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August 02
Early Childhood: Green meadows and blue sky... clouds are passing by. It is summer,beautiful,hot summer. We children lie in the grass looking into the endless sky, wondering about the clouds... whether they are moving... or we children...watching them. It is summer. Quiet solitude... before the storm breakes loose changing everything that had been giving meaning so far...

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JANUARY 3, 2012 7:44AM

How do I deal with offensive behaviour on OS?

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This morning,I responded to a blog comment,risking the deletion of my comment by the blogger.Two hours later,my comment was gone,and on my own blog it disappeared too.

As I am not willing to accept such behaviour,I decided to place it on my own blog for everyone to read.

I can't tolerate bad behaviour,and instead of asking for a better literary style on OS,I suggest working on more tolerance toward the diversity of inputs and good,acceptable manners.

I consider OS to be an OPEN FORUM where agreements need to be obeyed.

Some bloggers might have the idea that OS is a waste basket where all dirty stuff can be disposed of.

I LOVE  literature and that is the reason why I am here.I don't intend to be an ambigious writer,but I enjoy good posts a great deal.

In order to clarify my situation,as I feel limited in the right of FREE speach,I add my comment as follows:

The question is:
Who offended first?
The critic asked for has been offered by several readers.Margaret F.has been especially precise,pointing out very clearly what she found offensive,and,listen carefully,Skype,I fully agree.
I came to your blog not for preference reasons but for bloggers' comments.What you have to say I find more than appalling,and I will not ever come to your blog by choice.
You can delete me from your blog if you wish,but for once I will let you know that Margaret is 100 % correct in her statements.She brought the issue to the point,commenting on your avatar.
The wild biest who comes out from the protective hiding of the jungle,should be aware of the potential danger of being attacked or killed.

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Sorry,there is a mistake in the blogger's name.
I agree with you w.o question.

While this may be an open forum, only crude people take that to mean that everything rank is acceptable. There are rules (and I do not mind OS and its lax rules) but there is also decency and people should know that and write as if they know that.

Thank you, Heidi.

There are all sorts of personalities on this site. Some are amenable to reason and civil conversation, some take offense and refuse to acknowledge opposition. The best attitude is to deal with those you can and ignore those you cannot. Time and peace are too valuable to surrender to contention. There is no satisfaction in quarreling.
Jan is right.

I get offensive remarks at my blog every week. I delete them w.o even thinking abt it.
I do not have your wisdom yet.

It is not a matter of quarreling,rather of having been assaulted.Thank you for your comment.You know how much I appreciate it.
I agree with Jon and Jan (sounds like musical group, no? ;-D) and I'm sorry you had to deal with an unpleasant comment. I'm not clear what happened or with whom. By "Skype" I'm thinking you were referring to the poster who goes by "Skypixie0," who can be needlessly argumentative and crude at times. My best advice, without knowing more about this particular instance, is simply to ignore the individual completely. If he or she shows up on your blog with an offensive comment, simply delete the comment. If the problem persists, complain to OS management in a PM (private message). Helluva way to start out the new year, Heidi. But you should know by now you have friends here and your presence on OS is one of the bright flowers in this community.
I made a large IGNORE button in my head.
I click it as I delete the comment.
If you ever feel you are making a comment that risks being deleted, copy and paste it elsewhere. That's what I do.
And then move on. Never feed trolls. Evah.
Thank you Matt,your support is a real support for me.It brings tears to my eyes.Yes,it was Skypixie0.He even had the nerve to be assaultive.This was not the first time.
Thank you so much for your encouragement.
Heidi, sorry to hear this happened, but it is par for the course. I have received hateful, nasty comments to my blogs as well, as have most OSers. You have several options: a. dismiss/ignore the comment, b. Respond in whatever manner you deem fit, c. Delete the comment, d. Close your post for comments if the lambasting doesn't cease, e. Tell your OS friends, perhaps they can respond to the commenter on your behalf.
Mission,thank you for your kind words.Yes,I saved the comment,knowing what might happen.I will never understand by heart why people have such bad behaviour.
Thank you for your support and advice.I will try to go by your mental "Click".Have a great day.
One final option if the comments are over the top crude: contact Gail, the communications manager at OS.
Erika,thank you for your kind support.Your advice is of much help.
Your advice is of immeasurable worth.Hug.
Heidi, I just realized that Matt covered all bases-i hadnt read his comments before responding to you.
Hug back. Don't let this person crush your spirit, not worth it.
Erika,you KNOW it is not the words only.Thank you for caring.
When Tony crossed Sosa in "Scarface", Sosa sent a Columbian hit squad to take him and his whole crew out permanently. All I'm saying is keep your options open :)
I used to get into arguments with my sister on the phone all of the time, trying to defend myself against irrationality. The one day I realized, it was a telephone. I could hang up. I think the same thing applies here. You'll never see most of these people face to face. Keep the people you like, ignore the rest. They'll eventually go away. (It works in real life, too.)
I like Harry's solution.
Thank you,Seer,you are one of the people I appreciate very much on OS because of your kindness,supportive mind and love for humanity.Your thought pattern are clear constructed and enjoyable to follow.It is good you are on OS for all the support you are able to give,and I hope for you to stay on.With you,OS can keep it's balance.
I once read a book and remember nothing of it, except the title - which says it all: YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET. You happen from time to time to accidentally wander into someone's sights, but any explosions and nastiness are HIS/HER problem. Hard not to take these things personally, but they are totally impersonal and have nothing to do with you.

