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JUNE 6, 2012 11:43AM


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Apparently, the people of America are vulnerable to lies and propaganda paid for by Karl Rove, Charles and David Koch, et al.

Big money does buy big influence. Enormously outspent, the recall effort went down to defeat.

Wisconsin affirmed the Right’s agenda by allowing Scott Walker to keep his job despite his attacks on workers and people in need. Three of the four Republican state senators also kept their jobs. The only good news is that with the loss of one seat in the state senate, the Democrats take the majority again.

As the results came in I was stunned. When the race was called for Walker just after 9 p.m., I was too stunned and depressed to even change the channel until my husband came in and did it for me.

“You don’t need to see any more,” he said, turning to the Science Channel and Professor Brian Cox’s “Wonders of the Universe.” I love watching Cox because of how enthusiastic he is about science, so it was better than watching the GOP gloat.

I heard someone say how this victory will embolden other Republican governors to “take on” the public sector unions. They don’t have to “take on” private sector unions because those have been dismantled already.

Why can’t people see what’s happening?

Well, for one thing, the Right’s attacks on public education have been pretty successful. When kids have to be taught to answer questions on standardized tests, their ability to learn critical thinking skills is diminished. They take in what they’re told they need to know without questioning it, so they swallow the propaganda of Big Business and Fox News whole.

Still, as I watched Brian Cox talk about the atmosphere surrounding Earth, all I could think of was the number of people who don’t believe in science. No such thing as the big bang or global warming. In fact, North Carolina’s legislature actually passed a law denying the rise of ocean levels on the Outer Banks by changing the way it’s measured. Stephen Colbert took that one on.

We in North Carolina have gone from being a somewhat enlightened state to being a laughingstock because of this legislature.

There is no way to distract me from the reality of the dismantling of our nation by a few ultra-rich bastards.

The Fair Pay for Women Act was defeated yesterday, too, because Republicans in Congress don’t want President Obama to claim any victories. And the NC Legislature approved fracking — the highly toxic process of removing natural gas from shale underneath our drinking water aquifers.

We don’t know for certain what those chemicals are because that’s “proprietary” information. Each polluter uses different mixes of carcinogenic chemicals, apparently, and to release those lists would open them up to theft and endanger their ability to make a profit. In reality, energy companies don’t want us to know they’re poisoning us as they rake in more wealth.

It will take a generation or more to repair the damage done by the GOP in the last few years, and we may n0t get the chance. Unless these super-rich spoilers are stopped very soon, we’ll lose our Democracy. Hell, it may be too late already.

Big money controls our legislatures and state houses. It has bought Congress and installed its own on the US Supreme Court.

I wonder if this is how Progressives in Germany felt as it marched toward fascism.


Leslie Boyd, a former newspaper reporter, is president of the health care advocacy nonprofit, Life o' Mike Inc., named in memory of her son, who died in 2008 because he couldn't access health care. E-mail her at For more information about Life o' Mike or to read Boyd's blog, visit

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