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Gabby Abby

Gabby Abby
Florida, USA
December 31
I've had most of the jobs ~ daughter, student, wife, parent, employee, business owner and now once again, job seeker ~ but I'm still looking forward to lottery winner, retiree and regular blogger. Email welcome at gabbyabby.jax@gmail.com


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First, a little backstory and then we'll come back to tomorrow ...


With apologies to Isak Dinesen, I once had a cottage in Connecticut.

Hopyard Rd Cottage, summer 2009

In that cottage was a family. There was me, who traveled from Florida for a job in the countryside, and… Read full post »

MAY 29, 2010 12:23PM

Saturday Sensations - Vintage OS

It makes all kinds of sense to designate Saturday as the day where we can air some of our previously published, but less exposed works, if and when we feel like it.  I hope people will start the movement and keep it alive through interest in re-posting on Saturdays, because every… Read full post »

MAY 28, 2010 12:17PM

Repost Saturday - All Aboaaaard!

It's about this idea I pilfered, and it's not the first time either ...

says Cranky Cuss:

"Another repost: the very first thing I ever posted here that I thought had some creative merit.  I hope to start posting some new stuff starting on Saturday..."


 … Read full post »

The face was on, the dress was buttoned, the painful shoes were paired one to each foot.  Daddy was standing on this side of the door between me and that man I'd said 'ok, fine' to, some time over the summer.

I'd skipped out of work, popped into Jordan Marsh at… Read full post »

MAY 17, 2010 7:43PM

Back When I Was a Child on OS

For those who have clicked over out of curiosity, please take note of the date this was written as the front page feed is now back to a 4 hour timer, and perhaps of greater interest is that we now have a little gadget that allows us to see 'activity' andRead full post »

MAY 16, 2010 11:38AM

Pilgrim's Open Call - 10 questions

On Inside the Actors Studio, James Lipton concludes his always interesting interviews with actors by having them answer a list of questions originally posed by a French television host named Bernard Pivot.  

1.   What is your favorite word?

prestidigitation, tintinabulous, ...naRead full post »

MAY 12, 2010 7:11PM

The Call of the Mild

Today passed without me noticing.  The cat meaaaanked at her usual 7 am-ish.  I tossed her out the window where she sat in no big hurry on the window stoop for at least 15 minutes, a sure fire indicator she didn't NEED to go out, she just wanted to.  (I could… Read full post »

MARCH 28, 2010 12:29AM

Therapy 1$




I’m living in a four walled room. By myself, if you don’t count the cat, the computer, and the TV.

My life is an inside out picture of what I’m thinking about.  I’m in a stew about where the next job is, how I’m going to pay forRead full post »

MARCH 22, 2010 6:10AM

User 27104 Does Not Exist!

I know you know - probably a number of you know and aren't saying - but why does a person rip down their home page and disappear into the ether without even a little a fare thee well or even a big fat FU?

We've had some solid citizens of OS do… Read full post »


This is a re-post of something I wrote when I first came to OS and it called to me as I enjoyed reading the many responses to the Open Call for memorable teachers ...

                     &Read full post »

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Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 24, 2010 11:12PM

A Night To Remember...Wish I Could

If I knew it was going to be the last time I had sex I would have filmed it or something.  Well, maybe not filmed exactly, but memorialized it somehow.  It's a faint memory of a sweet time with a guy I met once a year at an annual holiday party. … Read full post »

FEBRUARY 16, 2010 11:08PM

Night Writer


When I first came to OS it was by way of Knightwriter, one of the most talented storytellers I'd read in my browsings here.  I was compelled to comment on one of his posts and thus, joined in, sinking rapidly into OSness.  As a nod to Kirkland I did… Read full post »

JANUARY 15, 2010 3:48PM

Hindsight is 20/15


This is a continuing chronicle of my and my son's life together as he continues his struggle with booze and pills while pretending to live a sober life.  Some may have read The Perp Walk, the first part of our story, and returning to that, I start here...

The… Read full post »

JANUARY 8, 2010 1:23AM

The Perp Walk


I've been struggling with topics to play with on OS, pulling away from some thoughts as they are personal and internal and I'm not certain how to put things so close to my heart into the ether, exposed for others to see and know.  

Having been a self… Read full post »

DECEMBER 21, 2009 2:42PM

Here Cellie, Cellie ...

Like people left, right, ahead of and behind me, my cellular life resides in the ringtone, the address book, the photo gallery, the GPS app, and in my bra.  That's right, now you know AT&Ts worst kept secret.  Many (MANY) women keep… Read full post »
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AUGUST 25, 2009 11:13AM

Caught With My Towel Off


miami firefighters
My Buddies

Miami firefighters sailed in and out of our ER all day sounding the Miami Beach National Anthem - what we jokingly called the ambulance sirens. Because of the nature of our work and time spent together, many of these guys and their families became… Read full post »

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AUGUST 20, 2009 10:16AM

Wifeasaurus Fan Club

big momma sqirell 

I know everyone has wanted a peek at Squirrel's Wifeasaurus for quite some time.  I snuck in and grabbed a snap just recently, but don't see any fresh blood on the knuckles, so I guess Squirrel must be takin it like a man-Squirrel.  Preggers and all, still purty cute. Read full post »

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Flickr Photo by Eliza-Claire  

Flickr Photo credit to Elise-Claire


My world is rapidly shrinking to 14 x 9.   Ms. Minitop, who gets big ups for being a quiet, neat and considerate roomie, prefers a relatively inexpensive brand of red wine, while I'm more of a Sauvignon Blanc… Read full post »

JULY 21, 2009 5:46PM

Doin' the Hippie Dippy Shake

Still flogging, I mean bloggin on this a little.... 
hippy training
I've stopped papers, mags, rags, and have been switching off all print and media news for least a year now.  It's not the murder and mayhem that haunts me, it's the future.  
On OS we… Read full post »
JULY 19, 2009 6:43AM

I'm gonna be a hippie again

    hippie bath
I just got another bill today and have decided it's the hippie life for me. The thing is, back then I did without and loved it.  The more I look around, I think I'm not alone.  Same sandals, same whisps of barely there clothing (for us girls anyway)
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JULY 2, 2009 9:39AM

Me and Gordon Ramsey


gordonramsey f word 

For those of us who swing this way, is this H.O.T. or is it just me outing us since I'm the one he's having the affair with?  Maybe it's my fascination with the shirt to jacket exchange in every 'Nightmares' episode, which is just stupid, because I can testify… Read full post »

JUNE 30, 2009 3:57PM

2 Men & a Fuck


 moving day

I've  moved 4 times  between Valentines and Memorial Day this year. WTF, you say.  Must be one bad tenant, skivin men up the fire escape every hour on the hour, selling questionable baggies out the side door, maybe she has 6 dogs and 8 cats stinkin and tearin up… Read full post »

JUNE 12, 2009 4:17PM

2+3 = 1




-birds on wire


A couple of interesting posts have sent me over the edge this week...smarmy was a perfect question to ask oneself as in JK Brady's post, b/c if you spend that much time in meditation (I wish I had that opportunity and that guru) and then areRead full post »


I’ve hammered myself several times recently after joining this open forum for musing, ranting, reading and writing.  So effortlessly does rumination run off my finger tips, that I smack SEND as though I’ve just knocked an IM over the net to one of my kids.  E/… Read full post »

APRIL 27, 2009 11:06AM

Banner? What Banner?

GIVEMEAboat I  found it!  A Guide to Intelligent Life.  Thanks to a reflective blogger on another  informational site I flip through now and then.  I'm actually testing this banner making thing here...may be a bust, but glad to have found OS. Read full post »