In practical terms, IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE. Don't go to blogs of people that you know will upset you, delete offensive comments on your own blog...and, as recommended by other bloggers, if the comments constitute verbal assault, are over the top, report to management.
Harry's Ghost.
Thank you for your clear support.
Believe me,I definitely will heed your advice,according to the proverb:"Tell me who you are with,and I tell you who you are".
Thank you so much for caring.
Phyllis,you are so kind.Thank you.When you talk about your sister,I have had the same experience.There is no point in arguing.The only difference here is that the blogger has been insulting at earlier times and after my comment on the blog once more.I have difficulties putting up with dirty minds.
Your support is very much appreciated.I suppose you know this.
Leepin'Larry,thanks.I agree.We have to decide whom we choose as friends. And the rest...
When bloggers mock others or their insinuations are that of bullies when we don't condemn their inappropriate or unacceptable personal attacks, said bullies will continue with their mockery, as if we are condoning their actions when we don't condemn them.

I've decided to avoid the Internet because it's simply not worth my time to engage with trolls who're allowed to spew their vile and demeaning remarks for the sole purpose of intimidating others into submitting to their viewpoints.
I'm so sorry this happened to you...though, sadly, it does seem to be par for the course with some few sad souls on OS. I agree with says more about them then it does about you. My first week or so on here I got quite upset by some comments on my blog (someone has referred to my dead mother as a jerk, another someone called me an idiot, etc) Ive come up with a couple ways to deal: 1st: ignore them. Don't respond to their comments...but don't delete them either. Leave them standing as monuments to ignorance, and take solace that their comments put your article in the newsfeed and draw more readers:-) 2)I'm not that mature:-) also go to their blogs, look at the drivel they write (if they post at all), look at the number of views they have compared to yours, and do a childish happy dance in honor of the many times meanness and talent do not coexist in the same body:-) And make posts like this that let us all know we're not alone:-) Good luck to you, and rated:-)
Was ist los?

my dad george the german principal would have muttered
some very very gutteral german and flicked his hand.
then the old boy would have whispered to me,
"that is what is a 'horse's ass' ".
naughty words from dad!
thrilling. almost as
wonderful as
the explosive german.

but it was that shake of the hand he had.

it said: trifling , not worth my notice.

ah, heidi, vulgarity is in the Zeitgeist! :)

How do you deal with offensive behavior here on OS???

