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December 31
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APRIL 2, 2012 4:11PM

20 Random Thoughts

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I was inspired to empty my mental clutter box this morning in the hope that capturing and chaining random thoughts to paper would free up some cerebral disc space for other things.
I've realized, recently, that I'm 'forgetting' commitments, leaving The Very Important List behind when I need it the most, 'losing' important items I would generally have safely filed or put away, leaving phones off chargers, keys in weird places, and wet laundry in the washer (for 2 days). 
I can't turn a page in any publication, click through random websites, or browse articles without coming to a subject title that includes the new hot word: De-Clutter. So why not? Cleaning out my mental lint might even help me feel a little less lazy when I come to those articles pushing me toward the garage, the hall closet, and my kitchen drawers. Now I can check off the YES box - I am decluttering
The articles all start with sorting into 'keep', 'trash', 'donate' and 'hold for 6 months'... haha-maybe not that last one. Storage isn't allowed.  Okay, here goes...
1)  I'm missing coffee in the morning. What if I just bought some instant, made it up and poured it over ice?  I'd have to make coffee ice cubes so it wouldn't get watered down...
2)  ...those tax papers are still sitting on the table, calling me. I'd better see what today's date is...nothing like a tax sprint.
3)  The cat looks peaceful laying in the sun. His cough is getting worse. I'm putting off a vet bill...what if it's serious?
4)  I wonder who won that lottery...it's going to really change people's lives...really change. Financial freedom... enough money never to have to think about money. Work would be minding my own business...literally.  
5)  Those bananas are going bad - again... why do I keep buying bananas? I love a smoothy but not the clean up...it's just one more thing to do. I won't get bananas this week. 
5)  ...wonder how long N is going to have this job...his mania was on the upswing this week. The pattern, right on time. You can't fix it so stop thinking about it.
6)  Trash out tonight... make a collection and get it into the can.
7)  I do NOT plan to carry that bag of clothes around one more week. I still love that polkadot dress... it bothers me that I don't fit into it and I feel just as bad seeing it in the back of the closet. Get over to Hubbard House and give that stuff away... just forget about the damn dress. 
8)  I really thought this extra poundage would come off after starting the thyroid meds, it's been months...why isn't my weight shifting back yet? I wonder...what else is off? 
9)  I absolutely have to stop putting off looking into some sort of health insurance...
10)  So glad I cleaned the kitchen yesterday. Now I don't want to mess it up.  I hope there's some no-cook food in the fridge.
11)   ...wonder why R hasn't called... she knows we need to talk about the sale price on the house. Usually she's up my back. She's probably irritated with me about... forget it. She'll have to say it herself.  Walk away from the drama.
12)  ...wonder what L is doing right now... it's 7 am her time. Sleeping still. I keep forgetting to call before bed. Maybe tonight.
13)  that box of stuff I swept off the table really must be dealt with... today. There's probably tax stuff in there...
14)  I didn't appreciate what a boon an office and a real desk were when it comes to staying organized. This moving shit is killing me. I can't find anything and don't want to start ploughing through all that stuff in the garage. Dread.
15)  Thank god I took that huge shred bag to the Shredathon.
16)  That strawberry thing on Pinterest would be easy to make, just need to run get some berrries. 
17)  no...better stay off Pinterest.
18)  I need a Pintervention, I saw that somewhere... on Pinterest I think.
19)  Why do I keep putting off what needs to be done? It's not easy to keep doing this... it's exhausting actually. I need to put this pen down and get busy...
20)  Oh! I recorded Mad Men last night...where's the clicker? I think it's under that tax stuff.
Now I just have to go back and do the trash-donate-keep thing with this list.  Maybe I'll just trash it.  

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Declutter me! How are the rest of you doing with this? I'm struggling...

Any other random thoughts out there?
Declutter here is pretty darn high too! Maybe I can get some ideas on how to regroup along with you from comments to this post! Cofffe ice-cubes? ~r
The banana thing? Get 'em while you can. There's some kind of fungus pandemic among one of the dozens of varieties of bananas in the world gaining traction in South America. That one variety is the one you buy for your smoothies. None of the other varieties are marketable up our way. There. Dumped that one out of my clutter box finally. Good to see you. Oh, and keep the polkadot dress as an incentive, to wear in your new avatar (when it fits).
I've been de-cluttering for years ... does it ever end? Whew! I'm exhausted after reading your list ...think I'll go lay down (or is that lie down?)
New avatar Matt? are you suggesting... (walk away from the drama).... glad to get the word on bananas. Now I won't be tempted at all. Thanks, you're on a random thought roll here.

