes sense to me. Thanks Gabby. May all be well, infinitely well for you and your son...always. r
posting news about him soon Abby--
That sound you just heard was my heart shattering. As the mother of a son, I know how hard it must be to "say" this to your boy. I hope he can grab hold and come back to you.

an apropos sentiment Lezlie, he's on his path as I guess we all are. I just hate to see someone I care for so much flailing yet again. If love can prop others up even a little, from a necessary distance, we can send it every day to them that needs it, right? It's the least and the most we can do. I think my mother's been doing it for me for y-e-a-r-s. (thanx Mom)
I hope that all you hope for him comes true.
Well done, G. Your mother's passion is clear.
In the usual scheme of things, daughters are difficult early on, and sons are difficult later. Or maybe sons are just better at hiding their emotions and we are only involved when things hit crisis mode. I hope your son's crises are temporary. I do think most find their way eventually, even if it isn't the way we would have chosen or expected.
My mom used to tell me that nobody will ever love you like your mother, and I knew she was right, even when I was extremely hard to love. I bet your son knows this too. Whatever he is going through, your love is something he can count on. Mothers rock.
I can certainly relate.......It's amazing how being a Mom can be the sweetest experience, and yet, the hardest one as well.
return to your being ...

on its own, resonates powerfully.

Mothers rock, indeed.
Beautiful. Reminds me of my favorite book that I would read my son, now a great big Marine. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." You brought tears to my eyes. I think I'll call both my sons right now. thank you.
Wrenching, Abby. Beautifully so.
I sing the song `I will never give up.

Sing the lyrics all day. Chorus is same.

I believe we all become wayward prodigal.

Hope of parents is that son/daughter returns.

I thing we must travel afar to learn ill/depravity.
No get an attorney
their attorney
referring to the mobsters
as `kind, civil, proud'
Just love them unconditionally.
Hopefully, they return home.
Then You kill a fat calf cow.
Mothering in a vacuum...how well I know. Sometimes all you can do is love them. We have to remember not to have expectations of them being anything like we imagined.

Hugs to you.
I'm sure he knows how much you love him. I hope he finds his way, Abby. They usually do, boys sometimes a little later than girls. xo
What a precious mother's advice to her son. So kind and loving.
This is just so hard to deal with. I pray that he one day will get it straight and right and do what he needs to do and will look into your eyes with truth. And yes, you will always love him as only a mother can.
I've missed your posts. Glad to see you back. Just keep loving and supporting him is all you can do. Hope the tides change soon.
Oh, Abby. This broke my heart in two. I have both daughters and sons and the love I feel for all of them is immeasurable; but there is that special something between a mother and her son(s). There is a ferociousness to the love a mother feels for a son. It's unexplainable, except to other mothers of sons.

These lines slay me:
I will forever love
the boy you were
and the 'you' you want to be.

Beautifully written, achingly poignant. So glad to see you here.
Another mother of a son here...steering through a pretty dark passage of growing up and becoming a decent man. So I cried, because you sent an arrow to pierce my tenderest wound, but then I printed this out to keep. About which: thank you. I'm right there with you.
@ Art, when put that way...I'm thinking about Bell and vegetarian alternatives. Thanks for the stop in - you're a celebrated fatted calf around here yourself.
I'm sure he knows you love him.
Poem as prayer as poem. Among my favorite. Rated with best of wishes.
Such powerful and loving words from such a powerful and loving heart. May somehow your stars convey all that your heart holds to the one you hope will hear.
" a legacy to your own child" are the most powerful words in this powerful piece.
I think as there is so often a special bond between fathers and daughters ... it is so between mothers and sons.

I imagine the ache ... the ache that is felt right to the core ... the mother who aches to help her son stand and face life's challenges ...not by doing for him but by having to let go and let him learn ... to let him gow and become all that he can be.

Counting stars ... wishing upon them ... and always hoping.
I will forever love
the boy you were
and the 'you' you want to be.

Amen! What a wonderful sentiment......r......
I see the rebel in my younger son and know I am responsible cause I was a renegade. My hubby so much calmer and steady has given my son some of himself, but I always hope he will get more from Dad. I learned all my lessons the hard way. My son is in the Army, in love and 5 kids now, so he is getting there. Good luck. A Mom's love and caring is all he needs, and all you can do at this point.
Thanks Cindy. The saga continues. Glad yours is working out into something hopeful.
Hip Hip Horrah! Excellent.
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥
I think it's a given that kids are going to hurt their parents once in a while. Thanks for giving hope of forgiveness.
Thanks for commenting Phyllis45. If you go back into the archives (I'm elderly in OS years), you'll be able to see it's not a 'once in awhile' experience when a child (now a man) is an addict. It's an ongoing, never-ending breath hold that you have to let out at some point. I'm almost there. Nice to meet you.
One doesn't have to be a mother to find beauty in this poem. r