Hell, there are a BUNCH of ways, like:

• ROLL IN THE MUD WITH THEM: My personal favorite ('course, I'm a snarky, obnoxious, b*tch on my best days). This includes making smart assed comments on their posts for them to rant about and, of course, the obigitory post of your own calling them out (good job on yours, BTW!).

• GO INTO A FETAL CURL WHILE MUMBLING STUFF ABOUT STICKS AND STONES: Self explanatory (plus it makes it hard to type).

• GATHER YOUR POSSE AND DECLARE JIHAD!: This is always fun and lets your friends join in. This is especially effective against misogynistic old men.

• WRITE A REALLY GOOD POST, THEREBY PROVING YOU ARE THE BETTER PERSON, THEN SIMPLY LET IT GO: I personally believe this strategy is fictitious cuz I've NEVER seen it used!

Hope that helped! ;)
Myriad,your comment made me smile.Why?
First of all,for the book title...and the rest we can forget.
These three words look like a beautiful ornament.How lovely.
There has been verbal assault,before and after.
I reported it to the management.
Thank you for your kind words and your support.
I very much enjoy intelligence and posts that are well written.There are quitea few here on OS who I consider to be brilliant.
When it comes to arguments that lack decency ,I better stay away from the arctic attitude.I can do without.
I tried Heidi to really ignore the bad comments, but sometimes these comments hit you when you are down. I decided not to feel like I was enduring another bad marriage and I now blog only occasionally on this site.

Some people did not agree with my decision but they had no idea what I was going through in REAL life at the same time. Every time I blog here I remember every little thing that I went through that week online and in real life.

It's up to the writer and Myriad is right. You just have to do what you feel best for you that's all. OS and most of the people on here are just fantastic and I still come here to read.

Ignore and move on. Bottom line is to be happy where you blog. Os is such a great place..
Belinda,that is exactly what I felt:There was someone throwing dirt
at OS,infesting the climate of the forum.
"for the sole purpose of intimidating others into submitting to their viewpoints"
You said it so well,I couldn't do it any better.
Thank you so much for your support.
I'm here as a reader and as a writer I also support bloggers at OS who've contributed immensely to ensure others feel comfortable discussing matters our world faces daily. Screw the haters here and elsewhere. They have more issues than I can every possibly imagine, for behind the screen lies a very angry and hurt person who really should be receiving counseling or therapy from a shrink. ;)
Sarah,I am very grateful for your personal comments.People who have done the assaults regarding your mother and you too,should be excluded from OS.That is much worse than what I have experienced with this one person.
I will check on your posts,and thank you for your honest encouragement.Hug for the hurts.
@Amy, one of these days a bunch of misogynistic old men are gonna forget their aches and pains, battered memories and withered dreams long enuf to organize the Mother of All Counterattacks, and then...uh...and then...what the hell are we talking about?
James,yes,you are more than right.Vulgarity is in.
Thank God there are others who produce new enhancing words,are creative to the point of exhaustion and ready to praise the CREATOR.
James,you are so kind,and I am very thankful for your comment which is a great confirmation for me in my believe that among "them"all there are many,many sweet,supportive people on OS.Thank you so much.
Amy,I believe you hit the nail on it's top.
That is what I have felt all along but did not say.I will heeed your advice and try all of them.
You actually made me smile which is the best cure.I remember this.There IS a lot of humor to be read here.That's why I enjoy being here so much apart from other reasons.
Thank you,yes it helped lift my spirits.Hug.
Here's my take: rudeness from others most often springs from a failure of imagination. For a variety of reasons, they did not visualize themselves in the shoes of someone else. Without the effort of actively envisioning a breathing warm human behind every comment and post, we can all fall into that trap. I've fallen into it, sometimes accidentally and sometimes deliberately.

At times, I choose to think and write incisively rather than risk blandness. The problem with incision is that it's cutting by nature. There are so many choices before us as we type, and to me it's a wonder people can make a point without undue disturbance in the Force as often as they do.

People at OS who write for a living sometimes remind the dilettantes (I'm in the latter group) that we need to develop a thick skin.

