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APRIL 4, 2012 2:19PM

Outrage and Pink Slime Probes...

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Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is outraged, OUTRAGED I tell you, over the "smear campaign" waged against the makers of pink slime. If you don't believe me, just watch the video clip below. There must be a federal probe, says the headline. (Is it just me, or does the lady just to the right look less than thrilled with idea of more Republican 'probes'?)

With so many hot button items today, I'm not sure why this one has crawled so far under my skin. I'm sure some has to do with the fact that I study food and nutrition for my business, and nearly every day I learn something new about our general food supply that disgusts or frankly frightens me.

Maybe this one hit especially close to home as I have complained about the texture and taste of burger (especially the mystery gristle chunks!) for many years before ever hearing of the product ambitiously named "Finely Textured Lean Beef", or more aptly called pink slime.

Pink Slime - Yum!

Since its removal from the burger I have noticed considerable difference, in aroma, texture, taste, consistency, and fat sweated off in cooking of the same 93% lean burger I've always purchased from the same store.

 In any case, I watched the video linked below, then promptly emailed the following letter to Iowa's Governor Branstad. And I promised him I would share:|main5|dl11|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D148817 


Dear Governor Branstad,

Today I watched your video tirade over the "spurious smear campaign" against pink slime.
Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY, asked that company to stop selling the stuff. THEY chose to stop selling it, and then to declare bankruptcy. All that was ever asked of them was to LABEL the products it was in so that the consumer had a choice to buy it, or not. Pretty damn simple, if you ask me.

Why don't you take some of that concern you have for protecting your deep pocket friends, and place it where it belongs - with protecting the average Jill and Joe that voted for you. You know the ones...they are the ones who cannot afford to buy your "outrage", the ones who need protection from the companies like the makers of pink slime.

From companies that are fine with cramming that crap down our throats in secret, but when exposed would rather put their employees (yep, that average Joe and Jill again) out on the street than to just be honest in the labeling of their products!

And as for pink slime being 'lean, thus helping obesity' - please tell me where you got that information? Everything (and I have read all I could get my hands on, pro and con) I've read indicated that the protein and nutrition content were so low in pink slime that it filled the belly, but left the body nutritionally starved - a condition that contributes to, not helps, obesity.

I welcome additional material on the subject, as long as it's not provided by the biased interests of the company itself.

Now I've never written to a political official before, but I am willing to bet you a pound of pink slime that at best I'll get a form letter in return. Will I get a thoughtful reply, including the additional information I requested, and a reasoned answer as to why you should protect that company from those that simply wanted truth in labeling?

I won't be holding my breath. I will however, be sharing this letter, your video, and any (if any) response you send on my facebook page and blog.

Sincerely and concernedly yours,
Barb Allee

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I know sometimes when I eat at like Taco Bell, I get the runs which makes lean and mean!! What? :D

@Tinkie...... NEVER get the runs at Taco. They recycle!

I'm gonna buy a meat grinder.
Tink and Sky - you two always manage to make me smile!

Phyllis - you and me both ;-)

Thanks all for checking out my rant today!