Dee - the thing about iced coffee is that when the ice melts, it's iced watered brown stuff. I figure, randomly thinking, if I pour some coffee into trays and make coffee cubes - problem solved! and maybe I'd be happier to drink it. I'm off it b'c I don't like any activity that requires repetitive cleaning e.g. cleaning a coffee pot every day. I'm lazy that way! I figured Nescafe may be the answer.
I've never Tweeted, but it's just occurred to me, this may be 20 Tweets. Total meaningless crap in your head barfed onto a screen for everyone to see. ahhahhahaa, made myself laugh.
I can relate somewhat Abby.
Making a list and marking things off makes a
person feel.. accomplished. It works. Best to ya.
Good to see ya here
re number 7: You can see the back of your closet?
if i find any more internet sites to fill up hours i don't have, i might have to stick chewing gum in the ethernet jacks ... wait. everything's wireless. it's hopeless. (glad it's not just me.) :)
Since we just sold my mother's house, I had to clear out a bunch of my stuff from her attic. For 99% of the items, I thought, "Why the hell did we keep this?" Unfortunately I'm married to a pack rat.
It's you!!

If you promise yourself never to do that horrid first thing on your list, the other nineteen won't matter. No matter what, never drink instant coffee.
Hey, you! Good to see you. My trick: choose the one I dread most and do it first. The momentum carries me through the rest. It might work for you. Maybe?

I know! Cleaning the coffee pot is exhausting. I usually have to take a nap after that workout.
Don't throw out the bananas, you can freeze them.
You are bananas for buying bananas! Great to see you, Gabby Abby. Was wondering where you'd gone. There you are with a cat with a cough. Hope that clears up.
Boy do I relate. Seems like now all my thoughts are random, I got tired of being organized. Now, in order to keep my sanity I only pay attention to the really loud thoughts. The rest I have decided to laugh at. I'll do my taxes, that's really loud.

Maybe someone else will really love the polka dot dress.
I'm thinking that the squirrel who lives in my brain must have a sister...

Really, writing down random thoughts is a good idea! I keep a notebook by my chair & write random thoughts in it, hoping that once they're on paper they're officially dealt with -- & then I go make banana bread.
Scarlett - never lie when you can lay, or is that 'get a lay'?

Thanx Bernie and Trig - good to see and be seen

C and V - ha! funny comment, but yes I can -- only because I'm moving soon, so my clothes closet is fairly see through now. OTOH, a clothing rack outside the closet has splayed wheels and threatening to collapse.

Nice try Candy, but I've seen your house and if mine were that orderly I'd putter on Pinterest and Fictionique all day.

Crank, sounds like you've got Round #2 coming up in your own house when you've finished with the stuff that came from your moms. You have my deepest sympathies.

My lovely friend Heron, You've reminded me that instant coffee isn't really coffee -- buzz kill.

Lezlie, that means taxes tomorrow. I may have to mix Nescafe with my milk in the morning (don't tell Heron).

Leepin! absolutely exhausting. I've given up having a clean blender too.

Fernsy - I'll give max your solicitations for his health. He caught a cough in Connecticut (sounds like the start of a limmerick), but it's a concern. Vet's fees are just out of the picture right now, so I'm collecting a guilt ball in my own gut for not taking better care of my kitty.

LHB - I can't outrun those taxes either. I fear I might owe for the first time in many years...

Suzie - Banana bread! yes!!
1. If you have time for anything, you have time for quality coffee.

2. The physical represents the mental and vice versa. The clutter? All in your head. Unfortunate. And I'm sorry.

3. You are much closer than you think. It can't be seen until you are there. It's like a phase change in chemistry. Nothing. Then Ice. Or boiling.
oh hell yeah, this could be me trying to go to sleep *yack, yack, yack* *makes the duck hand motion*
clutter has eaten me alive. i've gotten to the point that I don't even see it anymore...sort of like living in a fish market
Nick, I can't *wait* for the ice to start boiling!

Julie! duck puppet yak yak -- a perfect description. The fish market comment gives me a whole new perspective... it's so true.
I just returned from my honeymoon and realized I have way too much stuff...I'll let you know.

Loved your list.
I'm afraid decluttering is a never-ending activity. And that's just one more think to think about. :)
I make lists all the time and then I misplace them, but it I remember how good it felt to make the list...so I keep making them. Don't put off the taxes or the cat. Everything else can't wait!
I feel like I'm late to the party, commenting late as I am. Loved this list! You've inspired me to draft my own...
Great to read you!

And also kind of strange and reassuring to see I'm truly not the only one whose mind works like this! ...Though I hate bananas.

As for the cat, yes, please take him or her to the vet. Catching a potential problem early could mean less vet bills and grief later.

Bon courage with it all.
I think I shall be following number 17. Thanks for the insite and the shredder.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
Me again.

Was re-reading your list in hopes of mustering up the motivation to start my own, and gave pause at #8.

Certainly not one to dispense unsolicited advice, however, I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that some systems of yoga, like Ashtanga and especially Bikram focus on thyroid activation. If you're not already practicing, it might be worth looking into, if only to supplement to your medication. Google yoga+thyroid and see what the Internets are saying.
Thanks A-W ~ I was delighted to see you back on OS, after your sabbatical. I used to practice yoga, however the twist-and-turn motions that are so common in many of the poses are off limits for me so eventually, it wasn't worth the time I was setting aside for it. I still have about 8 poses I practice with fervor to keep me limber. Heat gives me a rash so I've never tried Bikram, however Yoga for The Physically Challenged would be perfect for me! Good to see you and I'll definitely look into the yoga:thyroid connection.