Bottom line: there are far too many bloggers here to read all. Choose the ones you enjoy and ignore the rest, or at least, don't take them too seriously.
@ Amy - you are like a witty mosquito. I never know whether to laugh at your sallies, or slap you. Ha!
Snippy is right. However, I will add these thoughts, because I have a big mouth.

First, I don't really see anything wrong with deletion of comments on your own blog. I know that's an unpopular opinion, but sometimes, a person wears out his or her welcome. Delete away! I say. In fact, in some ways, it could change a conversation to a more reasonable one. People often post in anger and repent at leisure.

Second, if anyone ever sends you a mean email, put it up. Post it. Seriously. It's the most enjoyable way to stop that crap from happening.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy hanging out more often than not. Ignoring is generally the best way to go.
Linda,sweetheart,your words are so supportive.I know what you are talking about.I have been through it myself in a different way though.Let us keep on moving and standing by each other in honest support.
"They have more issues than I can every possibly imagine, for behind the screen lies a very angry and hurt person who really should be receiving counseling or therapy from a shrink. ;)"

Baltimore Aureole:
Just for you to know:What started as a friendly encounter turned out to be a situation that could not have been to be ignored.(a few weeks back)I am sure you would have reacted,too,in your own way.I did not call for management support,at least not in the beginning.When I found out that an assaultive comment had been posted after my comment was removed,I reported this to the management.Thank you for your comment.
Matt,I feel lucky for you to drop by a second time.
In your company,any woman would be happy.So don't worry,we need "old men" like you who have the heart at the right spot and who in their heart are as young as a kid.Thank you so much.You are very kind.
Snippy,thanks so much for dropping by.My dog was desparately waiting for company this afternoon.
What was it you whistled into mine or dog's ear?
Oh yea,I remember.
I ,we,shall put on a thicker skin.Don't tell me the offender is writing for a living.In that case,there won't be bread on his plate.
I prefer sticking around with dogs.they are unpretentious,loyal and best company ,just like any other animal like chicken.
"Second, if anyone ever sends you a mean email, put it up. Post it. Seriously. It's the most enjoyable way to stop that crap from happening."
I keep that in mind.Thank you for such smart advice.
This is a real surprise because heartwarming.Thank you so very much.
It is indeed unbelievable what people are capable of doing.The support here is so very important as it is pointing out the fact that people with their right senses have decided not to be bullied by nonsensitive bloggers/commenters.LOL in return.
Heidi, all other commenters have made excellent points and advice. I only want to offer my sympathy you were attacked. I prefer to offer support and as much empathy as I can muster to other people. However, some people can only feel better about themselves by tearing others down. I wouldn't want to pay back their karmic debt, or, like Scrooge, carry the "terrible ponderous" chains they're forging for themselves to carry.
Hi Heidi,

Both Margaret and SkypixieO are among my favorites and two of the best writers with different styles and on varied topics. Sky opened up a subject towards which too many are sensitive, and rather than ignoring, many attacked the messenger than address the message. It happens. Respondents start defending other respondents instead of expressing their opinions to the question at hand. This brings out the worst in people. How to deal with that? I follow my forefathers' advice: "Let the hounds bark; they'll run out of wind." And don't take anything personally, what is said about/to you says more about the sayer. ♥
Heidi, I've learned the hard way that some discussions are not worth continuing. I've participated in a few dustups on this site and have yet to see anyone say, "You're right, I was wrong." All that happens is that tempers get shorter and words get sharper. Now whenever I'm thinking of posting a strongly critical comment, I ask myself, "Is this an argument worth having?" More often than not, the answer is no.

I have also had what I considered to be mild and reasonable comments deleted by the blogger. Remember that their actions say more about them than about you, so don't take it personally.
You are right.He has to carry his own karma.I have to be careful not to be pulled into his energy field.That's what I have told him a little while ago,and that is also the reason why he reacted in an inappropriate way. Thank you for your support.It means a lot to me.I have to stop here as my dog needs a walk.I'll come back later to respond to all posts.Hugs.
You have received so many comments here on how to handle offensive behavior here, there is not much more I can offer. When this happens to me I write a PM to the offender and ask what it is they really meant to say. I hope it does not discourage you as there are so many kind and supportive people here, you are one of them.
rated with love
Cranky,it had to come to this blow,and I hope this will be the end of the undue attacks I have experienced from this person.It was not today's comment only,this was only the top of the ice mountain as the expression goes.
You are right:I will heed your advice.Thank you so much for your honesty , concern and support.
Heidi, I would have to agree with Safe Bets_Amy! Or you can just laugh them off. Which is what I do most of the time. There are one or two people here who really rub me raw sometimes, but I just grin and bear it. There are others, who I actually consider favorites. Even when they occasionally tear you to pieces!
Just today, I managed to find that I offended one of my favorites on here, by being honest with my opinion. If you want, you can check on my comments to see what it was about. So I have to say, that I have managed to offend some, as well. So there, my dear lady! Now," pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!" ( or something like that :-) )
Fusun A:
You are lucky to be one of his favourites if you are.
I understand what you are saying.
Free will,Free speech,Tolerance.
You come from a culture that has so much to give to the Western world.Therefore I am glad you dropped by.
Let us see if we can improve the climate on OS.
I have to take my dog out,but will answer all comments later.
Thank you for dropping by.
I'll be back in about 2 hrs.Until then...
Every second you spend involved in thoughts about people you can't get along with, is a second you'll never get back during which you could have been involved with people you do get along with.

A simple fact of life, worthy of consideration the next time anyone finds themselves enmeshed in a conflict you could evaluate and decide to walk away from.

If it's not the Nazi's marching on your town when there's no means of escape left, it's probably a conflict you're engaging in because you choose to be, instead of choosing not to be.

Just a thought.
Heidi: So sorry to hear about what happened. I posted something about my dead brother, and someone (not sure if he is a regular here or just a drive-by hater) posted the most heinous comment about gay men. I promptly removed his hateful comment, and will continue to do so in the future. There is no place for that nonsense here. That is why I use my full, real name. I have nothing to hide.

Best wishes for a great new year, and know that the rest of us will support you in positive ways.
Poetic Poetess:
What you suggested is what I had done a few weeks ago.I did not mention any details or his name to anyone.Today,this was just too much.Thank you for dropping by.Let's hope for a good year, as your dragon suggests.You are so gentle;I can't imagine you causing disturbance in anybody's mind.However,it is always an indication of the offender's state of mind.
Thank you,Samasian,your words are wise and fall on "fertile soil".
I am reminded of Buddha statements.
You are totally correct,but how is this to be realized in everyday's life?We are human beings with weeknesses,but I will give your words serious consideration.Thank you for dropping by and commenting.I really appreciate your comment.
I'm still upset about this whole thing!

'Course, that's mostly cuz I ended up being accused of defending Mad Dog Margaret (who is loved by all - especially if you are a drunk sailor or a homeless wino).

So, if you won't do it, then I'M gonna declare a Jihad against all the men on this site! It's time they all got their comeuppance! (plus the Lorena Bobbet Collectables store is have a sale on genuine, autographed, commerative, Ginsu knives!).

Okay, okay, okay... Maybe not ALL the men... But can we at least make a list???
Kenny 1948,
I know you get into trouble sometimes.We had been on the same blog when it happened at least once.Your advice cheered me up,thank you so much.You are sweet.People like you in my eyes don't do any harm,so why would you be put into trouble?I really appreciate your friendly encouragement at the end of your post.
Heartfelt Thank you.
You've received such great feedback here that i can't really add anything of consequence. But I will second those who told you to delete obnoxious comments that serve no purpose other than to inflame. In my 2 1/2 years here, I think I have deleted maybe 3 comments. The only ones I have ever deleted were comments that were personal jabs or ones that were clearly meant only to start crap. You should do the same. And if someone deletes your comments, so be it. Pick and choose who you read - some people are just contentious for no reason. Don't let it get to you.
~R~ for standing up for yourself
Deborah,as you well know:speaking in a heinous way about dead people is a sacrilege.Whoever does this , is insensitive about your feelings,is irresponsible and of low character.
As for the nonsense here on OS.You are right,there is no room for it.Life is much too complex to put up with stuff like that.
I know people who have died because of AIDS,in one case it was a young doctor who got infected working with AIDS patients.and the other one was a young man I knew because I was taking care of his little brother.When I heard of his death,I was really sad.He was such sympathetic person,full of loving care of his little brother who was still a child at the time.
Deborah,yes,I can feel the support,and it strengthens me a lot.
Thank you for your sympathy and your caring words.Hug.
please explain:Why would you want to do this?There are so many extraordinary men here...
I totally agree with you.What annoyed me is that he deleted my comment but made sure to leave an assault on his blog.Also,it had not been the first assault.That's why I told him that I would never read his blogs again.
Thank you for your encouragement.It does mean a lot to me,I assure you.
It's a good question : How Do I Deal With Offensive Behaviour On OS ?
Exercise your delete button, I think.
The poster in question obviously felt that it was you being offensive, & deleted your comment.
It's a shame there are people unable to wear criticism of their views without taking it personally, but each of us has a right to maintain our blog as we see fit.
People who delete have a reputation, & only those who are bound to agree with them bother to read them. Boring all round.

Did Amy just call me a drunk sailor ?
@ Heidi,

You will find as you come across my comments and peruse my posts (BTW, leaving a nice comment and rating each of them would be a sweet revenge against a certain cat, don't you think???)

Anyways... Where the hell was I????... Oh, yeah... You'll see that my primary solution to virtually ANY problem involves male castration. 'Of course, there are SOME exceptions like Matt and Kim. Matt is so old and feeble he's not worth the cuts and I'm too arsed to drive all the way down under to do Kim! (Australia? New Zeeland??? Meh! Same diff!)
Briana? Or one of the Veronica's? (same diff)


Waaaah... my comment was deweted.. wow
wild biest? OMG...

and Amy, I see you have stolen MY mad dog Margaret without giving due farking (as they say downunder) credit.
oops tr ig, you ass... no apostrophe needed to denote plural in COMMAs
While Heidi's still out with the dog I'll take the opportunity to remind Amy NZ & Australia are miles apart. Unlike Russia & Alaska, for example.
Also, you can't drive here, because of the PACIFIC OCEAN, but even if you could Amy, I'd be nice to you ;-)
^^ *ahem* ^^

Now, speak of my aforementioned list, I see we have out first candidate!
Trig has a nice ass. He calls his ass Frankie Behomz but the ass, it never comes!! :D

All the other advice about ignore is good advice!! Most people ignore me, except trig, I know where he keeps his bicycle, which he misplaces all the time!! ~:D
We's going snip Kim?? EEK!! RUN KIM! RUN!! :D

Can you see NZ from your front porch, like Sarah Palin can see Russia from hers??? (if so, that's not the ONLY similarity between you two!)

And Australia & NZ are simply a couple of insignificant islands full of tourists, sort of like the Florida Keys. There's a bridge between the Keys. If you people are to damn uncivilized to build one so I can drive there THAT is your problem not mine!
Actually, Tink, the "snip" was aimed at Trig...

But as the saying goes, "if the Genuine Lorena Bobbit Commerative Ginsu knife fits..."
Kim,I honestly did not know what she was getting at.No,she did not mention your name.
Blogholders can do with their blog as they please as long as they don't get offensive.In my case,this had happened before.That's why I could not take his blog and the critic on Margaret for your comment.You are right in saying that it's not worth the trouble.
Are you befriended with Amy?She seems to have been in trouble because she must have supported Margaret Feike as well.
I see she has left apost so I better post this and go to hers.
I have seen comments by you recently and found them rather interesting.Don't ask me which one .Tonight I am unable to answer that question.
Gotcha, Kim just got in the way!! It's okay, I hear in the Land of the Under Down, they can re-grow them back like that!!

I know, more clipping fun!! ~:D
There will be no snips in or around tr ig's nether regions.

Hi Tink! Seen my bicycle?

Heidi, are you for real? LMAO

Hell, think I'll go do a parody
tr ig:
iIf you want to communicate ,we have to agree on the same terms of language.
The discussion you were having did not include me.
Down under is interesting...
Heidi, re Amy :
I was being a little bit flip. A little facetious. We're cool, don't worry.
It illustrates a point, though : here on OS, we do need to be careful, & especially so with people whose second language might be English, of all the little nuances in conversation that might be mis-interpreted.
The use of emoticons ~ ;-) ... I was joking, or ):-( ... I'm angry, or even %-} ... I'm crazy, go a long way.
It's an imperfect medium, but I think these posts help. Thank you.
@ Amy : America is like a land-mass, right ? Full of Americans ?
Tinker,are you still around?Thanks for stopping by.
I am going to sign off now.Good night everyone.
Don't allow yourself to get caught up in this nonsense.
I haven't read the comments yet.
I never ever delete. How you do?
Kerry sure deletes. Who Klytus?

(they cost $45.
That's $90.00.
No refunds yet!
goat gouda blueberry
clownsense (4- all gone)
Four avatars got deleted.
I can't read Salon's comments.
Why dare ask Kerry Lauerman.
He wears flips-flops, snorkels,
and smells like a 18- in. bass.
Why don't Kerry answer?
Tinker may be on merry go round.
Sometimes he cuts out paper dolls.
He chews bubblegum and sleeps.
He is like you and snores loud.
I hope this no offends anyone.
If you delete - I pop bubbles.
I go round & round, up-down,
and get dizzy. I wear goggles.
I visit Kerry in NYC Bellevue.
I wear pink-wool Alpaca socks
Ahead of you, Tink. Never post on OS without the plastic cup fully installed & oiled, motor running.
Some place between my own difficulties and the answers here the right action is probably what you have done .Look for advice from the other OSers.

♥.-:¦:- YOU ARE ☼
★──╚═╝╩──╚═╝╚═╝╩╝─╚╩═╝ ⊱♥
Wishing You a Fun Sunny Week ⊱☼
♥ ℒℴѵℯ ⊱♥❤ •*¨`*•.¸,❤•*¨`*•.¸•❤2❤•­*¨`*•.­­¸☆ Peace always, Algis
I like this take on the social phenomenon of 'offending':
Hi,Karen,thanks for coming by.
What you have just read,occured in January,and this morning,I came to a blog where the poster was furoíous about some OSers behaviour.
If people think they can use Osers as a trashbin,thenit's important tohelp create an atmosphere that allows freedom of speech ,obeying certain rules of common sense and politeness plus respect for the dignity of someone else.,especially for the wise people here on OS,and there are quite a few.
For the link,go to:
"A response to Jonnie_Wolfy_Is_Nutz" by nanatehey
I am working on NOT trying to figure out the Salon editor named Kerry Lauerman.
Not ever gonna . . .
I am weaning myself OFF this site. I have learned much since getting banned/booted . . .
I'm deleted here . . .
- bebop-o was deleted @ Salon.

So was:

- GoodCelery!

That's 2 X's $45.00

- clownsense was deleted @ Salon

So was:

- goat gouda blueberry

I kept this contraption Off all day.
Where are those 4 - Salon avatars?
I just noticed (I saved) deleted `gin.
This morn there were more deletes.
Dare NOT ask WHO, WHY, heehaw.
and Kerry Lauderman is so NASTY.
new farmer immigrant
learning bad hoes here
from ads, comic strips
Not You. Heidi Banerjee.
I mean Salon's editor etc.,
I've mentioned this before.
Why respect nasty creeps?
I'd rather read comic strips.
I'd gladly glean from You etc.,
I've never deleted anyone here.
I didn't even delete that`Thoth.
WHO's`Thoth? Kerry Lauerman?
Maybe he's a doc Ornithologist.
I paused . . . Then turned the gadget on.
O No big deal.
People choose.
Folk are nasty.
Your not cruel.
I recalled this.
Your kindness.
I'll Not Post anymore.
I am Not pouting here.
I discern some nasties.
I hope others remain.
I'm playing with senyru.
I'm enjoying no stress.
I'll NO mention hate.
a editor is depraved.
I believe that's so . . .
Thanks` Heidi Banerjee.
I've enjoyed You/Others.
Your a delight. Others too.
fantasizes soaring
above the clouds
editor likes to discuss . . .
run down whore house
and play lonely solitaire
on his lunch break
a Salon editor kook
watching Julia Childs
before Salon's staff
editors discussing
bikini waxing
It's glean wild grub season.
I read you cook great food.
I am smiling as I banter`gin.
It's way past bedtime . . .

Heidi Baerjee . . .

After Eater and the Passover . . .
childish editor . . .
and nasty staff (if any)
speed-dialing 'Pa Pa John's Pizza'
two lovebirds
tugging on opposite ends
of a delicious earthworm
Heidi Banerjee?
Keep in touch.
I'll PM You.
Heidi Banerjee.

My apology to keep annoying.
I came back to read my emails.
I am wondering? Get my PM?
typo . . .
not Eater
but Easter
A seven and one/half-year young
winning the largest gambling pot
with pair of fours with joker wild
Heidi,To be honest I get sad..Ones blog is his/hers blog,ones comments his/hers comments.One can not insult me and that goes for me too.We all are here for the reasons OS is created and as it says..
"Open Salon is a publishing platform with a built-in audience. It was developed for writers, photographers and artists of any stripe in need of a smart home for their work (and not one of those giant, anonymous blog networks), and who are hoping to be rewarded for it. After a quick, free registration, you can immediately begin posting your words, images or videos to your blog, start building an audience and even earning money."

Heidi,just today I made a simρle ροst,asking something and there was one that insulted me.And is sad.Makes you angry,asking yourself though each of our own ρroblems are not enough.If you can not say something good do not say nothing..that is my saying.I am gonna follow the advices of the rests.So useful what you have asked...I know how you felt,not knowing the situation,but judging from my case.Rated...Heidi,and thanks..for sharing.Now I know what I must do.
I really had no idea, but I am learning, to my dismay, how much is written here about the effects of writing here. It is a topic that bores me, but seriously, it is beginning to look like that is the only thing worth talking about.
5- Tries. Try GIN?
under achiever
hoping to ne day
be a Salon editor

I sawthe OS Feed said:
You (me) commented.
Try 4 X's?
okay . . .
Where did the comment go?
I backtracked. Shut gadget off.
Try`gin and `gin. Never QUIT.

editor dines . . .
GMO (ads) Rice Crispy.
editor got smelly breath.
he plays deadly serious.
editor snack on GMO Pa Pa John's
Pizza snack while he pew in outhouse.
Pew mean to just go and sit. Cough.
editor pew and squat and snack & sit.
editor steals motel commode brush,
ice bucket, shower curtain, towels,
and leaves a green dill pickle TIP.
I'll return on the electricity `gin.
This will be a turd try to comment.
I gonna call editor Mr. Jiggles, or
editor snack as
he watches Iraq
bloody carnage
I know?
It's annoying.
You get my PM?
bob skye get a PM?
Dream interpretation:
I emailed him a PM.
I'll go Easter shopping.
I'll buy baby hen peeps.
I'll pick out a gold fish.

I'll pick cutest peeps.
I pick ugly pucker fish.
Maybe I'll buy kangaroo.
I buy two. One for me.
One for Kim Gamble.
Let's sing on an alpaca.
Hum . . .
Captain Kangaroo song.
editor reminds me of politicos.
war generals . . .
can't we all just get along... :'-(

Oh, and I'd like to just go on record that I am very "anti-" the male castration suggestion made in the previous comments
Art James,
DH Austin,
Stathi Stathi,
Pensive Person,
thank you all for visiting this post
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